In My Time

Transaction Publishers, 1 janv. 1995 - 284 pages
In My Time is a vivid account of the fascinating life of Robert Strausz-Hupé, who served American presidents for twenty years in a variety of diplomatic posts. It is a life filled with both excitement and tragedy. In this autobiography, Strausz-Hupé covers a wide range of topics, including his youth in Vienna, his familial background, and his schooling. The author also discusses his emigration to the United States, describing his initial impressions of the country as well as how he viewed the changes that were occurring in American society and culture. Strausz-Hupé has written a poignant introduction for the republication of this volume. He explains how he reaches out to history for an explanation of who he is as an individual. Just as entire nations should learn from history, so should individuals, as Strausz-Hupé has attempted to do in his autobiography. Robert Strausz-Hupé is one of those increasingly rare, universally educated men whose minds conform only to their own beliefs and findings. His views of events such as the rise of German Nazism, or Chinese Communism, or the world of the theater in Europe between the two world wars are always fresh, exciting, and informed. In My Time will be enjoyed by all who read it, especially historians, political theorists, and policymakers.

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Page 5 - I have found my beach livable and the view pleasing, since my barque will never float again, I need not concern myself unduly with voyages ahead and cock my ear anxiously to the distant rumble of the tide.

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