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inferences, relating merely to the truth or the falsehood of certain tenets. When the discourse is a persuasive to the christian life in general, or to some necessary and important duty immediately connected with the whole, as to repentance; in the peroration, one may very pertinently urge some motives to induce the hearers to enter without loss of time on doing that which they must be sensible, it is both their duty and their interest to do. This is no other than advancing the aim and effect of the whole. In this part however, he ought carefully to avoid the formality of proposing and arranging his topics. For this would give the appearance of a new and a separate discourse, to what was intended only as corroborative of the discourse preceding







Sacred Extracts from the Holy SCRIPTURES of the Old and New Testament ; for the use of schools and private families. 1 vol. 12mo.

Hugo Grotius De Veritate Religionis Christianæ, cum notis JOANNIS CLERICI; cui accesserunt ejusdem “De Eligendis inter Christianos dissentientes Sententia ;” et “Contra Indifferentiam Religionum,” Libri duo. Ab Editionibus optimis ac novissimis, accuratissime collatis. 12mo.


he New TESTAMENT, in an IMPROVED VERSION. Upon the Basis of ARCHBISHOP NEwcome's new translation ; with a corrected text and notes, critical and explanatory. One volume, 8vo.

A VIndication of certain passages in a Discourse, on occasion of the Death of Dr. Priestley, &c. By Thomas Belsham. To which is annexed the Discourse on the Death of Dr. Priestley. By the same Author. 1 volume, 12mo.

The Works of Mrs. Hester CHAPone, now first collected, containing, 1. Letters on the Improvement of the Mind. 2. Miscellanies. 3. Correspondence with Mr. Richardson. 4. Letters to Mrs. Carter. 5. Fugitive pieces: to which is prefixed, Memoirs of her life and character. Beautifully printed in 4 volumes, 18mo.

Sermons on EDUCATION. From the German of the Rev. George Joachim Zollikoffer.

MACKNIGHT on the ApostolicaL EPISTLES. 6 volumes, 8vo. from the last edition, carefully corrected.

THEY INTEND PUTTING TO PRESS, Campbell on the Four Gospels. 4 volumes, 8 vo.

[This work will immediately follow Macknight on the Epistles; and will be printed in the same style of elegance and correctness.]


HE Philosophy of RHETORIC. By George Campbell, D. D. F.R.S. Edin. Principal of the Marischal College, Aberdeen. Certo sciant homines, artes inveniendi solidas et veras adolescere et incrementa sumere cum ipsis inventis.....Bac. De Augm. Scient. l. o. c. 3. A new edition, with the Author's last additions and corrections. In 2 volumes, 8vo.

An Attempt towards an Improved Version, a Metrical Arrangement, and an Explanation of the Twelve Minor Prophets. By William Newcome, D. D. Primate of Ireland. Now enlarged and improved with additional Notes, and a comparison of the chief various renderings, of Dr. Horsley, on Hosea, and Dr. Blayney, on Zechariah. 1 vol. 8vo.


JUST PUBLISHED BY W. WELLS AND W. HILLIARD, Novum TESTAMENTUM GRÆCE, ex recensione J. J. Griesbachii, cum Selecta Lectionum Varietate ; 2 Tom 8vo.

[The most exact care has been taken to render this edition perfectly correct; and in this respect it will be found considerably superior to the author's own edition.]

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