La statique des végétaux, et l'analyse de l'air: expériences nouvelles lûes à la Société royale de Londres

Chez Debure l'aîné, 1735 - 408 pages
First edition in French of Hales' founding work on plant physiology, translated by Buffon, and published as a handsome quarto volume. "An influential French translation which has the famous "Préface du traducteur", in which Buffon praises the experimental method, and includes Hales' appendix of 1733" (DSB). It was Buffon's first literary production. Hales studied the movement of sap in plants, and discovered what is now known as root pressure. He studied the amounts of water that plants used, and the influence of light and air on them. In that respect he discovered that plants take carbon dioxide from the air as an essential nutrient. "His work was so great an advance that it stands alone in its time, and deserves close attention" (Morton, History of Botanical Science, pp. 246?254). Hales' work on the analysis of the air led to his invention of artificial ventilation, and facilitated the work and discoveries of Black, Lavoisier, and Priestley -- Abe books.

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