Sha'arei Refuah Gates of Jewish Healing

Couverture, 2006 - 206 pages
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Sha'arei Refuah: Gates of Jewish Healing is the first book if its kind to present the theory and practice of Jewish healing. As more and more professional health care workers are finding their way into Jewish healing, they recognize that the present standards are just not sufficient to enable true and lasting healing. Therapists of every kind believe that a more clinical approach is needed to deal with the everyday, chronic problems, in addition to the life threatening illnesses, from which many of us suffer. We need a health system that includes spirituality in which we can participate to bring wholeness into our lives. The purpose of this book is to provide readers with Jewish thoughts on healing together with practical tools to help overcome illness of every kind. Jewish healing is entering a new phase, which goes beyond the prevalent standard of bikkur cholim (visiting the sick), supporting families facing medical crises, and comforting mourners.

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What is healing?
Healing is an aspect of all cultures
What is Jewish healing?
What is spirituality?
The healing power of spirituality
A spirituality that heals
How can we find more spiritually in our lives?
The faces of illness
Creating a healing environment
How spirituality heals
Healing with Jewish tradition I
Healing with Jewish tradition II
Healing from the inside out
Putting it all together
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