An Apology for the System of Public and Classical Education

1828 - 40 pages

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Page 4 - Would you your son should be a sot or dunce, Lascivious, headstrong, or all these at once ; That in good time, the stripling's finished taste For loose expense and fashionable waste, Should prove your ruin, and his own at last, Train him in public with a mob of boys, Childish in mischief only and in noise, Else of a mannish growth, and five in ten In infidelity and lewdness, men.
Page 31 - Ionian blast, Hail the bright clime of battle and of song; Long shall thine annals and immortal tongue Fill with thy fame the youth of many a shore ; Boast of the aged ! lesson of the young ! Which sages venerate and bards adore, As Pallas and the Muse unveil their awful lore.
Page 34 - Quamobrem pergite, ut facitis, adolescentes, atque in id studium, in quo estis, incumbite, ut et vobis honori et amicis utilitati et rei publicae emolumento esse possitis.
Page 1 - Proceed, great days! till learning fly the shore, Till birch shall blush with noble blood no more, Till Thames see Eton's sons for ever play, Till Westminster's whole year be holiday, Till Isis' elders reel, their pupils' sport, And Alma Mater lie dissolved in port!
Page 37 - To estimate the value of Newton's discoveries, or the delight communicated by Shakespeare and Milton, by the price at which their works have sold, would be but a poor measure of the degree in which they have elevated and enchanted their country...
Page 32 - Quibus lectis hoc assequebar, ut, cum ea, quae legerem graece, latine redderem, non solum optimis verbis uterer, et tamen usitatis, sed etiam exprimerem quaedam verba imitando, quae nova nostris essent, dummodo essent idonea.

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