Dr Maung Maung: Gentleman, Scholar, Patriot

Robert H Taylor
Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2008 - 591 pages
Dr Maung Maung (1925-94) was a man of many parts: scholar, soldier, nationalist, internationalist, parliamentarian, and public servant. His life spanned seven decades of political, economic and social turbulence in the country he loved and served, Myanmar. A pioneer amongst post-colonial journalists in Southeast Asia, he was equally at home in the libraries and seminars of universities in the United States, Europe and Australia during the Cold War. As a jurist, Dr Maung Maung knew the law must remain relevant to changing societal requirements. As an author, he wrote weighty scholarly tomes and light-hearted accounts spiced with his wry observations on human foibles. He was a keen observer of human strengths and weaknesses. A loyal friend, he never maligned his critics or denied their merits. As a man of affairs, he was capable of understanding the weaknesses of the institutions that he served and that ultimately failed to live up to their ideals. This book collects together a number of his now obscure but important historical and journalistic essays with a full bibliography of his works.

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E Address to the Pyithu Hluttaw 11 September 1988
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Page v - ... pp. 23-30. weaknesses of his state. But, as Furnivall wrote, the colonial state, the new Leviathan, was different: Leviathan is a creature of the Law; it is by the law he lives, and laws and regulations are both the substance of his being and the basis of his power. The strong man, like some Burman rulers of the past, can build up an empire, but unless the framework be fashioned out of law his empire will last no longer than his strength. It is not sufficient for him to enforce the law; he must...

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Robert H. Taylor is Associate Senior Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. 

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