An Essay on the Numismatic History of the Ancient Kingdom of the East Angles

T.W. Green, 1845 - 22 pages

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Page 13 - I thus escaped the misfortune of being, probably, a very wretched poet. But as the faculty of writing prose has been of great service to me in the course of my life, and principally contributed to my advancement, I shall relate by what means, situated as I was, I acquired the small skill I may possess in that way. There was in the town another young man, a great lover of books, of the name of John Collins, with whom I was intimately connected. We frequently...
Page 13 - Ethelwulf, it is not certain which, and who is mentioned in the Saxon chronicles as having been appointed, on the death of Ecgbeorht, deputy sovereign of the kingdoms which the latter had subdued, viz., Kent, Essex, Surrey, and Sussex.
Page 7 - ... coin to be genuine have assigned it to ^Ethelberht II, king of Kent, but the points of resemblance to the coins of Offa prove it, in Mr. Haigh's opinion, to be of much later date, and therefore to belong to the series of EastAnglia. " From 793 to 855," Mr. Haigh remarks, " the history of East-Anglia is a complete blank ; and all written record of the names of those who successively swayed its sceptre has perished. During this dark period we have no light to guide us, from chronicle or charter...
Page 14 - ... to ^Ethelstan," and also, "there is no record of any Beorchtric in connexion with the history of East Anglia ; but it appears from two charters of Berthuulf, king of the Mercians, printed in the Codex Diplomaticus of the English Historical Society (Nos. 242 and 258), that he had a son of that name (charters granted to the Bishop of Worcester, AD 840 and 845, attested by 'Berhtric filius regis,' Cod. Dip. (Evi Saxonica, vol. ii. pp. 5 and 26). But how could a sovereign of the then declining kingdom...
Page 16 - Vigmund accused Athelward and his wife of plotting against the life of Athelstan, but they cleared themselves by the fiery ordeal, and Edyre gave birth to a son, whom they called Edemund.

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