Fringe Nations in World Soccer

Kausik Bandyopadhyay, Sabyasachi Mallick
Routledge, 13 sept. 2013 - 264 pages

Soccer is the most popular mass spectator sport in the world, gaining huge media coverage and reaching all levels of society in countries all around the world. More than just entertainment, soccer has proved to be a reflection of national, cultural, community and ethnic identity as well as an indication of the development and international status of post-colonial nation states. For those nations still at the fringes of the modern global game, soccer represents a vision of potential commercialisation, capable of generating foreign reserves and bringing in considerable economic power.

This book explores aspects of the development of soccer in countries which have recently been marginalised in world soccer or have only erratic success on the international stage. These fringe nations include a greater part of Africa, the USA, Australia, Israel, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives and Sri Lanka, and while these countries are rarely noticed by the global football media, they nonetheless have great potential to excel, and many have a rich soccer heritage that still holds a place of central importance in the every day life of the people.

This book was previously published as a special issue of Soccer and Society.


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The Real Peoples Game
Why has Association Football Soccer not Become the Main Code of Football in Australia?
New Zealand Soccer its Foundations and its Legacies
Mohun Bagan in 1911
4 The Politics of Football in Iran
FootballcumNationality in Israel
6 Africans Status in the European Football Players Labour Market
7 Review Essay on Peter Alegi Laduma Soccer Politics and Society in South Africa
9 Sports and Development in Malawi
Soccer Irish Nationalists and the Construction of a New MultiSports Stadium for Northern Ireland
The Failure of US Soccer
Some Preliminary Sociological Comments
The 1999 Womens World Cup and the Womens United Soccer Association
And the Story Goes On
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Soccer and the Stakes of Neoliberalism in a Postcolonial Port

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