Lifelong Learning and the Learning Society: Democracy, lifelong learning and the learning society

Routledge, 2008 - 248 pages
"With the release of the final volume of his trilogy, Peter Jarvis completes his comprehensive, multi-disciplinary study of lifelong learning and the learning society. Between them, these three volumes analyse every aspect of learning, from the fundamental psychology of the human drive to learn, to the global sociological apparatus in which learning takes place. In Volume 1, Towards a Comprehensive Theory of Human Learning, Jarvis demonstrates how learning underpins humanity. By assessing theories of learning across all ages, he constructs a new model for analysing how people learn. Volume 2, Globalization, Lifelong Learning and the Learning Society, considers the effects on the learning society of sociological structures, politics and economics, alongside the moral and ethical basis of such a society. In the brand new Volume 3, Democracy, Lifelong Learning and the Learning Society, the arguments of the first two volumes are brought together and furthered, asking what kind of society is possible as a result of learning? The book concludes that since human beings continue to learn, so the learning society must be a process within the incomplete project of humanity."--Publisher's website.

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