The valuation of annuities on lives [by S. Stonehouse. The title-leaf is a cancel].

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Page 23 - Reverfion. (hall give the following table ; which (hows the prefent *-~~*~~~*. value of one pound, to be received at the end of any number of years not exceeding 40 ; difcounting at the rate of 5, 4, and 3 fer cent, compound intereft.
Page 20 - ... the prefent value of one pound, to be received at the end of i, a, 3, 4, &c. years, the fum of the product thence arifing, viz. a-\-8a*-}-2ja '+64^*+ 1 25^
Page 71 - lives, fubtraft the fum of the values of " all the joint lives, combined two and two. " Then to the remainder add the value of •' the three joint lives; and this laft fum " will be the value of the longeji of the three «
Page 36 - TABLE fie.wing the prefent value of an annuity of one pound for any number of years, not exceeding 90, when interejl is at 5, 4, and 3 per cent. ? Value |VaIue at 5 /«• at 4 per cent. cent. Value K
Page 76 - Subtract the value of the life in poflefflon from the value of the longeft of the three lives, and the remainder will be the value of the PROBLEM V.
Page 81 - A is to enjoy the whole annuity during his life ; but after his decease it is to be divided equally between B and C during their joint lives ; and the survivor of them is to have the whole : To find the value of their respective shares.
Page 52 - Per. 3. Per. 4. Per. 5. Per. 6. Per. 7. Per. 8. Per. 9. Per.
Page 7 - I undertook the trouble of computing the following Tables, and the principal motive that induced me to do it was, that at that time the Tables most in use were founded upon the Bills of Breslaw. At...
Page 16 - ... the whole number of perfons living at the beginning of this term, is to the number remaining alive at the end of it, in the ratio of...
Page 60 - PROBLEM XXX. To determine the Fines to be paid for renewing any Number of Years in a College-Leafe of twenty ; and alfo what Rate of Intereft is made by a Purchafer, who may happen to give an advanced Price for the fame^ upon Suppojition that the Contra&or is allowed 8 per Cent, of his Money, Altho...

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