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J. Whiteman, Warren county, Fl.

5 00 S. Booth, Quincy, Illinois,

2 00 Cash donation,

100 00 Brethren in England,

487 50
J. A. Hatchett, Henderson, Kentucky,
Mrs. M. Sullivan, Fayette county, Ky.
S. Rogers, Carlisle, Kentucky,
J. S. Nichols, Harrison, Kentucky,
M. Lamm, Harrodsburg, Kentucky,
Mrs. Catharine Thomas, New Castle, Ky.
R. I. King, Milton, Kentucky,
Jesse Lindsey, Ghent, Kentucky,
Mrs. Irene Smith, Louisville, Kentucky,
J. F. Allensworth, Todd county, Ky.
John Rogers, Nicholas county, Kentucky,
J. W. Smyser, Jefferson county, Kentucky,
R. R. Summers, Bullett county, Kentucky,
H. Radford, Shelby county, Kentucky,
W. Standeford, Shelby county, Kentucky,
H. T. Elgin, Fayette county, Kentucky,
G. W. Elley, Fayette county, Kentucky,
J. H. Yeager, Fayette county, Kentucky,
Willis Peaks, Gallatin county, Kentucky,
J. B. M'Carty, Christian county, Kentucky,
E. G. Herndon, Christian county, Kentucky,
W. H. Washington, Christian county, Ky.,
G. W. Cammack, Christian county, Ky.
Đ. G. Gish, Christian county, Kentucky,
W. A. Morrison, Christian county, Kentucky,
Mrs. Ann Ford, Edmondson county, Ky.,
T. M. Coleman, Christian county, Ky.,
John Stone, Nelson county, Kentucky,
J. T. Robinson, Gallatin county, Kentucky,
W. A. Morris, Lynchburg, Tennessee,
J. K. Speer, Maury county, Tennessee,
J. Wright, Readyville, Tennessee,
W. A. Eichbaum, Nashville, Tennessee,
W. W. Ross, Rutherford county, Tennessee,
Đ. G. Ussery, Giles county, Tennessee,
R. Hester, Montgomery county, Tennessee,
J. R. Saltonstall, Montgomery county, Ten.,
J. W. Barker, Montgomery county, Tennessee,
Ellen M. Robertson, Davidson county, Ten.,
George Campbell, Butler county, Ohio,
Mrs. S. B. M.Lean, Cincinnati, Ohio,
John O. Ewing, Bethany, Virginia,
Mrs. Mary E. Dabney, King William county, Va.,
G. W. Abell, Albemarle county, Va.,
J. T. Barclay, Albemarle county, Virginia,
W. L. Maury, Caroline county, Virginia,
Mrs. J. F. Gooch, Caroline county, Virginia,

5 00

2 00 100 00 487 50 20 00 5 00 4 00 2 50 15 00 10 00 50 00 11 00 200 00 50 00 5 00 3 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 25 00 25 00 10 00 10 00 3 00 5 00 5 00 20 00 10 00 50 00 25 00 20 00 18 00


8 00 10 00 25 00 5 00 1 00 20 00 10 00 10 00 50 00

4 00 1000 00 10 00 5 00 4 00 50 00 5 00 8 12

Dr. R. Fox, King William county, Va.,

5 00 J. S. Bollings, King William county, Va.,

600 J. A. Chandler, Caroline county, Va.,

3 00 W. J. Pendleton, Louisa county, Va.,* in full,

10 00 J. Dawbenspeck, Rush county, Indiana,

10 00 J. Dubois, Fairfield, Indiana,

10 00 T. G. Anderson, Decatur, Indiana,

1 00 H. H. Painter, Bloomington, Illinois,

5 00 G. W. Minier, Bloomington, Illinois,

5 00 W. T. Major, Bloomington, Illinois,

5 00 A. Gridley, Bloomington, Illinois,

5 00 D. Davis, Bloomington, Illinois,

10 00 E. Sargent, Mackinaw, Illinois,

5 00 W. Davenport, Tazewell county, Illinois,

5 00 Dr. S. T. Crews, Howard couniy, Missouri,

13 50 Mrs. E. Crews, Howard county, Missouri,

12 00 Robert Lynch, Howard county, Missouri,

10 00 Porter Jackman, Howard county, Missouri,

12 50 F. E. Williams, Howard county, Missouri,

25 00 Martha Williams, Howard county, Missouri,

25 00 L. Cook, Howard county, Missouri,

2 75 J. A. Boulton, Boon county, Missouri,

25 00 T. R. H. Smith, Boon county, Missouri,

50 00 W. Jewell, Boon county, Missouri,

67 00 J. H. Lathrop, Boon county, Missouri,

2 50 S. B. Victor, Boon county, Missouri,

4 00 J. H. Field, Boon county, Missouri,

20 00 E. F. Pittman, La Fayette county, Missouri,

15 00 E. H. Carter, La Fayette county, Missouri,

17 00 Joseph Carter, La Fayette county, Missouri,

15 00 A. D. Tuttle, La Fayette county, Missouri,

4 00 L. Vancamp, La Fayette county, Missouri,

10 00 Martin Slaughter, La Fayette county, Missouri,

207 50 R. G. Campbell, La Fayette county, Missouri,

15 00 John Graves, La Fayette county, Missouri,

25 00 J. G. Chinn, La Fayette county, Missouri,

10 00 H. M. Bledsoe, La Fayette county, Missouri,

100 00 N. J. Hockensmith, Jackson county, Missouri,

30 00 D. W. Simpson, Jackson county, Missouri,

25 00 F. F. Hansford, Jackson county, Missouri,

10 00 E. Peyton, Clay county, Missouri,

1 00 T. M. Chevis, Clay county, Missouri,

10 00 J. R. Keller, Clay county, Missouri,

5 00 Mrs. J. E. Donophan, Clay county, Missouri,

10 00 W. Dale, Clay county, Missouri,

10 00 T. R. Dale, Clay county, Missouri,

15 có A. H. F. Payne, Clay county, Missouri,

10 90 M. Summers, Clay county, Missouri,

10 00 Absalom M:Vey, Pettus county, Missouri,

5 00 $ 20 credited to Dr. M. Pendleton last report, should be credited to W. J. Pendleton, which is in full of his subscription.

0. C. Steele, Platte county, Missouri,
Livy Hatchett, Pike county, Missouri,
H. Withers, Paris, Missouri,
J. P. Ewing, Callaway county, Missouri,
Mrs. A. Robards, Marion county, Missouri,
C. R. Morehead, Ray county, Missouri,
Dr. J. Chew, Ray county, Missouri,
Clayton Jacobs, Ray county, Missouri,

15 00 5 00 5 00 5 00 20 00 15 00 15 00 2.00

$41,598 68 $32,544 30 According to the above Report, there was collected during the last year, up to July 3d, 1848, the sum of $3,476 37.

W. F. M. ARNY, General Agent.


Kind words-Oh! what a potent spell
Dwells in those children of the soul,
To sooth the heart by sorrow pierced;
Like accents from an angel's tongue,
Bearing a message from the sky,
They come, and sorrow turns to joy,
And smiles repress the rising sigh.
Kind words-how blessed are the lips
Whence fall the words of peace and love!
They speak, while e'en on earth below,

The language they shall speak above;
'Twas thus the blessed Saviour spoke,
When wearily our earth he trod;
And kindly he is calling still
From earth and sin, to heaven and God.
Kind words-Oh! earth like heaven would be,
And sweet would be our fellowship,
If kind thoughts dwelt in ev'ry heart,
And kind words hallow'd ev'ry lip;
For, oh! through all eternity
In heaven there never will be heard,
To break its glorious harmony,
A bitter or an unkind word.

Kind words—they fall from lips we love,
Like evening dew on drooping flowers,
And to the desert of the heart
They come like sweet refreshing showers;
Speak kindly, then; and ev'ry word
Of thine, within some heart shall be,
A link in love's mysterious chain,
To bind it ever unto thee..


Biloxi Bay, April 16, 1848.

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MODEL REPORT OF CHURCH NEWS. The subjoined report from our beloved brother Wm. Hayden, we earnestly commend to the brethren, Elders, and Evangelists, as a model worthy of their imitation. Nothing is more important in matters of this kind than system, both to readers and printers.Will not our brethren, who labor so successfully in word and doctrine, adopt the following form of reporting, and let the brotherhood hear from them regularly, in this succinct intelligible manner, concerning the growth and fortunes of Zion?

W. K. P. Chagrin Falls, Ohio, June 28, 1828. We have concluded to observe more order and system in taking cognizance of the state and progress of things among the churches of the several yearly meeting districts. For this purpose we have, at the two meetings of this month, upon inquiry, obtained the following report; which may not, in every particular, be perfectly correct.

For Portage county, held in Freedom, June 2d.

dis. died.


19 5 3 0 0 102 Sun. School. Freedom,

2 2 2 5 30
2 6 5

75 S. S. & B. S. Shalersville,

0 6

5 52

16 2 1

1 85 B. S. & B. C. Garrettsville,

0 2

Palmyra South, 0 1 3

40 Palmyra North, 0

40 Streetsborough, just commenced,

32 Aurora,


no further report. Randolph,

2 0 2 2 0 50 Mantua,

2 0 0

72 Sur. School.



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42 26 34 6 11 671 Geauga and Lake counties, met in Munson, June 9th. Chardon,

1 1 0

70 Bible Class. Munson, 1 0 2 2

80 S. School. Russell,


42 Bible Class.
5 0 1 0

0 1 1

70. Bible Class. Willoughby East, 11 1 3

60 Bible Class. Willoughby West, no report. Bainbridge,

do. Painesville,

0 0 1 0 0 60 Little Mountain, 2 0 2 0 0 20 S. S. & B. C. Hamden, 1 1 1

0 24 Huntsburg,

0 0 0 1 0 23 Burton,


1 0 25 S. School. Thomson,


0 0 0: 24 Bible Class.


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Much solicitude exists, and much more ought to exist, for the rising generation, to train them for God and heaven. God employed no man as a Prophet or Apostle, nor was any man ever eminent or distinguished for purity and piety who was not trained therein in childhood like Paul and Timothy. The fear of God, to be deep, abiding, and predominating, must be planted in the virgin mind of childhood and well cultivated. To this subject increasing attention is being paid, and therefore inquired after at our late meetings.

More Sunday Schools than we had supposed are established in the churches; but the greatest obstacle now in the way is the want of Sunday School Books of a suitable character. It is greatly desired that a good and suitable Sunday School Library could be obtained. The Libraries in common use are more or less spoiled with sectarian errors, which render the gospel of none effect, so that we must reject the most of them altogether. Cannot our talented and experienced book-makers and scribes do something efficient to supply the demand? Could such a set of Sunday School Books be obtained as the brotherhood could conscientiously approve, no doubt all the churches and families of the Disciples and thousands more would be greatly benefited.


Franklin, Kentucky, May 30, 1848. I have just returned from a tour, in which I spent two days very pleasantly with the congregation at Mount Vernon, La.; five days at Morganfield, Ky.; and four days in Henderson county, with the congregation meeting at Barren meeting-house. At the last I baptized two. I found at each place some interesting and benevolent Christians. There is great need of intelligent, prudent, and persevering laborers in that section of country.

J. CALAHAN. Fulton, Callaway county, Mo., June 5, 1848. The Bible cause is still progressing slowly amongst us in some sections of the county. At our last meeting in Fulton there were three confessions-amongst them a gentleman of standing amongst the Methodist friends for years past. Brother Hopson and Wills attended that meeting. On yesterday I heard one make the confession, and a backslider reclaimed.

ABSALOM RICE. La Fayette, Stark county, Illinois, June 27, 1848. The principles of reform are progressing in this place. We were constituted one year since, with ten members. Our present number is thirty-three. We have a specimen here of what can be done when creeds are laid aside and the word of God is taken for the only rule of faith and practice. Our little society is composed of members from eight different denominations, walking in peace and harmony. The small church also, at brother Barnet's in this county, is thriving. They have preaching only once in four weeks, but they have additions every time they have preaching. Able proclaimers are very much needed with us.

CHARLES HIMES. Chancery, Howard county, Indiana, June 28, 1848. As you request that brethren should give you the news of the progress of truth, I send you good news from the wilderness.- Last

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