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that it would so soon devolve upon the writer of this humble tribute to her memory, or any one else, to record the death of the mother; but she is gone, and the places that knew her here will know her no more forever, for she was called hence in the noon-day of life, with only a few hours warning: she had been ill but a very few days, and was believed by all to be hopefully convalescent. But we confidently trust the Saviour has taken her to himself, and that she occupies an humble place in that house of many mansions prepared for all his sincere followers, and is now in the enjoyment of that rest that remains for the people of God, as we can with the utmost confidence appropriate to her the promise which says, "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from henceforth; yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors, and their works do follow them." That the deceased was a sincere and devoted follower of the Lord, none who knew her could for a moment doubt; for she possessed in an eminent degree the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, declared to be of great price in the sight of God: and in her daily walk and conversation exhibited the fruits and graces of the Spirit, discharging the duties that devolved upon her in all the relations of life, in a manner to secure the approbation of all with whom she stood associated, and we doubt not the approbation also of Him to whom we all have to give account. The deceased has left a bereaved husband and five children to mourn their irreparable loss; but we may truly say, that their temporary loss is her eternal gain.

The deceased was a native of Orange county, Va., from whence she removed to Kentucky, and thence to this state; and was in the 37th year of her age at the time of her death, which took place on the 18th ultimo.

B. Euclid, Ohio, October 30, 1847. Died, September 23d, MARTIN, son of Elder William Hayden, of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, aged 20 years and 2 days. He was immersed into Christ on the 4th of July, 1843, and his life agreed with the good profession he had made. He was respected and beloved by all that knew him, and his death is an irreparable loss to his parents and friends. But he was willing to depart, being resigned to God's will. W.S.

Hadensville, Todd County, Ky., November 1, 1847. Departed this life on the 28th of October last, in the 42d year of her age, our beloved sister PAMELIA A. DUFFY, consort of Col. Francis Duffy, of Todd county, Ky., after a severe illness of three weeks, which she bore with Christian fortitude. She had been for several years a member of the church, and had lived an exemplary Christian; and died, as she had lived, in the hope of a glorious immortality through our Lord Jesus Christ. She remained sensible to the last, and a short time before she died she called together her family and exhorted them to sustain a Christian character. She was loved and a 'mired by all who knew her, and her 'oss will be severely felt by her family, the church, and a very numerous circle of relatives and friends. W. F.

Belle Air, Belmont county, Ohio, December 2, 1847. Brother Campbell-I am called upon with a full, sad heart, as a last tribnte of respect to the memory of him that has fallen, to record the death of my beloved father, JOHN ARCHER, on the 29th day of November, in the 60th year of his age. In the bosom of his family he fell asleep in Jesus, in the full hope of a blessed immortality. He had been a member of the church for more than a quarter of a century, and an Elder for the last twelve years. His seat in the church on the Lord's day was always filled when health would permit. We greatly feel the loss, both in the family and in the church. But we repine not at the dispensations of Him who worketh all things after the counsels of his own will. May we all profit by his exemplary life, and be prepared to meet him in the realms of peace, where

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God himself shall wipe away the last tear of sorrow from every weeping eye, and fill every heart with a joy as pure and lofty as heaven and as enduring as the ages of eternity! R. W. ARCHER.

Several aged and much esteemed and beloved brethren have, during the autumnal months, been called away from the church on earth to that in heaven. Next to Elder John Archer, whom we baptized at an early period of our labors in the cause of reformation, and who has fought a good fight and led a very useful and exemplary life, we place brother CONNER, of Morristown, Ohio, an intelligent, pious, and useful Elder of the church at Morristown. Brother STRICKLER, a most estimable and excellent Elder of the church in Allegany City. These brethren were precious first fruits of the cause of reformation.

To these we must add another very aged and venerable member of the church at Bethany, Va.-brother HENRY JAMESON, aged almost 83 years. He was a long time a member of the Baptist church at Paisley, Scotland, and has been for many years a member of the church at Dutch Fork, Penn., and lately at this place. He was exceedingly zealous for the original order of things in the Christian church, and greatly devoted to what he conceived New Testament Christianity. His descent into the grave was gradual and protracted, so that he enjoyed great composure of mind, selfpossession, and the most unwavering confidence in God. I frequently conversed with him during the last month of his life, and never witnessed a more calm, serene, and cloudless departure. He longed for the coming of the Lord, and stipulated with his aged sister wife a signal of triumph which he would give in case he had no language to express it; but he was able to signify by his voice and his hand his triumph over death; and, bidding her adieu, at the long wished-for moment, he turned over in his bed and gave up the ghost. A. C.




This paper is devoted to the development and advocacy of Original Christianity as exhibited on the pages of the New Testament scriptures, unmixed with human traditions or institutions. The Editors will labor to effect that "consummation so devoutly to be wished for"-the union of all Christians upon the foundation of the Bible alone.

It will also be their aim to make this an interesting and instructive FAMILY NEWSPAPER; to which end its columns will be constantly enriched with choice articles on Biblical Literature, Science, History, Biography, Missions, the Religious, Political, and Social Condition of Foreign Countries, and other entertaining and useful subjects. The Ladies will receive special attention, a department being reserved for them, which will contain productions of the first minds, generally of their own sex, on the character, duties, and interests of Woman. An abstract of Foreign News, and also of Domestic News of striking importance, will be furnished News from the churches, of the Progress of Religion throughout the United States, and in other countries, will also be regularly recorded. In brief, it is the intention of the Editors to make this sheet a welcome visitor to the family circle-a source of entertainment, instruction, and improvement. Printed on a double medium sheet, and issued every week, at two dollars in advance. WALTER SCOTT, Publisher. We had penned a paragraph in commendation of this very valuable paper, but are constrained to omit it for want of room.

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Several Communications are reluctantly deferred, amongst which is one from MEDICUS. These we hope to insert in our next.


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ROBERT GRAHAM, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

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