Études sur le Tchinghianés

Impr. A. Koroméla, 1870 - 652 pages
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Page 477 - Tranflation of it before the Society. They told me I might have copies of both their books, if I would be at the expence of tranfcribing them. I next inquired why they were called Seeks> and they told me it was a word borrowed from one of the commandments of their founder, which fignifies, «( Learn " tbou ;" and that it was adopted to diftinguifh the feet foon after he difappeared. The word, as is well known, has the fame import in the Hindoovee.
Page 503 - The noise of tapping ; the instrument with which potters beat their earth, or with which terraces are beaten.
Page 7 - SIMSON. Edited, with preface, introduction, and notes, and a disquisition on the past, present, and future of Gipsydom. By JAMES SIMSON. London : Sampson Low, Son, and Marston.
Page 6 - Die Zigeuner in ihrem Wesen und in ihrer Sprache. Nach eigenen Beobachtungen dargestellt. Leipzig, 1863.
Page 20 - They are by far the most numerous class of sectaries in Gangetic India : in the district of Agra, they alone constitute seven-tenths of the ascetic population. They belong chiefly to the poorer and inferior classes, with the exception...
Page 529 - PLATE — char6. — I refer this term to charu, from the root char, ' to eat,' signifying ' an oblation of rice, barley, and pulse, boiled with butter and milk for presentation to the gods or manes; and the vessel in which such an oblation is prepared.
Page xi - Morse and Vasilief, Grammar of the Bulgarian Language, with Exercises and English and Bulgarian Vocabularies. 8vo. bound, pp. 110. Constantinople, 1859. — An Englixh and Bulgarian Vocabulary, in Two Parts, English and Bulgarian and Bulgarian and English. 8vo. bound, pp. 252. Constantinople, 1860. Both works bound in one volume. Scarce. £1 5*. Biggs, E., Notes on the Bulgarian Language. 12mo. Symrna, 1844. Scarce. 7».
Page 213 - A. dold, m, a swing ; a kind of sedan ; a bier on which a corpse is carried ; f. a wife from an inferior family, married by a person of rank who gives a present to her parents, she ranks below wives of equal family, but above concubines.
Page 27 - Tchinghianéest tenu d'immoler un agneau et d'inviter tous les passants à sa table, couverte de fleurs et bien pourvue de vins. Tout procès et tout litige étaient sévèrement défendus pendant toute la durée de cette fête. La danse, les cris, les chants étaient leur seule occupation. A la...
Page 486 - Maharatta armies, who is said to be able to detect hidden treasure or grain by the smell of the earth. 3. A detective. [smell. «- lifjjw lunghnä, (tfÇfrCTf) ya To *o «on/i, (ЗТ'ТЧ') sf An oath. jJjMi To adjure. liilj -\*y

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