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Page 84 - Dom João por Graça de Deus, Rei de Portugal e dos Algarves, daquem e dalem mar, em África, senhor de Guiné e da Conquista, Navegação e Commercio da Ethiopia, Arabia, Persia e da India etc.
Page 580 - The Arbitrator shall be requested to give his award in writing as early as convenient after the whole case on each side shall have been laid before him, and to deliver one copy thereof to each of the said agents.
Page 362 - to be, Sir, "Your Excellency's most "obedient humble Servant,
Page 158 - Mandamos, portanto, a todas as autoridades a quem o conhecimento e execução da referida lei pertencer, que a cumpram e façam cumprir e guardar tão inteiramente como nella se contém. O secretario de estado dos negócios da fazenda a faça imprimir, publicar e correr.
Page 576 - Arbitrators and to the agent of the other Party as soon as may be after the organization of the Tribunal, but within a period not exceeding six months from the date of the...
Page 264 - His Majesty is authorised, by and with the advice of his privy Council, or by His Majesty's order or orders in Council, to be published from time to time in the London Gazette...
Page 578 - Governments to conduct their cases before the arbitrator, who shall be requested to address all his communications and give all his notices to such representatives or other public agents who shall represent their respective Governments, generally, in all matters connected with the arbitration.
Page 578 - The Arbitrator shall be requested to deliver, together with his award, an account of all the costs and expenses which he may have been put to, in relation to this matter, which shall forthwith be repaid by the two Governments in equal moieties.
Page 86 - Général, l'expression de la haute considération avec laquelle j'ai l'honneur d'être votre très humble et très obéissant serviteur.
Page 576 - After the written or printed case shall have been communicated by each party to the other, each party shall have the power of drawing up and laying before the...

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