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A RT I C L E I. SECT. I. Perseus prepares secretly for a war against

the Romans. He endeavours a reconciliation with the Achæans in vain. His secret measures not unknown at Rome. Eumenes arrives there, and informs the senate of them. Perseus attempts to destroy that prince, first by affaflination, and afterwards by poison. The Romans break with Perfeus.. Different sentiments and difpofitions of the kings and states in regard to the Macedonian war. After feveral emballies on both sides, the war is diclared in form,

Page 2 Sect. II. The consul Licinius, and King Perteus,

take the field. They encamp near the river Peneús, at some distance from each other. Fight of che horse, in which Perseus has considerably the advantage, and makes an ill use of it. He endeavours to make peace, but ineffectually. The ar

mies on both sides go into winter quarters, 23 Sect. III. The senate pass a wise decree to put a stop

to the avarice of the generals and magistrates, who oppreffed the allies. The conful Marcius, after suftaining great fatigues, enters Macedonin. Perseus takes the alarm, and leaves the paffes open: he refumes courage afterwards. Infolent embassy of the Rhodians to Rome,

39 SECT. IV. Paulus Æmilius chosen conful. He fets

out for Macedonia with the prætor Cn. Octavius. who commanded the fleet. Perseus folicits aid on all fides. His avarice loses him considerable allies. The prætor Anicius's victories in Illyria. Paulus Æmilius's celebrated victory over Perseus, near the city of Pydna. Perfeus taken with all his children. The command of Paulus Æmilius in Macedonia A 2


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