The Last Fight of 'the Revenge' at Sea Under the Command of Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Grenville on the 10-11th of September 1591: Described by Sir Walter Raleigh, November 1591, Gervase Markham, 1595, and Jan Huygen Van Linschoten in Dutch, 1596; English, 1598; and Latin, 1599 ...

A. Constable and Company, 1895 - 96 pages
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Page 75 - There is more weighty bullion sense in this book than I ever found in the same number of pages in any uninspired writer.' Its merits had not escaped the notice of Dr. Johnson, though in politics opposed to much it inculcates, for in reply to an observation of Boswell, in praise of the French Ana, he said, ' A few of them are good, but we have one book of...
Page 88 - Byshops are at convenient leysure to view the same. - In the meane time, let them be content with this learned Epistle. Printed oversea, in Europe, within two furlongs of a Bounsing Priest, at the cost and charges of M. MARPRELATE, gentleman.
Page 9 - Here die I, Richard Grenville, with a joyful and quiet mind, for that I have ended my life as a true soldier ought to do, that hath fought for his country, queen, religion, and honour...
Page 71 - February, 1573, he first saw the Pacific Ocean ; and then besought GOD to give him life to sail once in an English ship on that sea. [See opposite page.] English Life and Progress. 9. B. FRANKLIN. ' Poor Richard ' improved. Proverbs of Thrift and to discourage useless expense. Philadelphia, 1757. English Poetry. 10. B. BARNES. PARTHENOPHIL and PARTHENOPHE. Sonnets, Madrigals, Elegies and Odes. 1593. [A perfect Storehouse of Versification, including the only treble Sestine in the language.] 11.
Page 78 - On many accounts one of the most curious and entertaining, and intrinsically one of the most valuable, books of the age of QUEEN ELIZABETH.
Page 81 - GREY'S delight in reading PLA TO, an attack on the Italianated Englishman of the time, and much other information not specified in the above title. In it, ASCHAM gives us very fully his plan of studying Languages, which may be described as the double translation of a model book. 24. HENRY HOWARD, Earl of SURREY. Sir THOMAS WYATT. NICHOLAS GRIMALD. Lord VAUX.
Page 88 - Edition is of txtrttne rarity. The present text is, by the kindness of Lord ASHBURNHAM and S. CHRISTIE-MILLER, Esq., reprinted from the only two copies known, neither of which is quite perfect. GABRIEL HARVEY desired to be epitaphed, The Inventor of the English Hexameter ; and STANYHURST, in imitating him, went further than any one else in maltreating English words to suit the exigencies of Classical feet.
Page 72 - T. TICKELL. The life of ADDISON. 1721. 12. Sir R. STEELE. Epistle to W. CONGREVE [in reply} 1722. English Poetry. 13. The first printed Robin Hood Ballad. Printed about 1510. 14. W. PERCY. COELIA. [Sonnets.] 1594. 15. G. WITHER. FIDELIA. [This is WITHER'S second masterpiece.
Page 93 - Day," and invites him to come and visit her family from the Thursday evening till the Monday, etc., etc. Every Letter has been exhaustively annotated ; and a Chronological Table, with most copious Indices, conclude the Work.
Page 91 - QUENTAL the printer had in hand a secret edition of three thousand copies of the English New Testament. In great alarm, he informed HERMAN RINCK...

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