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treated exhaustively, but briefly, in short chaj ters, so that busy people, for whom this work has been especially written, may find time 10 read it.

Many of the valuable, rare old books bearing on the subject in hand have not been accessible to the writer. For facts gleaned from them he is indebted to various authors, acknowledgment of which will be found in the appiopriate places. Those who are cited as authorities are allowed, as far as possible, to speak in their own words. This will enable the reader to interpret their language for himself.

The author makes no claim to originality. His purpose has been simply to collect and classify the teachings of various confessions and the writings of various authors, which contribute to the matter under consideration. It is believed that there is need for just such a work as this is intended to be, in order to encourage confessional studies on the part of those who do not have access to the general literature of the subject. This little book is given to the public with the hope that it may inspire a deeper interest in the historical studies connected with our Reformed Confessions of Faith.

J. V. STEPHENS. Theological Seminary, Lebanon, Tenn.,

May 17, 1900.



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