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Page 66 - He will make an annual report on his administration, which shall be communicated to all the members of the Union. The expenses of the office of the International Union shall be shared by the contracting States.
Page 56 - ... the rights which the respective laws do now or may hereafter grant to natives.
Page 22 - ... life, have as his own property the sole liberty of representing, or causing to be represented, the same at any such place of dramatic entertainment as aforesaid, and shall be deemed and taken to be the proprietor thereof...
Page 64 - In order that the authors of works protected by the present Convention shall, in the absence of proof to the contrary, be considered as such, and be consequently admitted to institute proceedings against pirates before the Courts of the various countries of the Union, it will be sufficient that their name be indicated on the work in the accustomed manner.
Page 59 - British possession, or by the official seal or the signature of the governor of a British possession, or of a colonial secretary, or of some secretary or minister administering a department of the government of a British possession, shall be admissible in evidence of the contents of that register, and all courts shall take judicial notice of every such seal and signature, and shall admit in evidence, without further proof, all documents authenticated by it.
Page 11 - Provided always, that during the term of twentyeight years the said proprietor, projector, publisher, or conductor shall not publish any such essay, article, or portion separately or singly without the consent previously obtained of the author thereof, or his assigns...
Page 67 - ... the number of units by which the total expense is to be divided. The quotient will give the amount of the unit of expense. (4) Each country shall declare, at the time of its accession, in which of the said classes it desires to be placed, but it may subsequently declare that it wishes to be placed in another class.
Page 64 - Convention cannot in any way derogate from the right belonging to the Government of each country of the Union to permit, to control, or to prohibit, by measures of domestic legislation or police, the circulation, representation, or exhibition of any works or productions in regard to which the competent authority may find it necessary to exercise that right.
Page 64 - This Office, of which the expenses will be borne by the Administrations of all the countries of the Union, is placed under the high authority of the Superior Administration of the Swiss Confederation, and works under its direction. The functions of this Office are determined by common accord between the countries of the Union. ARTICLE...
Page 2 - ... for their perishable trash. It was not for gain that Bacon, Newton, Milton, Locke, instructed and delighted the world.

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