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offer him a scorpion ? If ye, then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him." “ Behold I stand” (says he in the language of our epigraph) “at the door and knock: if any man will open the door, I will come in and sup with him and he shall sup with me.” He himself here solicits admission; and, as once he forsook the bright seats of glory in the celestial world, to partake of our humanity, in order that we might be made partakers of the divine nature; so here, in like manner, he proposes to share with man in man's repast, with the blessed promise that man shall share with him, in turn, the feast of heaven.

R. R.

CONVERSIONS FROM ROMANISM. In the Catholic part of Ireland conversions are going on in great numbers, the Church of England receiving most of the converts. From the accounts published, two counties have furnished ten thou. sand converts each. The Catholic Telegraph is as good as most Jesuits are in accounting for such a wholesale change of views; but in his zeal to make easy the ascent of his countrymen from the im. plicit faith of Romanism to the higher Protestant principle of faith, a belief of evidence, he has paid a poor compliment to either their judgment or their conscientiousness. So accustomed to the sacrifice of principle and independence for visible unity, he cannot conceive of a higher motive than bread and butter among the constituency of the Catholic Church. He thus discourses on the subject of these conversions :

“Several Catholics have recently been perverted in Ireland. The way of their conversion is this: A certain village is selected, whose inhabitants are to be immediately united to the Church of England. A preacher wearing a white cravat and foolish face, proposes to the people to abandon Popery. They refuse. Come forward with your arguments, says the preacher to the sheriff. Pull down their hous. es, says the sheriff to his men. Throw the sick into the ditches, starve the children, pinch them with cold, thirst, samine, and fever; and whilst in that condition, made almost idiots by persecution, they promise to join the Protestant Church, and the fat Evangelicals of England shout with joy, and the preachers coax their dupes to open their purses to carry more gospel to the Papists !"

A cause must be in sad destitution of argument and documents, which disposes of thousands of changes in a country where, a short time since, the very mob would have rendered the present peaceable enterprize a dangerous one.-D. S. B. [Age and Unionist.


EDITORIAL NOTICES. A Discussion of the mode and subjects of Christiau Baptism, in a series of letters, by Rev. R. C. Grundy, D. D, of the Presbyterian Church, and Elder John Young, of the Christian Church, held through the medium of the Maysville (Ky.) Post Boy and Flagg, during April, May, and June last, but now re-published by Bro. Young, and sold at 30 cents single copy, or four copies for one dollar, pamphlet form, containing 166 pages.

These debatants have not only handled the subject, but they have also handled each other, gloves off, and with much point. Dr. Grundy seems to have forgotten that he is a Doctor of Divinity, or, rather, laid off the Doctorate, as an encumbrance in the way of doing himself and his cause justice.

He greatly mistook his man, and has divested himself of any well grounded pretensions to critical attainments or theological ability. It requires no very great discrimination, on the part of his readers, to see that his failure was perfect and complete, wanting, nothing.” Bro. Young, on the contrary, has eviuced much acumen and ability, and certainly has triumphantly carried all his points, sword in hand. Dr. Grundy, in attempting to belittle his antagonist, has only belittled himself; while his opponent has raised himself and his cause to deserved respect on the part of all uncommitted and impartial umpires. I do not think that the friends of Dr. Grundy will take much interest in circulating the book, while I am sure that Bro. Young's friends will give it a cordial and liberal circulation. How hard the lesson to some scholars, viz: That they who live in glass houses ought not to throw stones at their neighbors.

New EDITION OF CHRISTIAN HYMN-BOOK –We can now supply orders for the Christian Hymn-Book equal to the demand. Those desiring common or plain leather binding, can be supplied on large orders, at a liberal discount. Retail price, 37&c.

CHRISTIAN BAPTISM.-Orders for the book on “Christian Baptism, with its Antecedents and Consequents,” Philadelphia edition, can now be filled at Bethany, or at Philadelphia, at the house of Lippincot, Grambo & Co. Retail price $1, neatly bound. Orders from booksellers and agents at liberal discounts for cash. We have been obliged rigidly to adopt the cash system in the book business, much to the interest of both parties-buyer and seller.

Ex-Consul BUCHANAN.–With much sympathy with the relatives of our much esteemed and beloved Bro. Buchanan, we have received intelligence of his decease, on the 8th October, at Elmswood, near Montreal, in his 80th year. We had a letter from him a few days before his decease-if not the last, amongst the last he wrote expressivg his firm reliance on the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ for his redemption. In the New York Chronicle of the 15th November, we have a sketch of his interesting life, which is put on file for our readers next month.

Rev. T. B. CLARK AND DR. N. L. RICE.--Dr. Rice, it would seem, will never forgive me for the honors done him at Lexington. His Rev. Bro. Clark manufactures the ammunition, and he discharges the canon. A correspondent from Mr. Clark's neighborhood, informs me that the Rev. gentleman has given numerous and various versions of a conversation which I had with him some thirty-seven years ago. I have noticed his distortions and fables, which no man, that knows the parties, could believe; for which I am now abused in language so mean, so vulgar, so ungentle

inly, as to him beyond the pale of any further notice from me. My statements concerning his version of that interview are, without SERIES IV.-VOL. I.


exaggeration, literally true; and the facts alluded to, so far as concerns myself, are public property, true and veritable. The two, or almost three columns, which Mr. Rice, in his “Presbyterian of the West,” devotes to the distracted vulgarisms of his brother, out of a due sense of self-respect and of regard for a vain and feeble old man, ought, in mercy, to have been sent home to him. But if he thinks otherwise, he has a right to consult his own taste in this free country.

THE CHRISTIAN SUNDAY SCHOOL JOURNAL, published by J. Jackson, Juexington, Ky. This is an interesting and valuable journal, and well calculated to interest the youth of our country. It is “devoted to Sunday Schools, juvenile education, and parental responsibility.” It will do parents, as well as children, no harm to read it. It is a monthly, containing eight quarto pages, at TWENTY-FIVE CENTS per volume of 90 pages. Having seen six numbers of it, I can say I wish it, because it deserves, a liberal patronage.

A. C. THE STYLUS.The second number of the Stylus will be issued in a few days. It has been enlarged, as promised, to 24 pages, and will, no doubt, fully susiain the interest of the first number. As yet, but few subscriptions have come in from abroad; and in this respect, the hopes of the enterprising young gentlemen who have gotten up the Stylus, have been somewhat disappointed. Nothing disheartened, however, they are determined to go on, and it is fondly hoped, that the old students and friends of Bethany College will give them a liberal support. A few have promptly sent in their subscriptions, and hailed the appearance of the Stylus with an encouraging voice. Are there not many others who would like to link themselves to their Alma Mater by some living tie, that will awaken, at least once a month, the grateful memories of their College days? Let such send on their names without delay. The terms are as low as can be afforded, and will prove no objection to the liberal spirit of those who have been baptized in the fountains of an ennobling literature. Address J. A. Campbell, Bethany, Brooke county, Va, Terms, $2 in advance.

W. K. P.


At a called meeting of the Neotrophian Society of Bethany College, held in the Society Hall, November 6th, 1851, the following preamble and resojutions were unanimously adopted: WHEREAS, we the members of the Neotrophian Society, have been informed

of the recent death of CHARLES H.-FOSTER, of Detroit, Mich., formerly a regular member of our association; therefore,

Resolved, That we deeply deplore the unfortunate event which has deprived our society of one of its most distinguished members, and sincerely sympathize with the friends and relations of the deceased, in the loss of one so voung and gifted.

Resolved, That the Hall be hung in mourning, and the members wear the usual token of respect for thirty days.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be furnished to the editors of the “Millennial Harbinger," "Stylus," and the Detroit “ Advertiser," with a request that the same may be publish.ed.

M. BENNETT, President. : R. H. WHITAKER, Recording Secretary.


The following report, laid before the Trustees of Bethany College July 3d, ought to have been published in the August number, but has been crowded out till now. Since then a few collections have been made, which will, of course, appear in the next report made to the Board. Statement of subscriptions received and collections made for Bethany College, from July 3d, 1850, to July 3d, 1851.

Am't Subscribed. Am't Paid. Amount of donations and subscriptions published August, 1850,

$42,234 68 $33,672 30 Estate of Wm. Dabney, dec., Ayletts, Va.,

562 90 562 90 Thomas M. Allen, of Mo., donated,

10 00

10 00 H. C. Ewin, Todd county, Ky.,

15 50 Mrs. Mary Meriwether, Minor's Nursery, Tenn.,

20 00 John Rogers, Carlisle, Ky.,

5 00 John Butterfield, Morgan county, Ia.,

10 00 Geo. W. Abell, Albemarle county, Va.,

4 00 M. Gridley, Bloomington, Ill.,

5 00 C. Jacobs, Lexington, Mo.,

2 50 E. H. Carter, Lexington, Mo.,

8 00 E. M. Ware, Essex couniy, Va,

50 00 J. W. Barker, Montgomery county, Tenn.,

10 00 Samuel Rogers, Nicholas county, Ky.,

1 00 Albert Allen, Fayette county, Ky.,

10 00 J. C. Stone, Madison county, Ky.,

80 00 E. Roberts, Madison county, Ky.,

3 00 W. Standeford, Shelbyville, Ky.,

5 00 W.C. Whitaker, Shelbyville, Ky.,

10 00 N. Owesley, per W. Standeford, Shelbyville, Ky.,

5 00 George C. Slaughter, Louisville, Ky.,

10 00 J. A. Boulton, Boone county, Mo.,

50 00 John W. Smyser, Louisville, Ky.,

3 00 George Seebolt, Louisville, Ky.,

4 00 S. Carpenter, Bardstown, Ky.,

50 00 J. W. M'Garvey, Fayette, Mo.,

10 00 B. Andrews, Philadelphia, Pa.,

20 00 J K. Speer, Cass, Tenn.,

4 00 Mrs. Ann Ford, Edmondson, Ky.,

15 00 J. B. Cobb, Hart county, Ky.,

19 30 G. W. Elly, Lexington, Ky.,

10 00 J. Bellomy, Todd county, Ky.,

10 00 R. Dulan, Christian county, Ky.,

10 00 G. P. Street, Christian county, Ky.,

10 00 E. G. Herndon, Christian county, Ky.,

10 00 W. A. Morrison, Christian county, Ky.,

10 00 Mrs. H. B Keene, Georgetown, Ky.,

20 00 Win. Green, Henderson county, Ky.,

3 00 E. W. Dabney, Trigg county, Ky.,

10 00 Joshua Smithson, Ghent, Ky.,

25 00 James S. Fall, Frankfurt, Ky.,

20 00 James M. Graham, Franklin county, Ky.,

10 00 Mrs. M. E. Dabney, Ayletts, Va.,

5 00 $42,807 58 $34,827 50


NEWS FROM THE CHURCHES. MISSOURI.-Bro. T. M. Allen reports some 56 additious iu Boone county, all of whom were admitted by baptism, with the exception of 2 by letter and 2 from the Baptists; and all within the last few weeks, ending September 25th. He was assisted by Bro. Wills. Also 5 additions in Fayette, where he was assisted by Bro. A. Proctor. On the 1st Lord's day of September, Bro. John W. M'Garvey was ordained for the ministry of the word, by fasting, prayer, and the imposition of hands. On the 2d Lord's day, at Concord, Saline county, assisted by Bro. T. N. Gaines, 6 more additions by baptism. Bro. Gaines remained to continue the meeting till after the following Lord's day. On the 3d Lord's day-the day before and the Monday after-at New Bloomfield, in Callaway, a meeting was held, and 2 more were added. Also, in the counties of Pike, Ralls, Miami and Lewis, where Bros. Anderson and Jamison have just closed a campaign of several weeks, Bro. Allen reports as the result of these meetings, embracing the 3d Lord's day, 100 additions.-Bro. Mason Summers, of Haynesville, writing under date of August 19, reports some 52 additions; of wbich, 20 were at Haynesville; 27 were gained in the progress of a meeting within three miles of Plattsburg; at another point of the same county, 5 more were added. Bro. Trice was the chief laborer.-Bro. Winthrop H. Hopson, late of Lafayette, now residing at Palmyra, writing under date of October 28th, says: "For the last teu months I have been traveling in Missouri as an evangelist. I have preached four hundred and forty times, and have obtained 350 additions. The churches iu the State are generally doing well; meeting weekly; observing the ordinances of the Lord's house, and growing in grace and in knowledge. Our number in Missouri is rapidly on the increase. It may safely be estimated at thirty thousand.”

INDIANA.—Bro. Elias W. Shortridge, of Milton, Wayne county, under date of September 23d, reports 220 additions during his labors of some eighteen months; 159 of the above number were added by baptism.

VIRGINIA.-Bro. R. M. Kent, of Louisa C. H., under date of September 24th, reports 30 additions during this year. His labors were confined to Fluvanna county, which, he says, was entirely a new field of operations.

---Bro. C. Bullard, of Humility, under date of September 8th, writes thus: “We had, at the South-West Co-Operation, a large and profitable meeting-9 persons were added. I sent $100 to Bro. Silas Shelbern, as part of our Jerusalem contribution." Bro. B. has consented to labor as an evangelist for this year. His first appointment was at the Barnett Springs, a watering place, (a new point,) where 2 from the crowd confessed the Lord.

-Bro. I. R. Frame, of Hyattstown, Md., under date of November 3d, says: “I have just returned from a very interesting meeting at Beaver Creek, Eastern Virginia, at which 6 persons confessed the Prince Messiah and bowed to his authority. The church was also greatly refreshed. I found the cause prosperous in Eastern Virginia. I obtained $12 at the late Beaver Creek meeting for the purpose of erecting a church in the metropolis of our great Republic. O that Christians would truly appreciate the importance of this maguificent Christian enterprize. Property is enhancing rapidly in value there, and we might save by purchasing a lot immediately. The Romanists are making a most desperate effort to control the people in the capital. Brethren, let us try to plant the more ancient, apostolic, and Christian Church there, and not let the Man of Sin luxuriate in his abominations, and delude the growing millions of this glorious land.”

MississIPPI.-Bro. M. W. Webber, of Shelby county, Ten., writing under date of September 8th, states that 16 persons were added, 8 by baptism and 8 lotter, to the congregatio at Thyatira, Desoto county, Miss. He was assisted by Bros. Cooper and Dupuy. The meeting continued for a

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