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know. I cannot describe her devotion to her husband, who coösulted her on every matter of every description-never acting without the almost unerring advice of her he loved most tenderly. To mourn her loss, she leaves a devoted husband, three sons and three daughters, (besides her bereaved brother's*two sons and a daughter, who had been entrusted to her rearing,) and a very large circle of friends in the churches and the world, for none knew her but to love. I fear that the church in West Feliciana will not soon recover from the removal of one who seemed almost its very mainspring and life. She often spoke of her departure, bore her protracted afflictions with meekness, and as she had lived so she did-at peace with all, rejoicing in the faith and hope of a blissful immortality. D. L. P.

“ ALL THE RESOLUTIONS." Not long since, a missionary meeting was held among the negroes in the West Indies, at which the following resolutions were passed: 1. We will give something. 2. We will all give as God has enabled us. 3. We will all give willingly. At the close of the meeting a leading negro took his seat at the table, in order to mark down the sum each came forward to give. A large number came and laid their contributions upon the table, some more, some less. Among the number who came up was a rich old colored man, as rich as all the others put together, who threw on the table a small silver coin. "Take dat back again," said the African receiver of the money, seated at the table, “Dat may be accordin to de first resolution, but not accordin to de second." The rich old gentleman accordingly took it up, aud hobbled back to his seat in a great rage.

One after another came forward, and almost all giving more than himself, he was fairly ashamed, and again ihrew down a piece of money on the table, saying, * Dar, take dat.” It was a valuable piece of gold, but it was given so ill. temperedly that the man at the table again answered, “No, dat will not do yet. It may be accordin to de first and second resolutions, but not accordin to de last;" and again the old man took up his coin. Still annoyed at himself and all around him, he sat a long time, till nearly all were gone, and then came to the table, and with a pleasant countenance, (the man was a Christian,) willingly gave a large sum to the treasurer. The receiver, as he marked down the amount, exclaimed, “Well, den, dat am accordin to all de resolutions."

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WASTED HOURS.-Walter Scott, in a narrative of his personal history, gives the following caution to youth : “If it should ever fall to the lot of youth to peruse these pages, let such readers remember that it is with the deepest regret that I recollect in my manhood the opportunities of learning which I neglected in my youth; that through every part of my literary career I have felt pinched and bampered by my own ignorance; and I would at this moment give half the reputation I have had the good fortune to acquire, if, by doing so, I could rest the remaining part upon a sound foundation of learning and science.”

IT The great Convention at Memphis, Tenn., on Bible translation, constrains me to defer my visit to Eastern Virginia, as I have to deliver an address there on the 26th inst.

A. C.



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