Vegetation of inland waters

J. J. Symoens
Springer Science & Business Media, 6 déc. 2012 - 385 pages
By 1988 the Handbook of Vegetation Science is well on its way to completion. With 7 volumes in circulation, 3 volumes in the press, and most of the remaining volumes in preparation it appears that the total task can be completed in the early 'nineties. I am especially thankful to Professor Symoens for accepting the task of editing the volume on aquatic vegetation. The main emphasis of work in phytosociology is devoted to land plants, yet the landscape analysis remains incomplete without the consideration of rivers and lakes. Avolume on inland aquatic vegetation must therefore be most helpful to the land vegetation analyst and not only to the specialist on aquatic vegetation. Professor Symoens succeeded in drafting the most competent team for his task. I am sure that all colleagues working in vegetation analysis will be grateful to them that they have taken the time and energy to complete their chapters. Handbook articles are not easy to write and certainly not easy to edit. in the landscape are treated. The The major aquatic components vegetation analysts will welcome the fact that certain physiological and ecological processes of water plants are covered for which otherwise they would have to consult the limnological literature. This volume, together with the forthcoming volume on wetlands, should completely cover the inland aquatic vegetation problematic.

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Methods of exploration and analysis of the environment
Photosynthesis of aquatic plants under natural conditions
The phytosociological approach to the description and classifi
Algal communities of continental waters
Vegetation processes in Swamps and flooded plains
The vegetation of fens in relation to their hydrology
Water flow and the vegetation of running waters
concepts and appli
Aquatic plants in extreme environments
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