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No. 109.)

JANUARY, 1811.

[No. 1. Vol. X.



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small advantage from these pieces, ENCE OF THE FIRST PROTESTANT whenever they come to be better MISSIONARIES TO INDIA.

known in India*. (Coatinued from Vol. 1X. p. 738.)

“We continue, with all possible

care, the translation of the Old Tessow send you a continuation of

tament, into both the Malabarian the correspondence of the Mis- and Portuguese languages; and, by sionaries Ziegenbalgh and Grundler, the Divine assistance,we have finishwith the Society for promoting ed the translation of the first Book Christian Knowledge.

of Moses, in both the said languages. Tranquebar, Jan. 3,1714.-" Hav

“May God Almighty prosper our ing finished the impression of two labours by his heavenly blessing, Malabarian treatises, we immediately and grant that his holy word, like in the same language, and have tered among these nations, to prea in the same language, and have an incorruptible seed, may be scatwrought it off to the fourteenth chap.

serve them from eternal destructer of St. Matthew. We have en

tion!closed copies of both treatises. That

“The children of our schools were in octavo is intitled • The Abomina- increased to the number of ninetytior of Paganism*, and the Way for Pagans to be saved! The other con- off by death, they have exchanged

two: but some of them being taken tains. The chief Points of the Cate, this life for a better ; so that the chism, and the Methnd of Salvation,

number of children of both sexes for the use of catechumens and child

amounts at present to eighty-five. dren in the schools. The last, in 4to. contains the first fourteen chapters and that many at least will

We hope they grow daily in grace,

prove of the Gospel of St. Matthew. By salt among their brethren in India. reason we were not provided with a They learn the sacred truths of scripsufficient number of letters in the

ture, not as a mere historical knowMalabarian tongue, we could cast off but very few copies. This de. ledge, void of spiritual life and affecfect however has, for these three the Apostle requireth) is according

tion; but as a doctrine, which (as months past, been wholly supplied 10 godliness, and which must needs by our founder. The two first trea

be attended with an experimental tises, just meationed, we have intro- knowledge in faith and practice. duced into some of the Malabarian

This we speak chiefly with respect schools: others of them we have

to many

of our Malabarian scholars, dispersed among the Heathen, as

who outstrip the Portuguese and occasion offered, and sent them to

Danes, not only in knowledge and divers places upon the coast of Coromnandel. Sometimes the Heathen probity, but also in prayer, and in have asked for them theniselves.

meditating on the divine word.

“In the three last months, we have We are confident they will reap no received nine members by baptism

• You will recollect the clamour which into the bosom of the Church; whom was occasioned two or three years ago by a similar publication of the Missionaries in We trust they continue to be printed Bengal.

and circulated by the Society. Christ. Oesery. No, 109,



(as far as their advanced years, and ther with the sum of 701. English in some a decrepit age, will permit) money, collected by you for the bewe endeavour to bring up more and nefit of this Mission, and transmitted more in the true spirit of Christianity, for our assistance here, we receive that so the image of Satan may be with the highest gratitude; humbly , destroyed in the hearts of the Pa- beseeching the most gracious God gans, and the image of God be re- to reward the bounty of the benefacnewed in its stead.

tors with a plentiful return of hea“We have herewith sent you a short venly riches. System of Divinity, summed up in “Asto what concerns in particular, thirty-four heads or articles. It is most worthy gentlemen, the intimawritten on leaves, in the Malabarian tion about the commandment against manner, and we hope you will allow idolatry, we have placed it in our it a place in your library.

calechism, page 16. But in such a “As to our temporal concerns, our manner, as to serve for a fuller exstraits are now more pressing than planation of the first commandment they have ever been before ; and if in the Decalogue. Besides this, we God does not become a present help inculcate this precept against idolatry in this want, the help of man seems with all possible diligence, and render very remote as yet, since no Danish as contemptible as we can, the idolatry ship is arrived, by which we might and polytheisna of the Pagans." expect some relief. May the Al- “As to what relates to party-namen mighty support and comfort us with or distinctions, the Divine Wisdom, his favour, especially wherfour ene- which is without partiality, has mies, by reason of those difficulties, taught us to abhor them. Our schodo boast, that this work will come to lars know not so much as the bare nothing at last, and, as much as in pame of Luther or Calvin: but as them lies, endeavour to stop the for the name of Popery and Papist, stream of other people's beneficence. it is every where known in India,

“We beseech you tlierefore, most by reason of the vast number of worthy patrons, with all possible Papists who wander about in this earnestness, that that helping hand country; being abandoned both ta which

you have hitherto so piously the grossest darkness and ignorance, lent to this work, may be also con- and to the most scandalous vices and tinued hereafter for our support and practices. encouragement, in so weighty an “When we ask our scholars, wlias undertaking: particularly (since it religion they are of? They answer, is your endeavour, as well as ours), we are Tschettiawedakarer; i. e. that the knowledge of Jesus Christ Christians bound to observe the trumay be planted in the uncultivated ly divine law; the word law being hearts of the Heathen.

taken ip that comprehensive sense, “May God Almighty preserve you whereby it contains in it both the by his divine providence, that you Law and the Gospel. After all, we may long continue to promote the assure

that we allow of no partysaving truth that is in Jesus!” names to be used, either in the Mia

Tranquebur, Sept. 27, 1714.- labarian or Portuguese pulpit: and “ Those things which you judged ne. we design to be equally cautious in cessary to write to us about the 21th the books we shall happen to print*. of December 1713, did safely come “As it is no small grief unto us, to our hands upon the coast of Coro

I should like to have had access to mandel, the yela of August 1714, the letter of the Society to which this is a where we received, with the profound

reply; because I infer, from the tenor of the est respect, the counsels and paternal reply, that it must have been a model of instructions you have been pleased christian candour and charity. Some memto give us.

bers of the Society might peruse it with "The usual present of books, toge- profit.


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