The Return Of Elijah, John The Baptist, And Jesus: The Christian And Jewish Christ

iUniverse, 30 mars 2005 - 176 pages
More than two thousand years ago, all of Israel heralded the glorious and imminent arrival of the Christ. Why, then, did his appearance create a division among both the leadership and the people of Israel? How did the story of Elijah nurture this mysterious division? "The Return of Elijah, John the Baptist, and Jesus" answers these questions, thus revealing how Christianity sprang forth from discord among the Jewish people. Author Joshua Caleb delivers a challenging and inspiring theological account of the relationship between John the Baptist and Jesus, and the true reason why the coming of the Jewish Christ divided into a First and Second Coming. Based upon a series of cohesive and self-evident arguments, "The Return of Elijah, John the Baptist, and Jesus" reveals common ground upon which Judaism and Christianity can peacefully can be united.

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