Liberty, Equality, and the Market: Essays

Yale University Press, 1998 - 457 pages
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This volume brings the remarkable writings of Russian liberal thinker Boris Nikolaevich Chicherin (1828-1904) to English-language readers for the first time. The collection includes key essays in which Chicherin addresses the central political and social problems that confronted Russia from 1855 to the opening years of the twentieth century. Chicherin's ideological alternatives to the Bolshevik plan for revolutionary transformation of Russia not only provide valuable historical insights, but also are highly relevant to current political discussion of liberalism in Russia and in the West. In an introduction to the book, G. M. Hamburg discusses the development of Chicherin's thought and places it in historical context. Chicherin, Hamburg says, was a powerful and sophisticated but often misunderstood defender of civil and political rights. Like his fellow liberals in Russia, Chicherin was heavily influenced by German idealism and particularly by Hegel. He departed from many, however, in favoring a market economy and advocating that reform efforts be tailored to local conditions and traditions. In this collection Chicherin explores such contemporary issues as the abolition of serfdom, Russian education, and the need for a constitution. He also tackles broad philosophical problems - the nature of liberty and equality, styles of political discourse - and comments on such philosophers as Plato, Aristotle, More, Machiavelli, Montesquieu, Hegel, and Marx.

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On Serfdom 1856
Contemporary Tasks of Russian Life 1857
Political Liberty and Its Development
The Doctrine of Popular Sovereignty
Properties of Popular Representation
Plato and Aristotle 1869
More and Machiavelli 1869
Montesquieu 1872
Hegel 1877
Marx 1878
Capitalism and Socialism
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Chicerin (1828-1904) was a Russian liberal thinker whose essays addressed the central political and social problems that confronted Russia from 1855 to the opening years of the twentieth century.

G. M. Hamburg is the Otho M. Behr Professor of History at Claremont McKenna College. He has written, translated and edited many books in Russian history, including Politics of the Russian Nobility, 1881 1905 (1984), Boris Chicherin and Early Russian Liberalism, 1828 1866 (1992), Liberty, Equality, and the Market: Selected Essays of Boris Chicherin (1998) and Russian-Muslim Confrontation in the Caucasus: Alternative Visions of the Conflict between Shamil and the Russians, 1830 1859 (2004, with J. Thomas Sanders and Ernest Tucker).

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