Standing Tall While Facing the Trials That Come Into Your Life: From the Book of Job to the Life of Job Titus Cannon

Author House, 11 juil. 2006 - 92 pages

From the Book of Job to the Life of Job Titus Cannon: Standing Tall While Facing the Trials That Come Into Your Life,” written by Job Titus Cannon, is an inspiring faith based work which shares with the reader the personal challenges and struggles the author and many Christians encounter in everyday life while eventually prospering.  Furthermore, this book encourages Christian believers that faith and a love for God can allow you (and any other believer) to overcome struggles that may come into your everyday life.  The Book of Job is one of the truly amazing stories in the Holy Bible.  It is a great place to find encouragement when experiencing difficulties and dilemmas. We all face personal problems in our lives.  But more importantly, the Book of Job also gives us an example of how to handle great challenges in our lives.  Job (the Bible patriarch) is wealthy, successful, and highly respected.  He is a man of God and a man of family.  But life happens and calamity comes. Everything that Job has and everything that he knows is destroyed. Job’s faith is challenged.  As a result of Job’s challenges, he is forced to reevaluate everything he thought he was.  He realized that it was easy to be faithful and strong when everything was going well, but when he was stripped of everything......    Job never cursed God, but he questioned God.  In the end, Job realized that suffering is a part of the Christian walk, and eventually he was not only restored of all he lost, but the Holy Bible tells that he received twice as much as he had before.  In “From the Book of Job to the Life of Job Titus Cannon: Standing Tall While Facing the Trials that Come into Your Life”, each chapter begins with thought provoking questions. These questions encourage the reader to look to the Holy Bible while using the life of Job as a reference, along with interspersing Job Titus Cannon’s own experiences.  Among the issues the author confronts are: God’s ability to make an example out of one’s life, our ability to react positively to life’s negative moments, can a person ever be ready to handle really bad occurrences?, do we have an effective support staff of loving friends and family to surround us in our time of need?, our attitude towards the response of God in our time of need, and our ability to properly handle the bestowed blessings following the turbulent storm.  This book gives examples of how the bible patriarch Job handled his numerous storms. This book also gives perspective and scriptural references to help the modern day Christian overcome the many trials that they may face.  Job Titus Cannon’s ability to convey his own experiences along with relating them to biblical teachings further enhances the appeal of the book. This book is not only personable but practical because we all struggle with standing tall while facing trials.


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Table des matières

CHAPTER ONE Even though we are saved What does God want to accomplish in our lives?
CHAPTER TWO Can God make an example out of our lives?
CHAPTER THREE Even though things are going well in your life are you ready for your next tribulation?
CHAPTER FOUR Are you ready to handle the really bad things that happen in your life?
CHAPTER FIVE After the really bad things happen in your life what will be your response?
CHAPTER SEVEN Do you have good friends that will truly be a comfort to you when things are truly wrong in your life?
CHAPTER EIGHT How will you respond to lifes negative trials when it seems like God is not listening?
CHAPTER NINE Can you or are you willing to handle correction from God without a negative attitude?
CHAPTER TEN Now that God has spoken to your situation what is your attitude now?
CHAPTER ELEVEN Can you handle the blessings after the storm?
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CHAPTER SIX How will you respond to negative emotions from family members and friends during your tribulation?

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