Parliamentary Papers, Volume 76

H.M. Stationery Office, 1874
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Page 2 - Revolt or conspiracy to revolt by two or more persons on board a ship on the high seas against the authority of the master.
Page 1 - Plenipotentiaries for the celebration of a Treaty for this purpose, that is to say : Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland...
Page 6 - IX. If the requisition for extradition be in accordance with the foregoing stipulations, the competent authorities of the State applied to shall proceed to the arrest of the fugitive.
Page 1 - ... jurisdictions, that persons charged with or convicted of the crimes hereinafter enumerated, and being fugitives from justice, should, under certain circumstances, be reciprocally delivered up...
Page 6 - The present Treaty shall come into force ten days after its publication, in conformity with the forms prescribed by the laws of the High Contracting Parties.
Page 2 - ... expenses he shall be bound to conform to the regulations and tariffs of the place to which he may have come. If any...
Page 2 - Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council, Knight Grand Cross of the most Honourable Order of the Bath, Her...
Page 8 - The requisition for the surrender of a fugitive criminal who has taken refuge in any of such colonies or foreign possessions...
Page 7 - All articles seized which were in the possession of the person to be surrendered, at the time of his apprehension, shall, if the competent authority of the State applied to for the extradition has ordered the delivery thereof, be given up when the extradition takes place, and the said delivery shall extend not merely to the stolen articles, but to everything that may serve as a proof of the crime.
Page 8 - Britannic Majesty shall, however, be at liberty to make special arrangements in the British Colonies and foreign possessions for the surrender of...

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