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By E.


Morris, Rev. R., M.A., LL.D., 516
Morrison, Thomas, 359
Mulholland, Clara, 561
Mulholland, Rosa, 561
M., E. M., 456
Müller, Dr. A., 107
Nicholson, E., 560
Nye, J. L., 263
Odom, Rev. W., 196
Paley, F.A., M.A., 564
Palmer, Miss E., 29
Pascoe, C. E., 194
Paterson, M., B.A., 156, 560
Paull, M. A., 454
Pearce, C., 512
Phillips, E. C., 564
Powell, F. York, M.A., 361
Prantl, Dr. K., 30
Prince, J. J., 106
Read, Mrs. C. A., 511
Reep, - -, 362
Richardson, 514
Richter, J. P., 156
Roach, --., 264
Ryland, F., M.A, 359
Scott, Sir Walter, 564
Senior, M. H., 402, 563
Sheppard, Rev. J. G., D.C.L., 262,
Shilleto, Mary W. J., 363
Shuckburgh, E. S., M.A., 515
Singleton, J. E., 403
Sonnenschein, A., 31
Spanton, J., 156
Spencer, C., 156

W., 456
Tait, S. B., 108
Thomson, J., 195
Tidmarsh, J., 310
Traill, Mrs., 514
Turnbull, G. B., M.A., 457
Twining, Elizabeth, 155
Vines, S. H., M.A., D.Sc., F.L.S.

Wagner, Wilhelm, Ph.D., 516
Walpole, A. S., M.A., 575, 516
Walters, Rev. J. R., B.A., 360
Watt, A., 311, 454
Waugh, I., 516
Welsh, C., 362
White, Dr., 457, 564
White, F. A., 33
Williams, J. Francon, F.R.G.S.,

156, 310
Willis, A.,

Wormell, R., D.Sc., M.A., 105, 193
Wright, R. P., 32
Zimmern, Helen, 513


Letter Competition, Judge's Report,

London Society for Teaching the

Blind, 306
Marsh Fever and Sulphur, 459
Matriculation Chemistry.

W. V. Volckxsom, Lecturer on
Chemistry at St. Gregory's Col.
lege, Downside, Bath, 25
Monthly Notes, 35, 147, 212, 261,

Mother Teachers. By Joseph

Hughes, 211
Mysterious Relics in the South Pa.

cific, 460
National Union of Elementary

Teachers, 306
New American Industry, 404
New Application of the Microphone,

New Code,

1882. By J. R. Langler,
B.A., F.R.G.S., President of the
National Union of Elementary

New Form of Locomotion, 558
New Form of Thermometer, 458
New Icemaking Machine, 459
New President of the N.U.E.T.-

Mr. Richard Sykes, 146
New Source of Cheese, 404.
Novel Application of the Electric

Light, 557
Original School Songs in both No.
tations. By T. Crampton

I. Come, Gentle Spring, 34
II. The Travelling I'inker, 94
III. The Council of the Mice,

IV. Make Hay while the Sun

Shines, 190

The Squirrel, 237
VI. Lightly Go, 283,
VII. Going' a Blackberrying,

VIII. Nutting Song, 384

The Cobbler, 452

Rules of Life, 489
XI. Keep Pegging away, 555
Possible Rival to Sugar, 404
Power of Resisting Poison in In-

sects, 558
Practical Lessons on Insect Life.

By Theodore Wood, M.E.S.,
Joint-Author of "The Field Na-
turalist's Handbook.'

XI. The Lepidoptera, i. 10
XII. The Lepidoptera, ii. 129
XIII. The Homoptera, 234
XIV. The Heteroptera, 285

XV. The Diptera, 327
President Garfield, The late, 458
Prevalence of the Salmon Disease,

Prevention of River Pollution, 404
Prize Letter, 76
Prussic Acid in the Animal King-

dom, 5,57
Publications Received, 40, 98, 143,

252, 309, 346, 405, 460, 521, 565
Publications Reviewed, 29, 105, 154,

193, 262, 309, 358, 401, 453, 510,

Query Column, 41, 99, 157, 197, 253,

300, 363, 406, 461, 517, 566
Recent Botanical Work, 460
Recent Inspection Questions, 28,

69, 128, 189, 232, 281, 346, 385

431, 486, 541
Revival of Skating Rinks, 404
Rival to Dynamite, 404
Scholarship Examination Questions,

with Model Answers, 386, 434,

School Board for London and the

London Publishers, 208
School Surgery. By A. Carpenter,
M.D. (London), C.S.S. (Camb.),
Vice-President of the British
Medical Association.

I. School Hygiene, I
II. Infectious Disease, 65

On Wounds, 66
III. On Wounds, cont., 113
IV. On Wounds, cont., 169
V. Erysipelas, 221
VI. Chilblains and Chaps,

111.-Classified List of Works,

arranged in Alphabeti.
cal Order, which have
been Reviewed in this

Greenwell's Test Cards, 563
Mackean's Student's Algebra, 106
My First Algebra, 402
•The Midland' Algebra, 510
'The Midland' Algebraic Test
Cards, 510

Baines and Prince's Rapid Compu.

tation in Mental Arithmetic, 106
Exercises in Elementary Arith.

metic, Leedam's, 310
Farnworth's Domino Cards, 30
Modern Arithmetics, Longmans',

Practical Examiner's Arithmetical
Tests, Roach's,

Simple Interest, Cowley's, 312
Test Cards, Ellery's English, 212
Test Cards, Taunton, 561

Browne's Elementary Botany, 31
Elementary Botany, Edmunds's, 360
Prantl's Elementary Text-book, 30
Twining's Lectures on Piants, 155

McCarthy's Easy System of Calis.
thenics and Drilling, 32

A B C Education Code, 264
Drama as an Element of Education,

Education and Instruction, Dic-

tionary of, 453
Everyday Life in Public

Shakesperean Examination for Pub-

lic Schools, 362
Table of Requirements of the Code,

Thomas Dunman, Death of, 191
Training Colleges, General Exami.

nation Questions, 46, 213, 260, 307
Training of Teachers for Middle

and Higher Schools-The Fins.
bury Training College for Schools

masters, 509
William Chambers, LL.D., 38
Writing Competition-Award of

Prizes, 98
Yorkshire College, 306

iii. 112

11.--Alphabetical List of

Authors whose Works
have been Reviswed in
this Volume.

iv. 171

1.-Alphabetical List of

Articles contributed to

this Volume.
Agricultural Chemistry, 558
Amended Syllabus of the New Class

Subject-Elementary Science. By

Richard Balchin, 127.
Anecdotal Natural History. By the
Rev. J. G. Wood, M.A., F.L.S.,
Author of 'Homes without Hands,

Nature's Teachings,' etc. ; and
Theodore Wood, M.E.S., Joint
Author of 'The Field Naturalist's

XIII. The Monkey Tribe, i. 5
XIV. The Monkey Tribe,

ii. 69
XV. The Monkey Tribe,
XVI. The Monkey Tribe,
XVII. The Monkey Tribe,

v. 223
XVIII. The Bear Tribe, i. 271
XIX. The Bear Tribe, ii. 319

Elephantiana, i. 380
XXI. Elephantiana, ii. 426
XXII. The Marsupials, i. 482

XXIII. The Marsupials, ii. 537
Answers to Pupil Teachers' Exami-

mation Papers, 15, 82, 132, 178,

238, 288, 333, 390, 440, 500, 542
Answers to Questions in The Little

Learner,' 499, 557
Answers to Questions in 'The

Scholar,' 33, 93, 143, 191, 250, 284,

347, 411, 451, 488, 556
Annual Conference of Elementary

Teachers at Sheffield, 147
Annual Drill Competition of Board

School Boys, 366
Archbishop of York on Industrial

Schools and Reformatories, 35
Bedford Association of Elementary

Teachers, 35
Birmingham District Union, 36
Centenary of Ballooning, 459
Certificate Examination, 552
Challis, the late Professor, 558
Church Schoolmasters' and School-

mistresses' Benevolent Institution:

Mr. Mundella on Thrift, 201
Coal in the United States, 558
Coming Examinations : Certificate,

81; Oxford Local, 81 ; Cambridge
Local, 81; London Matriculation,
81; Oxford Examination for

Women, 82; College of Precep-
Congo Exploration, 405
Correspondence, 554
Crystal Palace School of Art, 348
Dangers of Electric Lighting

Drawing Competition. Award of

Prizes, 40
Education, The Right Hon. H.

Fawcett, M.P., OR, 405
Educational Publishers and the Lon.

don School Board. By the Editor,

Electric Railways, 557
Eminent Practical Teachers-
1. Pestalozzi. By Rev. Canon

Warburton, M.A., Her Ma-
jesty's Inspector of Training
Colleges for Schoolmis-
tresses, 3, 67, 115, 174, 226,

II. David Stow. By J.R. Langler,

B.A., F.R.G.S., of the
Westminster Training Col.
lege, Ex-President of the
National Union of Elemen-
tary Teachers, 323, 376,

423, 479, 535
Engagements, 33, 98
Extinction of Fire, 458
Fertility of Oats, 404
Fish Disease in the River Vistula,

Fröbel Centenary, 153
General Association of Church School

Managers and Teachers, 261
Gossip, 36, 203, 251, 306, 412.
Hackney District Association of

Teachers, 36
'Health at School' Essay Competi.

tion Award, 299,
How I teach Arithmetic. By Wm.
Spencer, Author of Spencer's

Exercises in Arithmetic,' 74, 122
How I teach Elementary Science.

By Richard Balchin, 13, 72, 121,
177, 230, 277, 326, 375, 432, 485,

How I teach Swimming. By Thos.

Gardner, Member of the London

Schools' Swimming Club, 279, 330
Instructions to H.M. Inspectors, 349

Diseases of the Skin, 270
VII. Diseases of the Skin,

cont., 318
VIII. Diseases of the Skin,

cont., 373
IX. The Mouth and Throat,

X. Burns, Scalds, and Cor.

rosive Acids, 477

Drowning, 478
XI. Strangulation or Suffo.

cation, Accidental or

Suicidal, 533
Science Notes, 403, 458, 557
Scientific Cheese-making, 458

tors, 82

Adams, Davenport, 562
Allen, H., 561
Anderson, T., 358
Arnold, Thomas Kerchever, M.A.,

Aveling, E. B., D.Sc., 455
Baines, J., 106
Baker, Ella, 513
Baker, W, G., 454
Barlet, S., 360
Besant, Mrs. A., 32
Bisson, Capt. D. de C., 510
Blanchard, A., 516
Bowden, C., 263
Bowen, Mrs. C. E., 516
Bowen, H. Courthope, M.A., 263
Boume, C. E., 513
Brandram, S., 457
Bray, Mrs. C., 513
Browne, W. J., M.A., 31
Buckley, Miss A. B., 512
Bülow, The Baroness, 513
Caldicott, - ,, 264
Casey, J., LL.D., F.R.S., 456
Chambers, W. and R., 108
Chapman, W., 513
Clarkson, L., 516
Clifford, T. R., 458
Conington, J., 195
Cooke, Frances É., 513
Corkran, Alice, 511
Cowley, Rev. H. F. W., B.A, 212
D'Anvers, N., 107
Dicey, E, M.A., 310
Dick, A. H., 562
Dobson, H. A., 33
Dodds, W., 359
Dunman, T., 362
Edmunds, H., B.Sc , 360
Ellery, -., 212
Engel, J. J., 156
Eugène-Fasnacht, G. 515, 563
Farnsworth, -, 30.
Fenn, Geo. Manville, 511
Fitch, J. G., M A., 453
Fothergill, J. Milner, M.D., 401
Freiligarth-Kroeker, Kate, 513
Gellie, Mrs. 564
Girling, G., 560
Gow, Gregson, 510
Gowing, R., 516
Hanson, C. H., 514
Heldmann, B., 564
Heller, T. E., 456
Henty, G. A., 511
Hickey, M., 563
Hope, Ascot R., 561
Hulme, F. E., F.L.S., 361
Hughes, W., 310
Index, Q. P., 263
Johnson, A., 359
Kingston, W. H. G., 563
Lamb, Charles, 262
Larden, W., M.A., 403
Ledsham, 402
Leedam, 310
Leonard, J. R., 263
Lewis, H. King, 565
Linton, Rev. H., M.A., 310
Löfving, Concordia, 559
Lord, J., LL.D., 31
Lysaght, Elizabeth J.,

McCarthy, Justin, M.P., 309
McCarthy, Thomas, 32
Macaulay, G.C., M.A., 515
Macaulay, Lord,

108, 457
Mackean, J., F.E.I.S., 106
Mac Michael, Rev. J. F., B.A., 263
Macmillan, M. C., M.A., 515
Mason, Charlotte M., 154
Matthews, Cornelius, 513
McKim, J., M.A., 563
Meiklejohn, J., M.D., 107
Miles, A. H., 401
Millard, J., 361
Morell, J. D., LL.D., 310
Morris, Rev. D., 154, 1155

Schools, 194
Lectures on Teaching, Fitch's, 453
New Code, Caldicott's, 264
New Code, with Notes, Heller's,

New Code, Gowing's, 516
Physical Education, and its Place

in a Rational System of Educa
tion, 559




457, 516


Monograph, The: A Collection of

Indexed Essays, 263,
Müller's Outlines of Hebrew Syntax,

Scale of Nations, 311
Sectional Paper for Sewing, 401
Spencer's Bicycle Road Book, 156
Victor Emmanuel, 310

Day School Song Book, Johnson's,

Songs for Little Singers, 565

Cambridge Examiner, 106
Cassell's Book of Sports, 156, 454
Ivanhoe, 564
Longman's Magazine, 564
Our Little Ones, 108, 264, 362, 401,
Oxford Examiner, 106, 263
Reciter, 401
Thrift, 156
Universal Instructor, 264, 516
Wesleyan Methodist S. S. Magazine,

Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome,

Northumbria, The Captive Chief,

and other Poems, 195
Poetry for the Young, 108
Temptation of Job, The, and other
Poems, 29

Adventures of Mrs. Wishing-to-be,

Alice Through the Looking-Glass,

Baby's Museum, 564
Ball of Fortune, The, 511
Battle and Victory, 516
Brother and Sister, 511
Cat and Dog Stories, as told to one

another, 560
Children's World, 456
Dolly Dear, 564
Fairy Fancy, 511
Facing Death, 511
Fairy Tales for Children, 563
Fly-away Fairies and Baby-Blos-

soms, 516
Four Little Mischiefs, 561
Friar Hildebrand's Cross, 454
Handwork and Headwork, 513
Heroes of African Discovery and

Adventure, 513
Heroes of Maritime Discovery, 562
Hiawatha and other Legends, 513
Homer's Stories Simply Told, 514
In the King's Name, 511
In the Temperate Regions, 514
Landseer Series of Picture-Books,

Lamb's Tales from Shakspere, 262
Life of John Wiclif, 513
Lost in the Backwoods, 514
Maria Wuz and Lorentz Stark, 156
Nat the Naturalist, 511
Naughty Miss Bunny, 561

Light through Old Windows,
Our Dolly, 511
Plutarch's Lives for Everyday

Readers, 262
Ralph's Year in Russia, 514
Recent Expeditions Eastern Polar

Seas, 514
Stories of Old Renown, 561
St. Aubyn's Laddie, 564
Tales from the Edda, 513
Tales of the Olden Times, 513
The Belton Scholarship, 564
True to Himself, 513
Under Drake's Flag, 511
Wee Babies, 516
Winners in Life's Race, 512
Won from the Waves, 563
Wonderful Ghost Story. 563.

Blackie's Graded Readers, 156
Chambers' Graduated Readers, 212
English History Readers, Mar-

shall's, 402
First Historical Reader (Isbister),

Fifth Illustrated Reader (Long.

mans), 457
Geographical Readers for Ele-

mentary Schools (Stanford), 154
Geographical Reading Books (Nat.

Society), 155
Geographical Readers, I. and II.,

Old Stories from British History

(Longmans), 361
Pictures of English History (Nel

son), 362
Readings in English History

(Murby), 359
Second Historical Reader (Isbister),

Sixth Reader (Blackie's Graduated),
Short Stories Cards, Ledsham's,

Stories for Children from English

History, 402
Stories from English History,
(Nelson), 196

Anecdotal Illustrations of the

Gospel according to St. Mark,

Child's Daily Help for the Christian

Year, 458
Elements of Morality, 512
First Readings; Christian Doctrine,

Gospel of St. John (Murby), 195
Junior and Senior Tablet Book, 563
Odom's Gospel Types and Shadows

of the Old Testament, 196
Parallel New Testament, 515,
Second Epistle to the Corinthians,
Linton's, 310

Animal Physiology, Willis's, 455
Besant's Light, Heat, and Sound,

D'Anvers's Science Ladders : Forms

of Land and Water, 107
General Biology, Aveling's, 455
Health Lectures for the People, 512
History of a Lump of Coal, 454
Mensuration for Beginners, 359,
School Course of Heat, Larden's,

Science in a Nutshell, 310
Spanton's Preparations for Science

Teaching, 156
Talks about Science, Dunman's,

The Food we Eat: Why we Eat it,

and Whence it Conies, 401
Wormell's Magnetism and Electri.
city, 105, 193

Short Essays and Letters, 264
Longmans Modern Copy Books,

310, 457

Holden and Co., ccxix, cclxviii,

cccxv, ccclxxii, ccccxv, cccclxx,

Hughes, Joseph, lvii, lix, lxiü, cxi,

cxii, clxv, clxvii, clxviii, ccxix,
ccxx, ccclxxii, ccccxvii, ccccxvui,
cccclxvii, cccclxviii, cccclxxiv,
dxxvii, dxxviii, dxxix, dxxx,

dlxxv, dlxxvii.
Isbister, W., ccccxv.
Jarrold and Sons, liv,
Jennings, James, ccccxiv, cccclxxii,

dxxvi, dlxxiii.
Johnson, William, cclxvii, cccxv,

ccclxxi, ccccxvi, cccclxx.
Keefe, J., lv, cix, clxiii, ccxvii,

cclxv, cccxiii, ccclxvii, ccccxv,
cccclxx, dxxiv, dlxxii.
Kegan Paul, French, and Co., cix,
Laurie, Thomas, Ixi.
Letts, Son, and Co., dxxiii, dlxxi.
London Scholastic Trading Co.,

Longmans and Co., lvii, Ixii, cx,

cxi, clxvii, ccxix, cclxviii, cccxv,
cccxvi, ccclxxi, ccccxiii, ccccxv,
ccccxvi, cccclxxii, dxxvi, dxxxi,

Macniven and Cameron, cccclxxi,

dxxv, dlxxiii.
Marshall, J. and Co., cccclxxiv.
Midland Educational Co., cclxviii,

cccxvi, ccclxxi.
Mixer, J., and Co., cix, clxiii,

ccxvii, cclxv, cccxiii, ccclxvii,

cccclxix, dxxvi, dlxxii.
Moon, J. F., M.C.P., dlxxv.
Murby, Thomas, clxviii, 216, 366

Murray, J., lxiv, ccclxix, ccclxx.
M, A., ccclxxii.
Nelson, T., and Sons, 212, 570
North of England School Furnishing

Co., ccccxix.
Perry and Co., Ivi, cx, clxiv, ccxvii,

cclxv, cccxiii, dlxxi.
Philip, G., and Son, lviii, 108, 162,

264, cccclxxiii, dlxxix.
Poole, w., ccxvii.
Scholastic Musical Instrument Co.,

lv, cix, clxiii, ccxvii, cclxv,
cccxiii, ccclxvii, ccccxv, cccclxix,

dxxiv, dlxxii.
Scholastic Sewing Machine Co.,

Ivii, cxi, cclxvii, cccxv.
Scientific Agency Co., lv.
Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., Ivi,

lvii, lix, .cix, cx, cxii, clxiv,
clxviii, ccxviii, ccxix, cclxvi,
cclxvii, cccxiii, cccxiv, cccxv,
ccclxviii,ccclxxi, ccclxxii, ccccxiii,
ccccxiv, ccccxvi.cccclxx, cccclxxii,
dxxiv, dxxvi, dxxvii, dlxxii,

Smith and Co., G. W., lix.
Smith, Elder, and Co., cccclxix,

cccclxxvi, dlxxx.
South Kensington Fine Art Asso-

ciation, cccclxvii.
St. Bride's Fancy Goods Store, 522
Stiles, G., and Co., ccxix, cclxviii,

cccxv, ccclxxi, ccccxvi, cccclxx,

dxxvi, dlxxiii.
Swan, Sonnenschein, and Co.,

ccclxvii, cccclxxii, dlxxviii.
Thomas, S., clxvi.
Walker and Co., J., lv, ccccxix.
Wesleyan Methodist Sunday-school

Union, lx, dxxxii.
Westminster School Book Depot,

ccxvii, dlxxii.
Wilcox, Rev. A. M., lvii, cxi,
Williams, B., dlxxv.

IV.-Alphabetical List of

V.-The following Firms have

Advertised on the Wrap-

Pocket Code and Teacher's Daily

Handbook, Bowden's, 263
Standards of Teaching of Foreign

Codes relating to Elementary
Education, 31
Teacher's Diary and Pocket Book,

What Her Majesty's Inspectors Say,

Progressive French Course, Fas-

nacht's, 515
Progressive German Course, Fas.
nacht's, 563

British School Atlas of Ancient and

Modern Geography, 196
Halfpenny Maps, 453
Home Lesson Books to the Royal

Geographical Readers, 264
Ireland, Wall Map of, 360
Johnston's Sixpenny National

Atlas, 194
Modern Geography, Hughes's Ele-

mentary Class Book of, 310
Philip's Series of Map-Drawing
Books, 156

Euclid, First Six Books, 456
Mensuration for Beginners, Dodds's,

Wright's Lessons on Form, 32

Elocution, Millard's Grammar of,

English Grammar, Morrison's, 359
English Grammar, Notes of Lessons

on, 403
English Language and Literature,

Outline of History of, 402
Etymological Dictionary, Cham-

bers's, 108
Graduated Exercises for St. VI.,

Meiklejohn's Standard Grammar,

Bk. IV., 107
Primer of Eng. Grammar, 516

Anabasis of Xenophon,

Bk. I., 263
Anabasis of Xenophon, Bk. VII., 457
Arnold's Practical Introduction to

Greek Prose Composition, 32
Cambridge Texts, with Notes, 516
Greek Particles, Short Treatise on,

Civil Service History of England,

White and Dobson's, 33
English History Home Lesson

Books, Standards V. and VI., 108
English History, Cassell's Simple

Outline of, 453
History of England (Standards III.

and ÍV.), Dick's, 562
History of Modern Europe for

Schools, Lord's, 31
Italian History, Morell's Com.

pendium of, 310
Summary of English History, Reep's,

Cæsar, Bk, I., 516
First Latin Grammar, Macmillan's,

Horace's Epodes, etc., 564
Latin Course, 362
Leonard's Latin Grammar, 263
Livy's Hannibalian War, 515
Matriculation Classics ; Questions

and Answers, 360
Ovid, Selections from, 515
Virgil's Æneid, 1., 515
Virgil's Æneid, XI., 457
Virgil's Æneid, I. and II., 263
Virgil's Georgics, I. and II., 262
Virgil's Poems, Translated by
Conington, 195

Chaucer's Squiere's Tale, 457
German Literature, Student's

Manual of, 560
Lord Clive, Macaulay's Essay on,

Shakespeare's King Henry V., 457

Art Instruction in England, 361
Book of Shadows, 560
Christmas and New Year's Cards,

458, 565
Epoch of Reform, Justin McCarthy's,

Facts to Impress, and Fancies to

Delight, 457
General Knowledge Charts, John.

ston's, 456.
Handy Classical Dictionary, 262
Historical Novels and Tales, De.
scriptiv Catalogue of, 263

Ty of Shorthand, 358
Liberator, The Story of Gen.
aldi's Life, 362
Words, 359
University Matriculation
with Solutions, 360

Blackie's, 362
Geographical Reader, Blackie's

Sixth, 454
Historical Readers (Chambers), 263
Historical Reader, II. (Blackie),
Historical Reader, III. (Blackie),

Historical Reader, III.(Chambers),

Jarrold's Empire Readers, 108

Firms, etc., who have
Advertised in this

Adair, H., lvi., cx, clxiv, ccxviii,

cclxvi, cccxiv, ccclxviii, ccccxiv.
Allen and Co., cccclxix, dxxiii.
Allman and Son, ccxix, dxxvii.
Antoine, Professor, cccclxxi, dxxv,

Austing and Sons, cxii, dlxxiv.
Banks and Ashwell, lvii, clxiv,

dxxvii, dlxxiii.
Birkbeck Bank, Ivi, cx, clxiv,

ccxix, cclxvii, cccxvi, ccclxxi,
ccccxvi, cccclxx, dxxii, dlxxii.
Bisson, Borman and Co., dlxxi.
Blackwood, James, and Co., dxxiv.
Blanchard, W. A. C. P., dxxvi.
Brodie and Middleton, lvi, cx,
clxiv, ccxix, cclxvii, cccxvi,
ccclxxii, ccccxv, cccclxx, dxxiv,

Cantab, cccxvi.
Chambers, W. and R., lvii, cxi,

cclxvii, cclxviii, cccxvi.
Clay, C. J., M.A., and Son, dlxxv.
Collins, Wm., and Sons, ccccxx.
Coman, T., clxiii.
Cox and Co., cclxv, cccxiii, ccclxvii,

ccccxiv, cccclxx, dxxiv, dlxxi.
Darlow and Co.,. lv, clxiii, cclxv,

ccclxvii, ccccxiii, cccclxix, dxxiii,

Educational Company, clxiv, cccxiv,

Edwards, H. and G., cclxvii, cccxv,

ccclxxi, ccccxvi, cccclxxi, dxxv.
Eyre and Spottiswoode, clxviii.
Finsbury Training College, cccxv,

cccclxxi, dxxv, dlxxiii.
Frost, Miss, ccxx, dxxiii.
Gill, George, and Sons, lix, ccccxiii.
Hampton, C., and Co., cclxviii.
Harrison and Son, lvi, cxi, ccxvii,

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pers of this Volume.
W. H. Allen and Co.
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Miss Frost
G. Gill and Sons
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Joseph Hughes
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Sampson Low and Co.
J. Marshall and Co.
Thomas Murby
John Murray
National Society
T. Nelson and Sons
G. Philip and Son
Religious Tract Society
Scientific Instrument Agency
W. S. Sonnenschein and Co.
Wake and Dean


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