Geodæsia: Or, The Art of Surveying and Measuring Land Made Easy: Showing by Plain and Practical Rules, to Survey, Protract, Cast Up, Reduce Or Divide Any Piece of Land Whatsoever; with New Tables for the Ease of the Surveyor in Reducing the Measure of Land ; Moreover a More Facilo and Sure Way of Surveying by the Chain, Than Has Hitherto Been Taught : as Also to Lay Out New Lands in America, Or Elsewhere: and how to Make a Perfect Map of a River's Mouth Or Harbour; with Several Other Things Never Before Published in Our Languages

G.G.J. and J. Robinson, 1792 - 206 pages
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Page 62 - If you fdrvey by Mr. Norwood's Way, then there muft be four Columns more for EWN and Southing. You may alfo make two Columns more, if you pleafe, for Off-fets, to the right and left. Laftly, You may chufe whether you will have any Lines or not, if you can write ftrait, and in good Order, the Figures directly one under another. For this I leave you chiefly to your own Fancy ; for I believe there are not two Surveyors in England, that have exactly the fame Method for their Field Notes. Of the Scale....
Page 163 - We wish to prove that The three angles of any triangle are equal to two right angles. Let...
Page 129 - ... the other is eafily found ; for as 7 is to 22, fo is the diameter to the circumference ; and as 22 is to 7, fo is the circumference to the diameter* In this annexed figure, the diameter AB is 2 chains or 200 links; which multiplied by 22 and the product divided by 7* gives 6 chains, 28 links, and fomething more for the circumference.

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