The Origin of Certain Place Names in the United States

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1905 - 334 pages

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Page 335 - Water-Supply and Irrigation Papers, (7) Topographic Atlas of United States — folios and separate sheets thereof, (8) Geologic Atlas of United States — folios thereof.
Page 126 - F>arl of Fitzwilliam. Five Corners; village in Miami County, Indiana, so named because it is at the junction of several roads. Flackville; village in St. Lawrence County, New York, named for John P. Flack, first postmaster. Flagstaff; town in Coconino County, Arizona, named from a pole set by a party of emigrants who camped near and celebrated the Fourth of July. Flambeau; lakes, town, and river in Wisconsin. The lakes were so called on account of the torches used to catch fish at night.
Page 223 - Newfane; town in Windham County, Vermont, said to have been named for Thomas Fane, one of the "men of Kent.
Page 315 - ... Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia; borough • in Warren County, Pennsylvania; towns in Knox County, Maine; Worcester County, Massachusetts; and Herkimer County, New York; and a fortification in Boston Harbor; named for Joseph Warren, who fell in the battle of Bunker Hill. Warren; county in Indiana, named for Gen. Francis Warren. Warren; city in Trumbull County, Ohio, named for Gen. Moses Warren, of...
Page 21 - The Indians had a hunting camp near the headwaters of the river, hence the name. Allamakee; county in Iowa. The Iowa Historical Society says it was named for Allen Makee, an Indian trader.
Page 66 - Sir John Barlow says the Portuguese, who first ascended the St. Lawrence, believing it to be a passage to the Indian sea, expressed their disappointment when they discovered their mistake by saying "Canada," " Nothing here." This the natives are said to have remembered and repeated to the Europeans who arrived later, who thought it must be the name of the country. Dr. Shea says the Spanish derivation is fictitious. Some think it was named for the first man to plant a colony of French in the country,...
Page 162 - Hughesville; town in Gilpin County, Colorado, named for Patrick Hughes, upon whose ranch the town is located. Hugoton; city in Stevens County, Kansas, named for Victor Hugo, "ton" being added to prevent conflict with Hugo, Colorado.
Page 209 - Minneapolis; cities in Ottawa County, Kansas, and Hennepin County, Minnesota. A combination of the Indian word, minni, "water," and the Greek word, polis, "city." Minnehaha; county in South Dakota, and celebrated falls in Hennepin County, Minnesota. An Indian word, meaning
Page 325 - Wallula; when applied to water,. meaning "running." Another authority gives its definition as "the long and beautiful river." Willey; peak in the White Mountains, New Hampshire, named for the Willey family, who were killed in an avalanche in 1826. Williams: river and mountain in Arizona, named for one of the guides of the Fremont expedition. Williams; creek in Humboldt County, California, named for an early settler. Williams; town in Colusa County, California, named for its founder. Williams; county...
Page 76 - Charleston; county, and city in same county, in South Carolina. The city was named first and was originally called Charles Town, in honor of Charles II of England. Charleston; city in Kanawha County, West Virginia, named for Charles Clendman, father of George Clendman, the founder. Charlestown; part of Boston, Massachusetts, named for Charles I of England. Charlestown; town in Sullivan County, New Hampshire, named for Sir Charles Knowles. Charlestown; town in Washington County, Rhode Island, named...

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