The New Wonderful Museum, and Extraordinary Magazine: Being a Complete Repository of All the Wonders, Curiosities, and Rarities of Nature and Art, from the Beginning of the World to the Present Year ... Including, Among the Greatest Variety of Other Valuable Matter in this Line of Literature (from an Illustrated Edition of the Rev. Mr. James Granger's Celebrated Biographical History) Memoirs and Portraits of the Most Singular and Remarkable Persons ...

R. S. Kirby, 1804

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Page 993 - The ass was restless, and the goats kept bleating for some days, after which they heard no more of them. Two of the goats, however, being left alive and near the manger, they felt them, and found that one of them was big, and would kid, as they recollected, about the middle of April ; the other gave milk, wherewith they preserved their lives.
Page 991 - April proving hot, and the snow beginning to soften, he again used his utmost endeavours to recover his effects, and to bury, as he thought, the remains of his family. He made new openings, and threw in earth to melt the snow, which on the 24th of April was greatly diminished. He broke through ice six English feet thick, with iron bars, thrust down a long pole and touched the ground ; but evening coming on, he desisted.
Page 1086 - The evidence came out full, the jury brought in <• their verdict that the prisoner was guilty, and the whole assembly waited the sentence of the president of the court (which he happened to be that day) with great suspense.
Page 849 - Thrice happy is that humble pair, Beneath the level of all care ! Over whose heads those arrows fly Of sad distrust and jealousy ; Secured in as high extreme, As if the world held none but them.
Page 600 - Brazil; and though he believed nothing of it, and it was a good way off, yet he had so much curiosity as to send for it: that it was a very great and a very old one; and when it came first into the room where the prince was, with a great many Dutchmen about him, it said presently, What a company of white men are here! They asked it, what it thought that man was, pointing to the prince. It answered, Some General or other.
Page 1086 - ... universal affability, he was admitted to a share of the government of the town, and rose from one post to another, till at length he was chosen chief magistrate.
Page 970 - To save fire, he would walk about the remains of an old green-house, or sit with a servant in the kitchen. During the harvest he would amuse himself with going into the fields to glean the corn, on the grounds of his own tenants; and they used to leave a little more than common to please the old gentleman, who was as eager after it as any pauper in the parish.
Page 687 - When the day broke, and the gentlemen found that no intreaties could prevail to get the door opened, it occurred to one of them (I think to Mr. Secretary Cooke), to make a search for me, in hopes I might have influence enough to gain a release from this scene of misery. Accordingly Messrs. Lushington and Walcot undertook the search, and by my shirt discovered me under the dead upon the platform.
Page 993 - On the sixth day the boy sickened, and six days after desired his mother, who all this time had held him in her lap, to lay him at his length in the manger. She did so, and taking him by the hand, felt it was very cold...
Page 658 - ... back into the hole of the rock ; but, if left undisturbed for about four minutes, it would come gradually in sight, expanding, though at first very cautiously, its seeming leaves, till at last it appeared in its former bloom. However, it would again recoil with a surprising quickness, when my hand came within a small distance of it.

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