From Sumer to Rome: The Military Capabilities of Ancient Armies


This in-depth work demonstrates that ancient battles rivaled those of the modern period in size, complexity, and lethality. The organization of armies of the ancient world, their performance, their military operations, and their ability to raise the art of warfare to towering heights are the focus of this carefully documented volume. An examination is made of all the major military establishments of the Bronze and Iron Ages. Pertinent evidence is gathered from a number of disciplines and integrated into a coherent whole. Corroborative evidence is drawn from modern analysis when accepting or rejecting the claims of ancient writers. Where that was lacking, the authors conducted empirical studies of ancient weapons, which led to a better understanding of how ancient battles were really fought. The book concludes with description and analysis of the armies of the ancient world placed in a modern perspective.

From Sumer to Rome provides a detailed portrait of the world's earliest military establishments. A number of military innovations and developments that came to fruition in the Iron Age and that remained are traced. An empirical analysis of all the major weapons of the ancient armies is made. The factors that played dominant roles in outcomes are explored and thorough analysis of military medical care systems is provided. This book will be an excellent addition to the libraries of military historians, students of ancient warfare and weaponry, and the general reader.


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Table des matières

1 The Worlds First Armies
2 The Military Revolution
3 Weapons and Lethality
4 Death Wounds and Injury
5 Military Medical Care
6 The Legacy of the Ancients
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RICHARD A. GABRIEL is a military historian, adjunct professor of Ethics and Humanities at Daniel Webster College, and a former Army intelligence officer. He is the author of 24 books, including the Greenwood Press publications The Culture of War: Invention and Early Development (1990), The Painful Field: The Psychiatric Dimension of Modern War (1988), and To Serve With Honor: A Treatise on Military Ethics and the Way of the Soldier (1982).

KAREN S. METZ is an academic librarian and a former medical librarian. She is the author of Information Sources in Power Engineering: A Guide to Energy Resources and Technology (Greenwood Press, 1975).

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