An Introduction to Atmospheric Radiation

Academic Press, 29 avr. 2002 - 583 pages

This Second Edition of An Introduction to Atmospheric Radiation has been extensively revised to address the fundamental study and quantitative measurement of the interactions of solar and terrestrial radiation with molecules, aerosols, and cloud particles in planetary atmospheres. It contains 70% new material, much of it stemming from the investigation of the atmospheric greenhouse effects of external radiative perturbations in climate systems, and the development of methodologies for inferring atmospheric and surface parameters by means of remote sensing. Liou's comprehensive treatment of the fundamentals of atmospheric radiation was developed for students, academics, and researchers in atmospheric sciences, remote sensing, and climate modeling. Features

  • Balanced treatment of fundamentals and applications
  • Includes over 170 illustrations to complement the concise description of each subject
  • Numerous examples and hands-on exercises at the end of each chapter

About the Author Dr. K. N. Liou is Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and Fellow of AAAS, AGU, AMS, and the Optical Society of America. Professor Liou received the Jule G. Charney Award from AMS in 1998 "for his pioneering work in the theory and application of radiative transfer and its interaction with clouds."


Table des matières

Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Radiation for Atmospheric Applications
Chapter 2 Solar Radiation at the Top of the Atmosphere
Chapter 3 Absorption and Scattering of Solar Radiation in the Atmosphere
Chapter 4 Thermal Infrared Radiation Transfer in the Atmosphere
Chapter 5 Light Scattering by Atmospheric Particulates
Chapter 6 Principles of Radiative Transfer in Planetary Atmospheres
Chapter 7 Application of Radiative Transfer Principles to Remote Sensing
Chapter 8 Radiation and Climate
Appendix C Spherical Geometry
Appendix D Complex Index of Refraction Dispersion of Light and LorentzLorenz Formula
Appendix E Properties of the Legendre Polynomials and Addition Theorem
Appendix F Some Useful Constants
Appendix G Standard Atmospheric Profiles
Appendix H Answers to Selected Exercises

Appendix A Derivation of the Planck Function
Appendix B The Schrödinger Wave Equation
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K. N. Liou is professor and chair of the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles. He was awarded the Jule G. Charney Award from the American Meteorological Society in 1998 for his "pioneering work in the theory and application of radiative transport and its interaction with clouds". Liou is author or co-author of more than 140 scientific papers and 2 previous books.

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