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as I leave him , the clouds , which

in his conversation were dispersed, collect themselves again , and the former gloom returns upon me. Methought yesterday , I perceived in his delineation of manners and principles, the portrait of human happiness ; and now it is a canvass pre

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puisse soulager les peuples ? Le moyen de renouveller des armées que vingt ans de guerre ont anéanties, & de réduire les impôts à un tribut simple & léger ? Il a tout prévu , dit Tibere, & il aura tout applani. Proposez-lui vos réflexions. Ce fut par-là qu'ils débuterent.

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and random colours, without arrangement or design. While he speaks, every thing appears easy, and now I am involved in a scene of difficulties. In the first place, overloaded as the empire is with immoderate expences, the hero's scheme for making the burden lighter to the poor !---- his plan for new-modelling upon a better establishment, an army well nigh annihilated by a war of twenty years ! — and then the multiplicity of taxes to be reduced to one general impost, light and simple ! — He has seen the subject in all its points of view, said Tiberius, and will, I dare say, remove your difficulties. Acquaint him vith the reflections that have occurred to you. The conversation was accordingly opened with a state of the emperor's reasonings ; and after hearing them attentively , I knew , said Be

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