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A Consul General of His Majesty the King of The Netherlands, a Vice Consul, and a Consul for Vera Cruz, have presented themselves duly accredited; Exequaturs have accordingly been granted to them, and they are in the full exercise of their functions. The Government has appointed a Chargé d'Affaires to that Court, and trusts that this Appointment will be fully appreciated, notwithstanding the embarrassments felt by that Country, in consequence of its position with regard to the great Continental Powers of Europe.

A Person has presented himself in the character of Commercial Agent of France : he has been appointed by Vice-Admiral Duperré, Commander of the Squadron of the Antilles, on wbich account the Exequatur has been withheld, until he shall receive the direct authority of his Government in due form; he has, however, been admitted as a Confidential Agent, a rank similar to that which a Mexican Citizen now bolds in Paris. With this understanding, both his Correspondence with the Department of State, and the Appointments which he has announced of Subaltern Agents in Vera Cruz, Tampico, and San Louis Potosi, have been permitted. The French Government has adopted this measure, after having in vain employed its friendly counsels, to induce Spain to recognize the Independence of the New Republick. This conduct on the part of France is consistent with the general desire which the Nations of Europe have always entertained, in favour of the emancipation of the Americas. It results from the political and commercial interests of the French People, and is the effect of that similarity of sentimient, which fortunately exists, and increases, between the Cabinets of France and England. In contrast, ing the steps taken by England, up to the point at which our relations have arrived, with those which the French Cabinet takes, in the manifestation of its benevolent intentions towards the cause of liberty in America, an accidental difference only is observed. I rejoice in the favourable progress of our relations with France, which the appointment of a French Agent has effected; and the determination taken to receive him will not impair the dignity of the Republick.

His Majesty the King of France has ordered that the Mexican Flag shall be received in all his Ports, on the same terms as those upon which the French Flag has been received and admitted in the Ports of this Nation. This establishes the relations of amity and commerce with France, which will go on until they reach the same footing on which they have for some time existed with England, in consequence of the earlier manifestation of its liberal principles. It remains, however, for these relations to be regulated in a more distinct manner, so as to inspire the subjects of both Nations with absolute confidence, in order to settle definitively the reciprocal interests of the French and Mexican People.

The Hanseatic Cities have appointed a Commissary General of Commerce to this Republick, who has been admitted to the exercise of his functions. And a Mexican Commercial Agent has been seat by the Executive to reside at Hamburgh.

The Government of His Majesty the King of Prussia has not accredited its Commercial Agent in due form; until that be done, how. ever, his intervention will be permitted in favour of the interests and Subjects of that Country, in order that the National decorum may correspond with my lively desire, to induce the Cabinets of Foreiga Nations to use that frankness which characterizes the Mexican Govern. inent in all its proceedings.

The Commercial Agent, ad interim, whom His Majesty the King of Bavaria is known to have appointed, has not yet presented his credentials.

The King of Wirtemburg has determined to establish Commercial relations with us, and has authorized an Individual, who is in this Capital, to act as his Agent; but he has not yet delivered bis Com. mission.

The friendly relations between our States and those of North America continue unaltered. The Treaty of Amity, Navigation, and Commerce, recently concluded with their Minister Plenipotentiary in this Republick, has been presented to the Chambers. The Congress, giving preference to this important business, will hasten the final consolidation of our relations with a Nation, upon our borders, and which is, moreover, united to us by the strong sympathies necessarily created by the identity of our system and form of Government. The Commission, appointed for the scientifick determination of our Boundaries, is detained, for want of authority to incur the expenditure, which must attend its operations.

The American Congress which attracted the attention of the civilized World, took place in the City of Panama; and its labours advanced so happily, that the Plenipotentiaries of Mexico returned in September, bearing the Treaties; to which the Chambers will give that peculiar attention, which the Federal Compact of the great American Family claims under so many titles. It was there resolved to transfer the Congress to the Territory of the Republick, where a frank and friendly reception will be given to it, such as is due to the Plenipotentiaries of the Republicks, to which we are united by intimate rela. tions and fraternal bonds. The Ministers from Guatemala and Colombia have already arrived, and one from The United States of the North, and others may shortly be expected, to continue the Sittings of the great Congress in the Town of Tacubaya.

A Minister Plenipotentiary and Envoy Extraordinary of The United States of Central America, has arrived in this Capital, with Powers to propose, negotiate, and conclude with this Government,

Súpulations and Conventions, which may be conformable to justice and to the interests of both Nations, and to settle the Boundaries of our respective Territories.

A Consul General from the Republick of Chili has presented himself, to reside in Tepic, and the corresponding Exequatur has been granted to him.

Every thing appears to indicate an early change in the Constitution of Colombia. The Mexican Government, pursuant to its principles, will not interfere, directly or indirectly, with this occurrence, but will confine itself to maintain and preserve uninjured its amicable relations with our Ally, the Republick of Colombia. Whatever be the causes which have produced so unexpected a movement, it can have no influence, even the most remote, upon the Republick of Mexico, whose free Institutions are regarded with the most ardent enthusiasm; because, in their essence, they are not susceptible of improvement of any kind, even though they be compared with the various modifications which the Compacts that regulate the rights and obligations of the People have received at different periods.

The more abject and miserable the situation of Spain, the greater the exertion it makes to obtain some advantage, however ephemeral, in the parts of America, which it has lost for ever. During the past year, it has largely re-inforced its Naval force, and has augmented its Garrison, in the Island of Cuba. Its threats are however well understood. The Squadron of Laborde presented itself about the middle of the Year off the Coasts of Colombia; and two Frigates were seen shortly afterwards near Tampico. This Squadron was dispersed in a hurricane, which it experienced in the Bahama Channel and Seas of the Antilles, and it is probable, as it sustained great injury, that much time will be required to refit it.

The moment seems approaching, which may definitively terminate the unfortunate differences which arose, respecting the possession of the Banda Oriental of the Rio de la Plata, between the Argentine Republick and the Government of His Majesty the Emperor of Brazil. This interesting portion of the New World, in giving to Portugal a Constitution, has presented to the wonder of the Universe the very singular phenomenon, in the politics of Nations, of a Colony, in the days of its regeneration, destroying the chains of its ancient Metropolis, and transferring to it those which it received from her Ages before. The New World is the cradle of great events; and in it has appeared the happy combination of the stability of Governments, with the enjoyment and possession of the social guarantees. In the meanwhile the continued alarms of Spain have been increased, by the dread of the contagion of those principles which are taking root in Portugal. The Cabinet of Madrid trembles in the uncertainty of its own fate, and its resources, not being sufficient to sustain even the

existing order of things, it will never be in its power to attempt, with any prospect of success, the fancied re-conquest of the Americas.

The relations which Mexico will henceforward establish with the Governments of Europe, including that of obstinate Spain, must depend essentially upon the course and movements of their policy, with regard to the existence of the New States. The General Ame. rican Assembly will render uniform the magnanimous principles of conduct which are to govern the Nations of the New World, in their intercourse with the people who have preceded them in the career of civilization, in order that, under the protection of moderate Governments and philanthropic Institutions, we may secure to ourselves the friendship of all men.

An amicable adjustment between the Governments of Brazil and Buenos Ayres is anxiously desired by the whole of America, in order to banish the apprehensions which may be entertained as to the final result of a War, in which two American Nations are involved.

The disturbances and agitations in Guatemala will cease, so soon as its Inhabitants listen to the imperious voice of their Country and of the New World, which demands the sacrifice of private interests and passions, at the shrine of universal Peace.

Fortunately the New States make such rapid progress towards order and stability, as to frustrate the consequences of any momentary shocks; whilst the Cabinets of Europe are occupied with their peculiar situation.

Be assured Gentlemen, that the support of our credit abroad, is connected with the continuance of the judicious and circumspect policy which we have hitherto followed, with the respect with which we have . regarded the rights of all Nations, and with the salutary principles which govern our proceedings.

It is now time to take a view of the prosperity of the Republick, which improves astonishingly, as it displays its immense resources. I enjoy an inexpressible pleasure in assuring the Chambers, that the Revenue of the Republick now more than doubles that of the Year 1823. During the last Year we have entirely covered our expenses, without incurring new debts, having had recourse to Loans exclusively for extraordinary expenses.

The expenses will be greatly diminished during the present Year; for, as the Republick is provided with a Navy, its Army clothed and armed, and its Stores filled with the necess

essary articles of

every kind, the general Estimates, which will be presented in a few days to the Chambers, must necessarily be much reduced.

The general Receipts of the Customs, at the beginning of this Year, bad prodigiously augmented. The Ports of Vera Cruz, 'Tampico de Tamaulipas, and Refugio in the North, are much resorted to; those of Acapulco, San Blas, and Mazatlan, on the Pacific, receive valuable

Cargoes from India and Guayaquil, and now require a market for their productions.

The regulations for the Maritime Custom-houses, the System of Commissaries, the General Treasury, the Custom-house Officers, and for other interesting matters connected with the collection of the Customs, all await the approbation of the Chambers. I earnestly recommend to them the conclusion of the Tariff of Maritime Duties; the Merchant requires a fixed basis to govern him, and the Treasury needs the Revenue which it ought to produce.

The Debts due to the Nation merit the particular attention of that branch of the Government; a considerable number of Accounts in arrear, the liquidation of which seemed impossible, have been settled, to the benefit of the National coffers, and a great mass of Documents, in which the Publick Treasury is also interested, has been sent to the respective Tribunals for legal decision.

The Debts due by the Republick to Foreigners have been scrupulously paid, and, with respect to our Officers and Soldiers, not only have they received their entire pay, but arrears, which had been left from former Years, have been disbursed to various classes of the State. To the Farmers of Tobacco a respectable sum has been advanced, on account of the produce of the present crop; and the Government has already devised means to pay the whole in a short time.

The Chambers have been recently informed of the state of our Funds in London, up to the 19th of October last; and of the transfer of the Agency of this Republick to the opulent House of Messrs. Baring, Brothers, and Co.

The Executive observed with the greatest regret the general distress which Foreign Commerce suffered during the middle of the last Year, in the markets of Europe, and more particularly in that of London; the wealthiest Houses became bankrupts, and, owing to this unexpected calamity, the House in which were deposited our Government Funds and Securities stopped payment; the necessary consequence was, the return of some bills, which had been drawn upon it by the Department of the Treasury: as to those which were protested, a satisfactory arrangement has already been made with their Holders, and the same will be effected with regard to those which had not been accepted, as soon as intelligence is received that they were not paid when they became due. The Chambers will appreciate the energetic activity with which the Executive proceeded, in an event as unfortunate as unexpected. The National Credit could not have received a greater shock; but it has risen superior to it, and stands higher in the markets of Europe than that of any of the New Republicks. The Government, in order to raise it as high as can be wished, has not only made remittances of money, sufficient for the payment of the dividends of liquidation and interest, but has also taken especial care that, in the present

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