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Traduction de la Ratification Turque. MR. LE COMTE DE LOWENHIELM, Ministre de Sa Majesté le Roi de Suède et de Norvège près la Sublime Porte Ottomane, ayant demandé de la part de Sa Cour, en faveur des bâtimens marchands Suédois et Norvégiens, la concession de naviguer dans la Mer Noire, la Sublime Porte, eû égard aux sentimens sincères d'amitié, que la Cour de Suède et de Norvège ne cesse de lui témoigner, et pour prouver aussi sa sincère amitié envers la dite Cour, a adhéré à sa susdite demande.

Après que le Ministre en eut conféré avec le Reis Effendi de la Sublime Porte, un Acte de Convention Officielle en 5 Articles et une Conclusion a éte dressé, signé, et échangé entre eux au commencement de Zilka-dé 1242. Comme il y était stipulé que, dans l'espace de 3 mois, à dater du jour de la signature du dit Acte la de Convention Officielle, il serait corroboré et confirmé par la remise réciproque de Notes Officielles, annonçant l'acceptation des deux Puissances, le Ministre de Suède et de Norvège expédia le dit Acte à sa Cour, et il a annoncé par une Note Officielle, qu'il était chargé de déclarer, de la part de Sa Majesté le Roi de Suède et de Norvège, qu'Elle acceptait et ratifiait tous les Articles y contenus et qu'elle promettait d'en remplir fidèlement et loyalement toutes les stipulations.

Le dit Acte ayant été également soumis à Sa Hautesse le Grand Seigneur, la présente Note Officielle a éte dressée et échangée contre celle de nôtre Ami le Ministre, pour lui annoncer, que Sa Hautesse acceptait et ratifiait tous les Articles de la dite Convention, et que, tout comme Sa Majesté le Roi de Suède et de Norvège, S'engageait à en remplir fidèlement et à la lettre toutes les stipulations, la Sublime Porte ne cesserait jamais de mettre tous ses soins possibles à observer scrupuleusement et loyalement ces mêmes stipulations. Le 2 Safer 1243.

EL SEID MEHEMMED SAID PERTEW. Pour traduction exacte: A. TESTA, Premier Drogoman de la Mission de Sa Majesté le Roi de Suède

et de Norvège.

TREATY of Commerce, Navigation, &c. between Hanover and Bremen.-Signed at Hanover, 11th January, 1827.


It being the interest of the Kingdom of Hanover, as well as of the free Hanseatic Town of Bremen, that some plan should be adopted to remove, as far as circumstances may permit, the difficulties with which, for want of a proper harbour on the Lower Weser, Commerce and Navigation have at present to struggle; a measure also beneficial to His Hanoverian Majesty's Subjects, as it would animate their industry, offer a readier market for their produce, be an object of much

importance, and of national advantage to both Parties; and as this cannot be attained, unless the same be regulated by a reciprocal good understanding, and secured by a proper Convention, the basis of which has been already laid down and agreed upon at Derneberg, the 11th July, 1826, His Majesty the King of Great Britain and Hanover, and the Senate of the free Hanseatic Town of Bremen have, for the conclusion of a final arrangement, appointed the undermentioned Commissioners : viz.

On the part of His Britannick and Hanoverian Majesty, the Minister of State, Frederick Francis von Bremer, Knight Grand Cross of the Guelphic Order, &c.; and, on the part of the free Hanseatic Town of Bremen, their Burgomaster, and Envoy to the German Diet, Mr. John Smidt, who, after having duly exchanged their respective Full Powers, have agreed on the following points :

Art. I. That a Harbour shall be constructed on the Hanoverian banks of the Weser, calculated to admit Ships of at least 120 lasts burthen. (250 tons.)

II. That Bremen, at her own expence, shall updertake the construction of the same, together with such works and buildings as may be deemed necessary to make it a proper place for loading and unloading, and of facility to the Weser Navigation, not only with a view to the interest of Bremen, but to that of Hanover also.

III. For the said purpose, Hanover cedes to Bremen a certain District on the banks of the Geeste and Weser, where the former unites w th the latter, including one of the banks of both rivers, to the end that Ships may proceed to and from the said District, and that the repair and construction of the intended works may be carried on, without any hindrance or interruption whatsoever.

It is, however, well understood, that such works as Bremen may find it her interest to erect, shall not in any way injure those banks of the river still remaining in possession of Hanover, nor obstruct the course of the river, nor be an obstacle to any works Hanover herself may hereafter be inclined to erect, on her side of the river.

The same regard shall be paid to the interest of Hanover as to that of Bremen ; it is, therefore, agreed upon, that a Commission shall be nominated by the Contracting Parties, for the purpose of superintending the works, and of regulating the measures to be adopted, should, at any future period, the course of the river Geeste be altered, or its junc. tion with the Weser obstructed. If the said Commission shall be of opinion that, either for the safety of the mouth of the river Geeste, or for the facility of entering or of towing Ships into the Harbour, the erection of out-works on the left bank of the river be required, Hanover will not object to allow such out-works to be constructed on her Terri. tory, and Bremen, under similar circumstances, promises to grant the same facility on her part.

In order to establish a communication between the two Banks of the Geeste, the free Hanseatic Town of Bremen engages to provide and maintain, a regular Ferry, capable of transporting carts, waggons, &c. or, should she find it more convenient, to construct a Bridge across the river, opposite to the Hanoverian Custom-house, on the left bank of the Geeste, taking care that the Navigation of the river be not thereby interrupted or molested.

IV. Agreeably to Article III. (a.) Hanover cedes to Bremen, for the sum of 35,000 dollars (about £5,756); a plot of ground on the banks of the Geeste and Weser, of 75 morgen, 13 ruthen, Calenberg measure, (about 254 acres), with all the rights and privileges now thereunto belonging, together with all the buildings, and harbour and shipping establishments, and materials: the above payment to be made by instalments, as follows: 15,000 rix dollars at Easter 1828; 10,000 ditto 1829; 10,000 ditto 1830.

(6.) Hanover also cedes to Bremen 266 morgen, 63 ruthen, (about 89 acres) acquired from the former by the Contract signed 14th No. vember, 1826, in the Bremerlehe district, for the sum stipulated in the said Contract, so that Bremen shall enter upon the same rights therein as those now belonging to Hanover,

(c.) Should Bremen, moreover, desire a further extension of the Harbour district, Hanover hereby declares her willingness, as far as circumstances may permit, to come to a similar friendly understanding, with respect to an additional 150 morgen (50 acres) of which the details shall hereafter be settled.

V. Bremen engages (independently of the purchase money stipulated by Article IV.) to appropriate towards the construction of the works, agreed upon by Articles I and II. the sum of 200,000 rix dollars, (about £32,895.) within the space of 3 years after the ratification of the present Treaty.

VI. The Sovereignty or other rights attached to the Districts men, tioned in Articles III. and IV. whether as belonging to the one or the other of the Contracting Parties, or ceded in virtue of the present Convention, can, on no account, either by Hanover or Bremen, either wholly or in part, be transferred to any other Power or State; and Hanover, in order to give a convincing proof of her sincerity, hereby voluntarily renounces all rights and claims respecting the same, in favour of the new Establishment, and, especially, those derived from the jus cminens.

VII. As it may be necessary, in order to negociate and conclude Commercial Treaties with Foreign Powers, according to which the advantages belonging to the Bremen Flag would only be granted to those Ships really built on Bremen Territory, that, as far as regards the Harbour District, Bremen should be possessed of it in full Sovereignty, it is agreed that a Territory, of 100 morgen (334 acres) on the Rivers Geeste and Weser, forming an angle between the two Rivers,

shall be exchanged against a District of about 200 morgen (67 acres) situated on the right bank of the Wumme, and further described in Article XV.

It being fully understood that a part only of the said District of 100 morgen (33{ acres), can be appropriated for the Harbour Basin, the eminence on which the Battery now stands, together with sufficient ground for enlarging the Harbour defence, and a space along the Basin, to be agreed upon and described by the Commission in a Chart, shall remain at the disposal of Hanover.

The boundaries so described in the said Chart, shall, in the present year, be measured, and duly defined and limited: and in order to avoid all misconception, both Parties agree that the regulations laid down hereunder, (Article VIII. 4, 5, 6, and 7,) shall also be applicable to the aforesaid 100 morgen (33{ acres.)

VIII. With respect to the Harbour and its District, (in as far as the Sovereignty of the same is not transferred) and to its Inhabitants, in their relation towards both parties, or to each in particular, the following regulations are agreed upon :

1. Bremen shall have the right to give to the Colony she is going to establish, the name of Bremen Harbour, there to hoist her Flag, issue Ships Documents, Patents, Muster Rolls, and other Ships Papers, grant Ships Registers, regulate and receive duties, Harbour dues, &c. stipulate the Harbour conditions, and those for the building of Ships, conclude Treaties with Foreign Powers, and admit their Consuls and Agents.

2. Hanover also grants to Bremen the right of admitting Colonists into the said Harbour District, and of fixing the conditions (if they be not contrary to the present Treaty) under which the same shall be admitted.

3. For the better attainment of the end proposed, and for the interest of both Parties, it is further agreed:

(a.) That the Royal Hanoverian regulations of Customs shall not be applicable to Bremen Harbour, its District, or Inhabitants.

(6.) That Bremen shall be at liberty to fix the duties therein, and to receive the same, on her own account, as in her own Territories.

4. There shall be no distinction in the conditions under which Hanoverian or Bremen Subjects shall be admitted as Colonists in Bremen Harbour; Bremen, however, engages not to receive any Hanoverian Subjects who shall not have complied with the Military duty of their Country

5. The Privileges, as well as obligations, attached to Bremen Harbour, and the use of its establishments, shall be alike to the Subjects of both Parties, and no distinction shall be made respecting the sale of their produce and manufactured goods, the use of the buildings, and houses, or the payment of duty on merchandize and shipping.

6. In order to facilitate as much as possible the sale of the goods which are the principal produce of Hanover, it is agreed upon, that

such provisions as grain, flour, cattle, and fresh, cured, or salt meat, brought to market by Hanoverian Subjects, either by water or land carriage, whether for home consumption or for the victualling of Ships, shall be imported duty free.

7. As the said District cannot possibly be separated from the Military System established over the whole of the surrounding Country, Hanover reserves to herself, both in time of War or Peace, the military power over the same, and the use of such means as may be necessary for its defence against Foreign Enemies; promising, howcver, in the exercise of it, to pay all possible attention to the mercantile and shipping interests of the Establishment; for which purpose the following Regulations are resolved upon :

(a.) Armed Vessels or Military Forces shall not be admitted without the special permission of Hanover; from which Regulation, however,

excepted, the larger kind of Merchant Ships, armed in the usual way, Guard and Quarantine Ships, and Armed Police Vessels belonging to Bremen, and stationed there for the purpose of maintaining order.

(6.) Should Hanover find it necessary to keep a Garrison in Bremen Harbour, or should circumstances require that one be introduced there, such Garrison shall, in every respect, be subject only to the Hanoverian Civil and Military Laws. The same shall not in any way be a burden upon

the Inhabitants. Bremen, however, engages, as already provided for, respecting the eminence on which the Battery stands, to leave a proper space, unoccupied, for the building of Barracks or other Military Establishments, on condition that the value thereof be paid to the present owner. Bremen further agrees to pay to Hanover a certain sum yearly, for the military defence of the Harbour and its District,

during the first 25 Years, shall be equal to the ground rent which the same now produces. After the expiration of 25 Years, the said annual payment shall be in proportion to the Population of the Harbour District and that of the Hanoverian Dominions, and shall, every 10 Years, be regulated according to the ordinary contribution levied by Hanover for the maintenance of her Military Establishment.

(c.) Bremen shall also, after the expiration of the first 25 Years, provide, in proportion to each 100 of the Population of the Harbour District, either from amongst its Inhabitants or by Substitutes, her contingent to the Hanoverian Army.

(d.) It is understood, that the several obligations, and, in fact, all the contra-praestenda which Bremen, in pursuance of the present Treaty, has engaged to perform, in consideration of the Hanoverian Cession of Territory, shall be performed by the State of Bremen only.

8. Bremen shall have the full right of civil jurisdiction in all cases whatever, but without infringing this Convention.

9. The stipulations of this Article shall also be applicable to the extension of the Harbour District, as reserved by Art. IV. c., and the

which sum,

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