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MAR 31 1911



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Page TREATIES. Sweden and The Netherlands. Convention. Abolition

of the Droits de Détraction.

Brussels, 26th October, 1826. 199 and do. Restitution of Maritime Deserters.

Stockholm, 29th May, 1827. 790 and Prussia. Treaty. Commerce and Navigation.

Stockholm, 14th March, 1827. .. and Turkey. Convention. Navigation of the

Black Sea....Constantinople, 28th May, 1927. 13 Switzerland and Wirtemberg. Treaty. Commerce.

Lucerne, 16th January, 1826. 151 United States and Assinaboin Indians. Treaty.

Peace, Friendship, and Limits.

Mandan Village, 29th September, 1925. 1212 and Osage Indians, &c. Peace and

Friendship... St. Louis, 7th Oct. 1826. 1214 and Tunis. Convention. Commerce.

Bardo, 24th February, 1824. 613 Wirtemberg and Bavaria. do. Commerce.

Munich, 12th April, 1827. 833 Tunis. Declaration of the Bey to the British Consul. Purchase and

Sale of Slaves... .....lst January, 1824. 647 Administration of Justice to British and Sar.

dinian Subjects.... ..7th January, 1824. 622 Explanatory of Treaty of 1824 with The United States..

...9th September, 1825. 63 Treatment of British Subjects and Property.

13th April, 1926. 64 Treaty with France. Peace........Bardo, 21st May, 1824. 71 Convention with The United States. Commerce.

Bardo, 21th February, 1824. 643 TURKEY. Protocol of Conference between the British and Russian

Plenipotentiaries. Mediation of Great Britain between
the Ottomun Porte and the Greeks.

St. Petersburgh,

23d March,
4th April,

1826. 629 Manifesto, declining the Pacification with the Greeks, proposed by the Mediating Powers.

9th June, 1827. 1012 Treaty between

Great Britain, France, and Russia. Pacification of Greece.... London, 6th July, 1827. 632 Proclamation of the Provisional Government of Greece,

accepting, the Armistice with the Ottoman Porte,

proposed by the Mediating Powers..21st August, 1827. 1018 Protocol of the Admirals commanding the British, Russian,

and French Squadrons. Armistice between the Turks

and the Greeks.......Off Navarin, the 18th Oct. 1827. 1030 Declaration of do. to the Turkish Chiefs, after the Action in

the Port of Navarin.....20th October, 1827. 1051 of do. to the Legislative Body of Greece. Greck Blockade of Turkish Ports, Piracy, &c.

2 1th October, 1827. 1296 Order in Council. Prevention of Piracy under the Greek

Flag.........16th November, 1827. 784 Proclamation, decliniug the Mediation of the Allied Powers, and the proposed Armistice with the Greeks.

20th December, 1827, 1052 Convention with Sweden. Navigation of the Black Sea by Swedish and Norwegian Vessels.

Constantinople, 28th May, 1827. 726 Tuscany. Convention with Sardinia. Restitution of Deserters.

Florence, 7th December, 1825. 679



UNITED States. Accounts. Finance. Receipts. 1825, 1826..... 911

Duties on Merchandize, &c. 927
Proceeds of Publick Lands. 928
Other sources...

Receipts and Drawbacks,
1816 to 1826....

Expenditures.. 1825, 1926. 912
Civil, Diplomatick, and

Military Department. 930
Naval Department, 1825,

932, 874
Funded Debt...

.933, 935
Treasury Notes outstanding. 937

Mississippi Stock...... 937
Trade. Merchandize imported, 1826. 877 exported, 1826. 880
Commerce of each State and

West Indies.
Exports, 1816 to 1826..... 1210
Imports, 1821 to 1826..... 1211

Tonnage, 1821 to 1826..... 1211
Commerce and Navigation. 1826,

American and Foreign.886, 889
Navigation. Tonnage. Foreign

Trade, 1826........ 881
American Tonnage.
1789 to 1825....

Act of Congress. Adjustment of Claims upon

Great Britain, under the 1st Article of Treaty
of Ghent..

....2d March, 1827. 662
Correspondence with Great Britain. Colonial

Trade, &c.Oct. 1822 to Nov. 1826. 500
with Great Britain. Commercial

Intercourse with the British
West India Colonies.

Aug. 1826 to Oct. 1827. 462, 976
with The Netherlands. Discrimi-

nating Duties....1825, 1826. 1062
with Great Britain and Brazil,

Impressment of Seamen from
on board American Vessels.

May. June, 1826. 832
with Brazil. Brazilian Blockade

of Buenos Ayres and the

Banda Oriental. 1825, 1826. 1165
Declaration of the Bey of Tunis to the British

Consul, explanatory of the Treaty with The

United States of 1821....9th September, 1825. 613
Letter of Captain Elliott to the Secretary of the

Navy. Proposed search of American Vessels
for Deserters, by a French Naval Commander

at Rio de Janeiro... Ilth June, 1826. 1190
Letters of the Secretary of the Treasury, relative

to the Proclamation prohibiting intercourse with
certain British Colonies....March, April, 1827. 1207


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