Bulletin of the New York Public Library, Volume 27

New York Public Library., 1923
Vol. 67, no. 6 (June 1963) includes article introducing Esther Elisabeth Larson's Swedish commentators on America, 1638-1865.

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Page 671 - Areopagitica, a Speech of Mr. John Milton for the liberty of unlicensed Printing.
Page 650 - Cooper, Thomas. A Treatise on the Law of Libel and the Liberty of the Press...
Page 663 - The Three Trials of William Hone, for Publishing Three Parodies ; viz.. The late John Wilkes's Catechism, The Political Litany, and The Sinecurists...
Page 12 - Anno 1609. Newly revised and corrected, according to the Clementin Edition of the Scriptures. With Annotations for clearing up the principal Difficulties of Holy Writ.
Page 457 - Congress, and one in copper for yourself; the impression on copper is thought to appear best, and you will soon receive a number for the members. I have presented one to the King, and another to the Queen, both in gold, and one in silver to each of the Ministers, as a monumental acknowledgment, which may go down to future ages, of the obligations we are under to this nation. It is mighty well received, and gives general pleasure.
Page 491 - Sketch of the History and Influence of the Press in British India...
Page 656 - Townsend (John) A Treatise on the Wrongs called Slander and Libel, and on the remedy, by civil action, for these wrongs. 8vo. i/. io*. Twenty Years Ago. (Forming 'Volume 3 of the John Halifax Series of Girls
Page 257 - A particuler discourse concerning the greate necessitie and manifolde comodyties that are like to growe to this Realme of Englande by the Westerne discoueries lately attempted, written in the yere 1584, by Richarde Hackluyt of Oxforde, at the requeste and direction of the righte worshipf nil Mr Walter Rayhly, nowe Knight, before the comynge home of his twoo barkes, and is devided into XXI chapiters, the titles whereof followe in the nexte leafe.
Page 366 - The Jews in Egypt and in Palestine under the Fatimid caliphs, a contribution to their political and communal history, based chiefly on genizah material hitherto unpublished," Oxford University Press, 1920-22.
Page 456 - The engraving of my medal, which you know was projected before the peace, is but just finished. None are yet struck in hard metal, but will be in a few days. In the mean time, having this good opportunity by Mr.

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