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Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1871, by

J. B. LIPPINCOTT & Co., In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.



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PUERTO BEʻLLO, a small decayed seaport—18° 30' N., long. 65° 39'—67° 11' W. It is in size town of the United States of Colombia, on the somewhat less than Jamaica, being fully 100 miles northern shore of the Isthmus of Panama, and 40 from east to west, 40 miles from north to south, and miles north of the town of that name. It is sur- closely resembling a rectangle in shape. Area, 3897 rounded by mountains, has an excellent harbour, is square miles; pop. in 1864, 615,574, of whom 323,032 very unhealthy, and has fallen into decay since the were pure whites, and 292,542 coloured. Of the latyear 1739, when it was stormed by Admiral Vernon, ter, 249,900 were free, and the remaining 42,642 were during the war between England and Spain.

slaves. PUERTO DE SANTA MARI'A (usually called

The island is traversed from east to west by a EL PUERTO, the Port), a seaport of Spain, in the range of mountains, 1500 feet in average height, modern province of Cadiz, stands at the mouth of though rising in one peak to 3678 feet above the sea. the Guadalete, in a most fertile district, on the Bay extend to the sea, and there are numerous well

From the base of the mountains, rich alluvial tracts of Cadiz, 6 miles north-east of the city of that wooded and abundantly watered valleys. The cliname, and 9 miles by railway south-west of Xeres. mate is warm, but is considered more healthy than Suspension-bridges cross the Guadalete and the Rio that of any other island of the West Indies. The de S. Pedro. The mouth of the Guadalete forms

The principal crops are the harbour; but the bar is dan erous and much

soil is remarkably fertile. neglected. P., a pleasant and well-built town, sugar, coffee, and tobacco of the finest quality, and

cotton remarkable for its length of fibre, tenacity, resembling Cadiz in its houses, and containing only

and whiteness. one long and handsome street, while the others are reared, of a quality superior to any others in the

Cattle and sheep are extensively narrow and

ill paved, is the port for the shipment West Indies. The value of the imports for the year of Xeres wines. The wines are lodged in numerous 1867 was $7,767,415, and that of the exports, bodegas, or wine-stores, lofty buildings built with $5,761,720. The imports consist of cotton, woollen, thick walls and narrow windows, in order to secure linen, silk, and embroidered goods, metals, hardware, an even temperature inside. From this port about and provisions, as ale, porter, fruits, wines, &c. The 1,530,000 gallons of Xeres wines are exported to foreign lanels, and about 26,000 gallons are trans- exports are sugar, tobacco, coffee, cotton, molasses,

rum, hides, and cattle. ported inland. The bull-fights which take place here in May are among the most famous in the comprised the following articles :

The exports in each of the years 1866 and 1867 country. Steamers ply three times a day between this town and Cadiz, and P. supplies that city with

Brandy, hhds. drinking-water at a cost of £10,000 a year. Pop. Cotton, pounds,

1,301,390 1,085,998 21,714.


14,924,810 PUERTO PRI'NCIPÉ, SANTA MARIA DE; an Hides,


775,012 important inland town, in the east of the island of Sheep, head,


Molasses, hhds. Cuba, about 325 miles east-south-east of Havana,

Tobacco, pounds,

3,379,966 1,747,879 and 45 miles south-west of its port, Las Nuevitas, The chief ports are San Juan, commonly calle with which it is connected by railway. Pop. 30,000. Puerto Rico (pop. stated at 10,000), in the nortil

PUERTO RICO, an island in the West Indies, east, Ponce in the south-west, and Mayaguez in the belonging to Spain, is one of the Greater Antilles, west. At the close of 1863 surveys had been comand lies west of Hayti or St Domingo, lat. 17° 55' pleted for a railway running along the north coast 365







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