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Page Tal om Japanska Nationen, &c. a Speech concerning the Japanese, by C. P. Thunberg, (concluded)

379 Two Letters addressed to the Right Honourable W. Pitt 383 The Debate upon the establishing a Fund for the Discharge of the National Debt

384 The present State of Great Britain considered

ibid An authentic Account of the Debate on the proposed Plan of Fortifications

385 Observations on Mr. Hastings's Narrative, &c.

ibid A Letter from Warren Hastings, Esq.

386 Observations on the last Debate upon the proposed Impeachment of Mr. Hastings

387 Articles of Charge of High Crimes and Misdemeanors againit Warren Hastings, Esq.

ibid A Collection of Easy Sentences, from the best Latin Classic Writers

389 The Trial of John Motherill, taken in Short Hand by Joseph Gurney

ibid The Genuine Trial of John Motherill, taken in Short Hand by Mr. Wilkinson

ibid The Case of John Motherill, written by himself

390 The Collyrium of the Nation

391 An Ode addressed to the Society of universal Good-Will jbid Observations concerning the Medical Virtues of Wine

392 A Letter to the Clergy of the Diocese of Chetter concerning Sunday Schools

ibid Sermons by J. N. Puddicombe, M. A.

393 Sunday Schools recommended, in a Sermon, by the Dean of Can.' terbury

394 Grant's Essays

402 Propriety ascertained in her Picture, &c.

407 Bozzy and Piozzi

411 Warrington's History of Wales (concluded)

413 Moore's Medical Sketches

425 Dr Cooper's Discourses

430 Duncan's Medical Commentaries. Vol.


433 Sketch of the Life and Government of Pope Clement XIV. 439 Report from the select Committee, &c.

447 Hoole's Sermons Wallis's Treatise on the Diseases of the Eyes

450 Narrative of the Death of Captain James Cook

453 A Chinese Fragment

454 Precis sur la Vie et les Ouvrages de François le Fort Les Leçons de l'Histoire

459 L'Enfer des Peuples Anciens

464 Lettters written in London by an American Spy Juliana, a Novel A Discourse on the Use and Doctrine of Attachments

ibid A Review of the Import and Controversy between Dr. Carrol and the Reverend Medrs. Wharton and Hawkins.

467 An inquiry into the Influence which Inclosures have had upon the Population of England

ibid Carey's







Carey's A&tual Survey of Middlesex

ibid The firft and second Advents of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Chrift The Advantage of Sunday Schools

ibid Ember Days Exercise

469 Reasons from Prophecy

ibiá Seven Letters of the Privy Council



ibid 74



Political State of Europe for 1785

63 North America

70 South America

71 Africa

ibid Russia

72 Germany

ibid Auftrian Netherlands

73 Turkish Empire House of Bourbon The United Provinces

75 Great Britain and Ireland

77 Irish Propofitions

80 Commercial Treaty with Ireland East Indies

157 King's Speech

158 Accufation of Mr. Hastings

ibid Germanic League

160 Germanic League continued

236 Fortifications

237 New India Bill Fisheries

240 Opposition and Administration

314 Remarkable Indifference of late respecting Politics

ibid Events that account for this

ibid Internal Calm cannot be permanent

315 The Minister may procure Fame by diminishing the Public Debts ibid Public Debt Amount of the Debt of Great Britain at Different periods ibid Disproportion of Debts contracted and Sums paid off

ibid Impeachment of Governor Hastings

317 General Attention engrossed by India Affairs

ibid Riches of India supposed to corrupt the British Senate Minds of People made up on several of the Charges

ibid The Blackeft of these enumerated

ibid Advice to consider maturely Mr. Hastings' Impeachment 319 The United Provinces

ibid Change of-Politics with respect to France

ibid Dutch compared to the Thebans

ibid Scotland

320 Objects of her Patriots

ibid Scotch



Page Scotch Members in Opposition

320 Edinburgh celebrated

ibid Church of Scotland

ibid Contention concerning Patronage ended

ibid The Conduct of the Clergy celebrated

ibid The Enfign Armorial of the Church

ibid Notes to Correspondents

ibid Great Britain

395 Pitt's Mode of reducing the National Debt

ibid Payment by Taxes im politic

ibid Contrary Expedient recommended

ibid Reasoning in Favour of it

ibid Increase of Revenue by Industry, beft Manner of Reducing the Debt

396 Public Sums for Encouragement of Industry abused

ibid Mr. Pitt's Scheme for liquidating the Debt will defeat itself 397 Speculations on this Subject

ibid Scotland

398 Dikilleries discussed

ibid Emigrations threatened

399 Germany

ibid King of Prussia

ibid Hoftilities threatened on his Death

ibid Turkey

400 Views of France, Rusia, and Germany, upon that Country ibid The Power of France

ibid Notes to Correspondents

ibid Impeachment of Hastings

470 The Celebrity of the Subject

ibid Arguments of his Accusers

ibid Dandass's Observations in 1782

471 Rohilla War

ibid Rajah of Benares

ibid Independency of the Rajah

ibid Haftings's Oppression of him

ibid The Patience of the Governor

ibid The Contumacy of the Rajah

ibid Severity recommended

473 Arguments Por Mr. Hastings

ibid His success

ibid Compared with H-we, B-, and K-pp-]

ibid Tried for faving India

ibid Opposition's Views when in Power

473 Fox's India Bill

ibid Disappointment

ibid Anfwers concerning the Rajah

ibid His Situation fairly itated

ibid Dangerous Situation of India

474 Retrieved by Mr. Hastings

ibid His Right to call for Aids

ibid Rajah's Disaffection to the English

47.5 The

The Fine not exhorbitant
Hastings’s Situation in India
How it ought to be considered in Europe
Difference of European and Asiatic Government
Review of the History of India
Montesquieu's Sentiments
Rumbold and Haftings compared
The long and noble Government of the latter
His laudable Ambition
Further Reflections in his Favour
Measures of Administration
High Bailiff of Westminster
Cardinal de Rohan and Mr. Fitzgerald

Page ibid ibid ibid 476 ibid ibid 477 ibid ibid ibid 478 479 ibid ibid 486

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