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Transverse sections of thorax of pigeon
Transverse sections of neck of pigeon Dorsal aspect of pelvis
Anterior diverticulun of interclavicular sac Ventral and dorsal aspects of lung of pigeon
Airsacs on the left side of the pigeon
Knoxville Cretaceous and Tejon Eocene fossils 448
LIILIII Vaqueros Lower Miocene fossils 448
Fernando Pliocene Gasteropoda
LVLVI Fernando Pliocene fossils
Fernando Pliocene Gasteropoda
Fernando Pliocene Pelecypoda and Brachiopoda
LIXLX Schizodelphis crassangulum Case
Canyon Diablo Crater rim from northeast Crater rim from south
Canyon Diablo Outer slope of east rim of crater Lime stone boulder on outer slope of crater
Canyon Diablo West rim of crater
Canyon Diablo Interior wall of crater looking north ward Looking across crater from the north
Canyon Diablo Contour map of crater
Canyon Diablo Drywash south side of outer rim Whale rock on west rim Boulder on west rim of crater
Canyon Diablo Morainelike hills on northern rim of crater Interior walls of crater
Canyon Diablo Interior of crater looking south
Canyon Diablo Microstructure of gray sandstone
Canyon Diablo Altered sandstone from shafts inside of crater
Typical forms of Canyon Diablo meteoric irons
Etched section of Canyon Diablo iron
Canyon Diablo Shaleball irons
New and Characteristic Species of Fossil Mollusks from the Oilbearing
LECTIONS is designed chiefly to afford a medium for the early pub

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Page 520 - ... Smithsonian Institution has from time to time offered prizes, awarded medals, made grants for investigations, and issued publications. "In connection with the approaching International Congress on Tuberculosis, which will be held in Washington, September 21 to October 12, 1908, a prize of $1,500 is offered for the best treatise 'On the Relation of Atmospheric Air to Tuberculosis.
Page 255 - trader, merchant," not "class of merchants." as Schott makes out in a note to Jagor's Reisen in den Philippinen (p. 272), nor "itinerant dealers.'' as Blumentritt (Chinesen auf den Philippinen, p. 18) explains after Barrantcs. country, to take it, and bring back the ships laden with gold and riches. This, together with what the Chinese had said at first, seemed of much importance, especially so to Don Fray Miguel de Benavides, archbishop-elect of Manila, who knew the language, and that it went much...
Page 298 - About 200 yards from this building was a mound in a circle a hundred yards around; the center was a hollow, 25 yards in diameter, with two vamps or slopes going down to its bottom; it was probably a well, now partly filled up; a similar one was seen near Mount Dallas. A few yards further, in the same direction, northward, was a terrace, 100 yards by 70. About 5 feet high upon this, was a pyramid about 8 feet high, 25 yards square at top.
Page 520 - Institution, the income from a part of which was to be devoted to " the increase and diffusion of more exact knowledge in regard to the nature and properties of atmospheric air in connection with the welfare of man.
Page 475 - ... That the velocities of meteorites are materially changed by the resistance of the atmosphere, and, in general, by a fractional part of the velocity which is independent of the velocity of approach.
Page 521 - The right is reserved to award no prize if in the judgment of the Committee no contribution is offered of sufficient merit to warrant such action. Memoirs designed for consideration should be addressed to either " The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, District of Columbia, USA ;" or to
Page 23 - ... rounded axial riblets, obsolete on the last whorl; suture appressed, the whorl in front of it flattish, with no well-marked shoulder, but more or less distinct axial wrinkling just in front of the suture; on the last whorl there are 15-17 prominent, distant. sharp spiral ridges, without nodulations ; separated by much wider, slightly excavated, axially striate interspaces in which occasional much finer intercalary spirals sometimes appear; outer lip thin, in the adult anteriorly expanded, slightly...
Page 79 - Observations on the Neuration of the Hind Wings of Hymenopterous Insects, and on the Hooks, which join the Fore and Hind Wings together during flight.
Page 298 - Font's room," in this article. Mange states in his diary that "a crossbow-shot farther on, twelve other houses are seen half tumbled down, also with thick walls and all with roofs burnt except one room beneath one house, with round beams smooth and not thick, which appear to be cedar or savin and over them rush reeds very similar to them and a layer of mortar and hard clay, making a ceiling or story of very peculiar character.
Page 287 - The house Casa Grande forms an oblong square facing to the four cardinal points, east, west, north, and south, and round about it there are ruins indicating a fence or wall, which surrounded the house and other buildings, particularly in. the corners, where it appears there has been some edifice like an interior castle or watch-tower, for in the angle which faces towards the southwest there stands a ruin with its divisions and an upper story. " This southwest building is undoubtedly one of the "other...