Philosophy, Science, and Religion in England 1640-1700

Richard W. F. Kroll, Richard Kroll, Richard Ashcraft, Perez Zagorin
Cambridge University Press, 31 janv. 1992 - 287 pages
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This collection of essays looks at the distinctively English intellectual, social and political phenomenon of Latitudinarianism, which emerged during the Civil War and Interregnum and came into its own after the Restoration, becoming a virtual orthodoxy after 1688. Dividing into two parts, it first examines the importance of the Cambridge Platonists, who sought to embrace the newest philosophical and scientific movements within Church of England orthodoxy, and then moves into the later seventeenth century, from the Restoration onwards, culminating in essays on the philosopher John Locke. These contributions establish a firmly interdisciplinary basis for the subject, while collectively gravitating towards the importance of discourse and language as the medium for cultural exchange. The variety of approaches serves to illuminate the cultural indeterminacy of the period, in which inherited models and vocabularies were forced to undergo revisions, coinciding with the formation of many cultural institutions still governing English society.

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Henry More the Kabbalah and the Quakers
Edward Stillingfleet Henry More and the decline of Moses Atticus a note on seventeenthcentury Anglican apologetics
Latitudinarians neoplatonists and the ancient wisdom
Cudworth More and the mechanical analogy
Cudworth and Hobbes on Is and Ought
Latitudinarianism and toleration historical myth versus political history
Gassendis voluntarism and Boyles physicotheological project
Latitudinarianism and the ideology of the early Royal Society Thomas Sprats History of the Royal Society 1667 reconsidered
Locke and the latitudemen ignorance as a ground of toleration
John Locke and latitudinarianism
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