L'éclaircissement de la langue française, Volume 1

Imprimerie Nationale, 1852 - 1174 pages

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Page 11 - ... quelque temps incultes et sans reigle de grammaire, comme est de present la nostre ; mais les bons anciens vertueux et studieux ont prins peine et diligence à les réduire et mettre à certaine reigle, pour en user honnestement à escripre et rediger les bonnes sciences en memoire, au proufflt et honneur du bien public.
Page 34 - Fraunce, where the tonge is at this day moost parfyte, and hath of mooste auncyente so contynued . . . there is no man, of what parte of Fraunce so ever he be borne, if he desyre that his writynges shulde be had in any estymacion, but he writeth in suche language as they speke within the boundes that I have before rehersed
Page xvii - E, 0, be formed in the brest and sounded by the nose. And for so moche as of necessyte, to forme the different sounde of those thre vowelles they must nedes at theyr...
Page 14 - Brunet, un autre ouvrage moins connu en France que le précédent (que la Grammaire de Palsgrave, dont on ne connaît sur le continent d'autre exemplaire que celui de la Mazarine) : « An Introductorie for to lerne, to rede, to pronounce and to » speake frenche , trewly, compiled for the ryghte hygh , excel» lent and most verluous lady, the lady Mary of England dough» ter to our moste gracious soveraine lorde kyng Henry the * eyghte.
Page 7 - U, in the frenche tong, wheresoeuer lie is a vowel by hymselfe, shall be sownded like as we sownde ew in these wordes in our tong, rewe an herbe, a mew for a hauke, a clew of threde...
Page 15 - The soundyng of ev, whiche is most general in the frenche tong, is suche as I haue shewed by example in these wordes, a dewe, a shrewe, a fewe...
Page 34 - R in the frenche tonge shalbe sounded as he is in latyn without any exception, so that, where as they of Parys do sounde somtyme r lyke...
Page 7 - S'il n'y est mis et ordonné, on trouvera que de cinquante en cinquante ans la langue françoise, pour la plus grande part, sera changée et pervertie.
Page xv - ... of them to passe out by the mouthe, but to assende from the brest straight up to the palate of the mouth, and so by reflection yssueth the sounde of them by the nose.
Page 6 - If i be the first letter in a frenche worde or the laste, he shall in those two places be sounded lyke as we do this letter y, in these words with vs, by and by, a spye, a flye, awry...

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