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San Domingo, 27th February, 1854.. 1315

PROCLAMATION of the President, Promulgating the Constitution..

San Domingo, 27th February, 1854.. 1349

TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, viz. :-with

Sardinia. Treaty. Friendship, Commerce, and

CORRESPONDENCE with Great Britain, relative to the Affairs

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the Conclusion of a General Treaty of Peace; the
Danubian Principalities of Moldavia, Wallachia,
and Servia; Religious Privileges in Turkey; the
Bessarabian Frontier; the Aland Islands; the
Limits between the Territories of Russia and Tur-
key in Asia; the Russian Fortifications on the
Eastern Coast of the Black Sea; the Restitution
of Kars to Turkey; the Neutralization of the
Black Sea; the Number of Vessels of War to be
maintained by Russia and Turkey in the Black
Sea; the Navigation of the Danube; the Admission
of Prussian Representatives to the Congress; the
Maintenance in Russia of the Cemeteries and Monu-
ments containing the remains of Officers and
Soldiers of the Allies; the Admission of Turkey
into the European System; the Closing of the
Bosphorus and Dardanelles to Vessels of War; the
Renewal of Treaties with Russia; the Conclusion
of Commercial Treaties with Turkey; the Sove-
reignty of Turkey over Montenegro; the Raising
of the Blockade of Russian Ports; the conclusion
of a Maritime Armistice with Russia; the Eva-
cuation of the Russian and Turkish Territories
by the Allies; the Re-establishment of Commercial
Relations; the Occupation of Greece by the Allies;
the French Occupation of Rome; the Austrian
Occupation of the Roman States, &c.; the Revolu-
tionary Tendency of the Press of Belgium towards
France; the Adoption of a System of Maritime
Law during War; the Settlement of International
Disputes through the Mediation of a Third
Power; &c. Paris, February-April, 1856..
SPEECH of the Emperor, on the Opening of the Legislative
Paris, 3rd March, 1856..
TREATIES, &c., with FOREIGN POWERS, viz. :—with

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