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lys, and in secret each one by himself"; so more so lemnly in the publick Assemblies, which are not care lesly or wilfully to be neglected or forsaken, whe God by his Word or Providence calleth thereunto

VII. A And thesewords which I command- Praying always, with all prayer as ed thee this day, all be ne supplication in the Spirit,and ward heart. v. 3. And thou shalt teaching thereunto with all perseverant them diligently unto thy children, and supplication for all saints. and shalt talk of them when thoui Ifai. 56, 6. Alfo the sons of fittest in thine house, and when ftranger, that join themselves thou walkest by the way, and when the Lord, to serve him, and thou lyest down, and when thou "love the name of the Lord, to riseft up. Job 1. s. And it was so, "his servants, every one that keepe when the days of their feasting were the fabbath from polluting it, an gone about, that Job sent and san- taketh hold of my covenant; v. &tified them, and rose up early in Even them will I bring to my ho the morning, and offered burnt-of- 'mountain, and make them joyfi ferings, according to the number of in my house of prayer: their burn them all: for Job faid, It may be offerings and their facrifices fball that my sons have finned, and accepted upon mine altar ; cursed God in their hearts. Thus mine house shall be called an hou did Job continually. 2 Sam. 6. 18. of prayer for all people. Heb. 1 And assoon as David had made an 25. Not forsaking the assembling end of offering burnt-offerings, and of our felves together, as the man peace-offerings, he blessed the peo- ner of some is ; but exhorting ple in the name of the Lord of another : and so much the mos hofts. v. 20. Then David return- as ye see the day approaching. Pre ed to bless his houshold. 1 Peter. 1. 20. Wisdom crieth without, 3.-7. Likewise ye husbands, dwell uttereth her voice in the streets with them according to knowledge, v. 2

She crieth in the chief plaa giving honour unto the wife as unto of concourse, in the openings the weaker veslel, and as being the gates: in the city, the uttereth heirs together of the grace of life, her words, saying, v. 24. Because that your prayers be not hindred. I have called, and ye refused, Acts 19. 2. A devout man, and one have stretched out my hand, and that feared God with all his house, no man regarded. Prov. 8. 34. Bler which gave much alms to the peo- fed is the man that heareth me ple, and prayed to God alway watching daily at my gates, waiting

8 Mat. 6. 11. Give us this day at the posts of my doors. Ats!: our daily bread.

42. And when the Jews were gore h Mat.6.6. But thou, when thou out of the synagogue, the Gentile prayeft, enter into thy closet, and besought that these words might when thou hast shut thy door, pray preached to them the next fabbath to thy Father which is in fecret, and Luke 4: 16. And he came to Nazt thy Father which seeth in secret, reth, where he had been brought fhall reward thec openly. Eph. 6,18.


from doing any evil. V. 4. For thus faith the Lord unto the eunuchs Mat. 5.17. Think not that I am come

that keep my fabbaths, and choose to destroy the law or the prophets: I

Blessed is the man that doth this, and nued his speech until midnight. polluting it, and keepeth his hand me a great voice, as of a trumpet.

VII. As it is of the Law of Nature, that in general, a duc Proportion of 'Time be set apart for the Worfhip of God; so in his Word, by a positive, motal,and perpetual Commandmentbindingall Men in all Ages, he hath particularly appointed one Day in seven for a Sabbath to be kept holy unto him" : which from the Beginning of the World to the Resurrection of Christ, was the last Day of the Week ; and from the Resurrection of Christ, was changed into the first Day of the Week', which in Scripture is called the Lord's Day ", and is to be continued to the End of the World as the Christian Sabbath n.

VIII. This up : and, as his custom was, he il Gen. 2. 2. And on the seventh went into the fynagogue on the sáb- day, God ended his work which he bath day, and stood up for to read. had made: and he rested on the leits 2. 42. And they continued venth day from all his work which stedfastly in the apoftles do&trine he had made. V. 3. And God blesand fellowship, and in breaking of sed the seventh day, and fan&ified

it : because that in it he had rested VII. k Exod. 20. 8. Remember from all his work, which God crea

to keep it holy. ted and made. 8:10. But the seventh day is the fab- concerning the collection for the bath of the Lord thy God: in it thou saints, asi háve given order to the halt not do any work, thou, nor thy churches of Galatia, even so do ye. fon, nor thy daughter, thy man: v.2. Upon the first day of the week, fervant, northy maid-fervant, nor fer

every one of you lay by him in thy cattel , nor thy stranger which

is store, as God hath profpered him, v. 11. For in six tliat there be no gatherings when I days the Lord made heaven and come. Aits 20. 7. And upon the carth, the sea, and all that in them first day of the week, when the disciis;and rested the seventh day:where- ples cametogether to break bread, fore the Lord blessed the fabbath Paul preached unto them, ready to

Isai. 56, 2. depart on the morrow, and contithe son of man that layeth hold on

I i that keepeth the

fabbath from on the Lords day, and heard behind

bread, and in prayers.

the fabbath day,

Í Cori 16. .1. Now

within thy gates.

day, and hallowed it.

* Exod. 20.8,10. [ See letter k. ] With

hold of my covenant. *2.6, 7. 1.See v, 18. For verily I say unto you, till

in letter!:)

I 2


VIII. This Sabbath is then kept holy unto the Lord,, when Men, after a due preparing of their Hearts, and ordering of their common Affairs before-hand, do not only observe an holy Rest all the Day, from their own Works, Words and Thoughts, about their wordly Employments and Recreations °; but also are taken up the whole time in the publick

and heaven and earth pals, one jot or and earth, and on the seventh day one tittle, Mall in no wife pass from he rested and was refreshed., the law, till all be fulfilled. 13. Ifthou turn away thy foot from

VIII. • Exod. 20. 8. ( See letterk. ] the fabbath, from doing thy pleae Exod.16.23. And he said unto them, sure on my holy day, and call This is that which the Lord hath said, the sabbath a delight, the holy of To morrow is the rest of the holy the Lord, honourable, and shalt hoSabbath unto the Lord: bake that nour him,not doing thine own ways, which you will bake, to day, and nor finding thine own pleasure, nor seethe that ye will seethe; and that speaking thine own words. Neh. 13. which remaineth over, lay up for is. In those days saw I in Judah you to be kept until the morning. Some treading wine-preffes on the 7.25. And Moses said, Eat that to sabbath, and bringing in fheaves, day ; for to day is a fabbath unto and lading asses ; as also wine, the Lord: to day ye shall not find grapes, and figs, and all manner of it in the field. V. 26. Six days ye burdens, which they brought into fhall gather it, but on the seventh Jerusalem on the sabbath-day: and day which is the fabbath, in it there i testified against them in the day shall be none. v. 29. See, for that wherein they sold vi&tuals. v. 16, the Lord hath given you the fab- There dwelt men ofTyre also therebath, therefore he giveth you on in, which brought fith, and all man. the sixth day the bread of two days: ner of ware, and sold on the fababide yè every man in his place, bath, unto the children of Judah, let no man go out of his place on and in Jerusalem. v. 17. Then I the seventh day. v. 30. So the peo- contended with the nobles of Juple rested on the seventh day. Exod. dah, and said unto them, What evi} 31. 15. Six days may work be done, thing is this that ye do, and profane but in the seventh is the sabbath of the Sabbath day? v. 18. Did not reft, holy to the Lord: whosoever your fathers thus, and did not our doth any work in the fabbath day, God bring all this evil upon us, and he shall surely be put to death. v. 16. upon this city? yet ye bring more Wherefore the children of Israel wrath upon israel by profaning che Shall keep the fabbath, to observe fabbath. v. 19. And it came to the fabbath throughout their gene- pass, that when the gates of Jerurations, for a perpetual covenant. Talem began to be dark before the v.17. It is a sign between me, and sabbath, I commanded that the the children of Israel for ever: for gates should be ihut, and charged in fix days the Lord made heaven

and private Exercises of his Worship, and in the Duties of Necessity and Mercy P.


Of Lawful Oaths and Vows.

Lawful Qath is a part of Religious Wor

ship, wherein, upon just Occasion, the Perfon (wearing, solemnly calleth God to witness what he asserteth

or promiseth ; and to judge him according to the Truth or Falshood of what he sweareth

II. The Name of God only is that by which Men ought to swear, and therein it is used with all holy Fear and Reverence. Therefore to swear vainly or rafhly by that glorious and dreadful Name, or to swear at all by any other Thing, is finful and

to that they should not be opened till the name of the Lord thy God in after the fabbath ; and some of my vain : for the Lord will not hold fervants set I at the gates, that there him guiltless that taketh his name should no burden be brought in on in vain. Lev. 19, 13. And ye shall the fabbath day.

v, 21. Then I not swear by my name failly, neither testified against them, and said un- shalt thou profane the name of thy to them, why lodge ye about the God: I am the Lord. 2 Cor. 1.23, wall? if


do so again, I will lay Moreover, I call God for a record hands on you.' From that time upon my soul, that to spare you, I forth, came they no more on the fab- came not as yet unto Corinth." ; bath. v, 22. And I commanded the Chron. 6. 22. If a man sin against his Levites, that they should cleanse neighbour, and an oath belaid upthemselves, and that they should on him, to make him swear, and come and keep the gates, to fancti- the oath come before thine altarin fy the sabbath day. Remember me, this house : v. 23. Then hearthou O my God, concerning this also, and from heaven, and do and judge thy fpare me according to the greatness servants by requiring

the wicked, by

recompenfiug his way upon his own pisa.58.13, [ See in letter o. ) Mat. head, and by justifying the righ12. I. to the 13. verse. ]

teous, by giving him according to 1. Deut. 10.20. Thou shalt feas his righteousness.

Lord thy God; him shalt thou II. « Deut. 6. 13. Thou shalt fear serve, and to him shalt thou cleave, the Lord thy God, and serve him, and {wcar by his name.

and shalt fwear by his name. 7. Thou shalt not take

of thy mercy.

Exod. 20,

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to be abhorred. Yet, as i1 Matters of Weight and Moment, an Oath is warranted by the Word of God, under the New Testament as well as under the Old; so a lawful Oath being imposed by lawful Authority, in such Matters, ought to be taken f.

III. Whosoever taketh an Oath, ought duly to consider the Weightiness of so solemn an Act, "and thérein to avouch nothing, but what he is fully per swaded is the Truth &: Neither may any Man bind himself by Qath to any thing, but what is good and just, and what he believeth fo to be, and what he is able and refolved to perform h. Yet it is a

Sin Exod, 20.7. [ See letter b. j fer. because the former troubles att 3; 7: How all I pardon thee for forgotten, and because they are this ? 'thy children have forsaken hid from mine eyes." ime, and sworn by them that are no 1 Kings 8.31. If any man tref gods: when I fed them to the full, pass against his neighbour, and an they then committed'adultery, and oath be laid upon him, to cause afsembled themselves by troops in him to swear, and the oath come the harlots houses. Mat. 5. 34. But before thine altar in this house, I lay unto you, swear not at all; Neh. 13. 25. And I contended with neither by heaven, for it is Gods them, and cussed them, and Imote thrope. v. 37. But let your com- certain of them, and plucke off munication be, Yea, yea ; Nay, their hair, and made them swear nay : for whatsoever is more than by God, saying, Ye Mhall not give these, cometh of eyil, Jam. s. 12. your daughters unto their fons, But above all things, my brethren, nor take their daughters unto swear not; neither by heaven, neither your fons, or for your selves. - Evrs by the earth, neither by any other 10. s. Then arose Ezra, and made oath, but let your Yea, be yea, and the chief priests, the Levites, and Jour Nay, nay į left ye fall into all Israel to swear, that they thould condemnation,

do according to this word : and Heb. 6. 16. For men verily they sware. fwear by the greater : and an oath III. & Exod. 20, 7. [ See letter.) for confirmation is, to them an end fer, 4. 2. And thou shalt swear, of all strife. 2 Cor. 1. 23. [ See let- The Lord livetli, in truth, in judg. ter b.] Ifa. 65. 16. That he who ment, and in righteousness; and blesseth himself in the earth, shall the nations shall Hess themselves in bless himself in the God of truth, him, and in him shall they glory: and he that sweareth in the earth, Gen. 24, 2. And Abraham faid mall swear by the God of truths

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