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under the New Testament, wage War up on just and necessary Occalions ,

III. The Civil Magistrate may not assume to him. self the Adminiftration of the Word and Sacra ments, or the Power of the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven • ; yet he hath Authority, and it is his


poor and fatherless: do justice to sawelt upon the beast, these chal the affliated and nccdy. v. 4. De- hate the whore, and shall make her liver the poor and needy: rid them defolate, and naked, and shall cas out of the hand of the wicked. her flesh, and burn her with fire. 2 Sam. 23.3. The God of Israel said, III. • 2 Chron. 26. 18. And they the Rock of Israel (pake to me; he withstood Uzziah the king, and said that ruleth over men must be just, ru- unto him, It appertaineth not unto ling in the fear of God. 1 Pet. 2.13. thee, Uzziah, to burn incense unto ( See in letter 2. ]

the Lord, but to the priests the fons Luke 3. 14. And the soldiers of Aaron, that are consecrated to likewise demanded of him, saying, burn incense : go out of thc San. And what shall we do? And he said &uary, for thou hast trefpassed; unto them, Do violence to no man, neither Mall it be for thine honour neither accuse any fallly, and be con- from the Lord God. With Mat. Il. tent with your wages. Rom. 13. 4. 17. And if he shall ncglcą to hear [See letter *, ] Matth, 8.9. For I am them, tell it unto the church; but a man under authority, having sol. if he neglect to hear the church, let diers under me: and I fay to this him be unto thee as an heathen man, Go, and he goeth: and to a- man, and a publican. And Mat. nother, Come, and he comețh : 16,19, And I will give unto thee, and to my scrvant, Dothis, and he the keys of the kingdom of heaven: doth it. v. 10. When Jesus heard and whatsoever thou shalt bind on it, he marvelled, and said to them carth, shall be bound in heaven : that followed, Verily, I say unto and whatsoever thou shalt looscoa you, I have not found so great faith earth, shall be loosed in heaven. no not in Israel. Aets 10. 1. There I Cor. 12. 28. And God hath fet was a certain man in Cesarca, called some in the church, first apostles, se Cornelius, a centurion of the band condarily prophets,thirdly teachers, called the Italian band, v.2. A dc- after that miracles, then gifts of

and one that feared God healings, helps, governments, diwith all his house, which gave much versities of tongues. v. 29. Are all alms to the people, and prayed to apostles are all prophets are all God alway. Rev. 17. 14. These teachers are all workers of mifhall make war with the Lamb, and racles ! Eph. 4. 11. And he gave the Lamb fhall overcome them: for some, apostles : and some, prohe is Lord of lords, and King of phets: and some, evangelists : and kings; and they that are with him, 'lome, pastors, and teachers; v. 12. are called, and chosen, and faithful. For the perfeding of the saints, for v. 16. And the ten horas which thou


vout man,

Duty to take order, that Unity and Peace be preserved in the Church, that the Truth of God be kept pure and entire, that all Blasphemies and Herelies be suppressed, all Corruptions and Abuses in Worship and Discipline prevented or reformed; and all the Ordinances of God duly settled, administrcd, and observed f. For the better effecting whereof,

he the work of the ministery, for the teach ye them that know them not. edifying of the body of Christ, 1 Cor. v. 26. And whosoever shall not do 4. 1. Let a man so account ofus, as the law of thy God, and the law of of the ministers of Christ, and ite- the king, let judgment be executed wards of the mysteries of God. v. 2. speedily upon him, whether it be Moreover it is required in stewards, unto death, orto banishment, orto that a man be found faithful. Rom. confiscation of goods, or to impri10,15. And how shall they preach, sonment. v. 27. Blefled be the Lord except they be sent as it is written, God of our fathers, .which hath put How beautiful are the feet of them such a thing as this in the kings heart, that preach the gospel of peace, to beautify the house of the Lord and bring glad tidings of good which is in Jerusalem : v. 28. And things ! Heb. s. 4. And no man hath extended mercy unto me, betaketh this honour unto himself, but fore the king, and his counsellers, he that is called of God, as was and before all the kings mighty Aaron.

princes: and I was strengthoed as * Ifa. 49. 23. And kings shall be the hand of the Lord my God was thy nursing fathers,and their queens upon me, and I gathered together thy nursing mothers : they shall out of Israel chief men to go up bow down to thee with their face with me. Lev. 24. 16. And he that towards the earth, and lick up the blasphemeth the name of the Lord, duft of thy feet, and thou shalt know he shall surely be put to death, and that I am the Lord: for they shall all the congregation shall certainly not be ashamed that wait for me. ftone him: as well the stranger, as Pfal.122.9. Because of the house of he that is born in the land, when the Lord our God, I will seek thy he blasphemeth the name of the good. Ezra 7. 23. Whatsoever is Lord, shall be put to death. Deut. commanded by the God of heaven, 13. S. And that prophet, or that let it be diligently done, for the dreamer of dreams, Thall be put to house of the God of heaven : for death, (because he hath spoken to why should there be wrath against turn you away from the Lord your the realm of the king and his sons? God, which brought you out of the

25. And thou, Ezra, after the land of Egypt, and redeemed you wisdom of thy God, that is in thine out of the house of bondage, to band, set magiftrates and judges, thrust thee out of the way which which may judge all the people the Lord thy God commanded thee that are beyond the river, all such to walk in) so shalt thou put the as know the laws of thy God; and


he hath Power 'to call Synods, to be present at them, and to provide that whatsoever is transacted in them be according to the Mind of God 8.

IV. It is the Duty of People to pray for Magistrates h; to honour their Persons, to pay them

Tribute evil away from the midft of thee. the judgment of the Lord, and for v.6. If thy brother the son of thy controversies, when they returned mother, or thy son, or thy daugh- to Jerusalem. v.9. And he charged ter, or the wife of thy bosom, or them, saying, Thus shall ye do in thy friend, which is as thine own the fear of the Lord, faithfully, and soul, entice thee secretly, saying, with a perfect heart. v. 1o. And Let us go and serve other gods, what cause foever shall come to you which thou hast not known, thou, of your brethren that dwell in their nor thy fathers. v. 12. If thou cities, between blood and blood, lhalt hear Say in one of thy cities, between law and commandment, which the Lord thy God hath given statutes and judgments, ye wall thee to dwellthere, saying. 2 Kings even warn them that they trespass 18,4. He removed the high places, not against the Lord, and so wrath, and brake the images, and cut down come upon you, and upon your the groves, and brake in pieces the brethren: this do, and ye shall not brazen serpent that Moses had trespass. v.11. And behold Amamade: for unto those days the chil- riah the chief priest is over you in dren of Israel did burn incense to it, all matters ofthe Lord; and Zebaand he called it Nehushtan. ( 1 Chro. diah the son of Ishmael, the ruler of 13. 1. to the 9. verse. 2 Kings 23. 1. the house of Judah, for all the kings to the 26. verse. ) : 2 Chro. 34. 33. matters : also the Levites shall be And Josiah took away all the abo- officers before you, Deal couraminations out of all the countries gioựlly, and the Lord shall be with that pertained to the children of if- the good. [ 2 Chro. 29. and 30.chap. rael, and made all that were pre- ters.] Mat. 2. 4. And when he had sent in Israel to serve, even to serve gathered all the chief priests and the Lord their God. And all his fcribes of the people together, he days they departed not from fol- demanded of them where Chrift lowing the Lord, the God of their should be born. v.s. And they said fathers. 2 Chro, 15.12. And they unto him, In Bethlehem of Judea: entred into a covenant, to seek the for thus it is written by the prophet

, Lord God of their fathers, with all

I Tim. 2, 1. I exhort theretheir heart and with all their soul ; fore, that first of all, supplications, 7. 13. That whosoever would not prayers, intercessions, and giving of seek the Lord God of Israel, should thanks be made for all men: v.2. be put to death, whether small or For kings, and for all that are in augreat, whether man or woman. thority; that we may lead a quiet

& 2 Chro. 19. 8. Moreover, in Je- and peaceable life in all godliness rusalem did Jeholhaphat set of the and honesty. Levites, and of the priests, and of i Pet, 2. 17. Honour all men, the chief of the fathers of Israel, for





dok the priest did the king put in the of Moses, durft not bring against Festus willing to do the Jews a Chap. 23. Of the Civil Magistrate. 127 Tribute and other Dues", to obey their lawful Commands, and to be subje& to their Authority for Conscience Sake', Infidelity or Difference in Religion doth not make void the Magistrates just and legal Authority, nor free the People from their due Obedience to him m: from which Ecclesiastical Persons are not exempted " ; much less hath the

Pope Love the brotherhood. Fear God. pleasure, answered Paul, and said, Honour the king.

Wilt thou go up to Jerusalem, and * Rom. 13.6. For, for this cause there be judged of these things bepay you tribute also: for they are fore me? v.10. Then said Paul, I Gods ministers, attending conti- ftand at Cesars judgment seat,where nually upon this very thing. v.7. ought to be judged: to the Jews Render therefore to all their dues, have I done no wrong, asthou very tributeto whom tribute is due,custom well knowelt. v, 11. For if I be to whom custom, fear to whom fear, an offender, or have committed any honour to whom honour.

thing worthy of death, I refuse not ! Rom, 13.5. Wherefore ye must to dye: but if there be none of these needs be subject, not only for wrath, things whereof these accuse me, no but also for conscience fake. Tit. 3. man may deliver me unto them. I 1. Put them in mind to be subject to appealunto Cesar. 2 Pet. 2. 1. Buc principalities and powers, to obey there were false prophets also amagiftrates, to be ready to every mong the people, even as there shall good work.

be false teachers among you, who 1 Pet. 2. 13. Submit your selves privily shall bring in damnable heto every ordinance of man for the relies, even denying the Lord that Lords sake, whether it be to the king, bought them, and bring upon them35 fupreme, v. 14. Or unto gover- felves swift deftru&ion. nors

, as unto them that are tent by chiefly them that walk after the him, for the punishment of evil Aesh, in the luft of uncleanness, and doers , and for the praise of them despise government, presumptuous

v. 16. As free, and are they, self-willed: they are not not using your liberty for a cloak of afraid to speak evil of dignities: maliciousness, but as the servants v. 11. Whereas angels, which are

greater in power and might, bring :: Rom. 13, 1. Let every soul be not railing accusation against them fubje& unto the higher powers. For before the Lord. Fud,8.Likewise allo there is no power but of God: the these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, powers that be, are ordained of despise dominion, and speak evil God. 1 Kings 2.35. And the king of dignities. v. 9. Yet Michael the put Benaiah the son of Jehoiadań archangel, when contending with in his room over the hoft; and Za- the devil,he disputed about the

body room of Abiathar. Afts 25. 9. But him a railing accusation, but said,


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that do well.

of God.

Pope any Power or Jurisdiâion over them, in their Dominions, or over any of their People ; and least of all to deprive them of their Dominions or Lives, if he shall judge them to be Hereticks, or upon any other Pretence whatsoever

Of Marriage and Divorce.
ARRIAGE is between one Man and one

Woman; neither is it lawful for any Man to have more than one Wife, nor for any Woman to have more than one Husband at the same time?

II. Marriage was ordained for the mutual Help of Husband and Wife b; for the Increase of Mankind with a legitimate Issue, and of the Church

with The Lord rebuke chee. v. 1o. But hand, or in their foreheads : 0. 17. these speak evil of those things and that no man might buy or sell, which they know not : but what they save he that had the mark, or the know naturally, as brute beasts; in namc of the beast, or the number of those things they corrupt them- his name. selves. v. 11. Wounto them, for they 1. • Gen. 2. 24. Therefore shall have gone in the way of Cain, and a man leave his father and his moran greedily after the error of Ba- ther, and shall cleave unto his wife: laam for reward, and perished in the and they shall be one flesh. Matt. 19. gain-saying of Core.

S. And said, For this cause shall a o'z 'Theil. 2. 4. Who opposeth man leave father and mother, and and exalteth himself above all that shall cleave to his wife: and they is called God, or what is worthipped; twain shall be one flesh: v.6. Whereso that he as God litteth in the tem- fore they are no more twain, but one ple of God, shewing himself that he flesh: What therefore God hath joinis God. Rev. 13. 15. And he had ed together, let no man put asunder. power to give life unto the image of Prov. 2. 17. Which forsaketh the the beast, that the image of the beast guide of her youth, and forgettech should both speak, and cause that as the covenant of her God. many as would not worship the i II. 6 Gen. 2. 18. And the Lord mage of the beast, should be killed, God faid, It is not good that the man v. 16. And he causerh all, both small should be alone: I will make him an and great, rich and poor, free and help meet for him. bond, to receive a mark in the right


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