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rith an holy Seed; and for preventing of Unleanness d.

III. It is lawful for all Sorts of People to marry, ho are able

with Judgment to give their consente et it is the Duty of Christians to marry only in the ordf: And therefore such as profess the true reormed Religion, should not marry with Infidels, apists or other Idolaters : Neither should such as egodly be unequally yoaked,by marrying with such are notoriously wicked in their Life, or maintain amnable Heresies

IV. Mar. Mal. 2. 15. And did not he creed in his heart that he will keep ake one! yet had he the residue of his virgin, doth well. v. 38. So eSpirit : and wherefore one that then, he that giveth her in marriage, might feek a godly seed: there- doth well, but he that giveth her noc se take heed to your spirit, and let in marriage, doth better. Gen. 24. ne deal treacherously against the 57. And they said, we will call the fe of his youth.

damsel, and enquire at her mouth. di Cor. 7. 2. Nevertheless, to v. 58. And they called Rebekah, oid fornication, let every man and said unto her, Wilt thou go with ve his own wife, and let every wo- this man? and she said, I will go. an have her own husband. v. 9. fi Cor. 7. 39. The wife is bound tif they cannot contain, let them by the law as long as her husband liarry: for it is better to marry than veth: but if her husband be dead, burn.

she is at liberty to be married to III. Heb. 13. 4. Marriage is ho- whom she will; only in the Lord. urable in all, and the bed unde. & Gen. 34. 14. And they said uned: but whoremongers and adul- to them, We cannot do this thing, ters God will judge. Tim. 4. 3. to give our sister to one that is uncirubidding to marry, and command- cumcised: for that were a reproach sto abstain froni meats, which unto us. Exod. 34. 16. And thou od hath created to be received with take of their daughters unto thy anksgiving, of them which believe sons, and their daughters go a whod know the truth. 1 Cor. 7. 36. ring after their gods, and make thy tif any man think, that he behav- sonsgo a whoring after their gods. h himself uncomely towards his Deut. 7. 3. Neither shalt thou make rgin, if the pass the flower of her marriages with them; thy daughter se, and need so require, let him do thou shalt not give unto his son, nor, hat he will, he finneth not: let his daughter shalt thou take unto thy sem marry. 0.37. Nevertheless, son. v. 4. For they will turn away ethat standeth stedfaft in his heart, thy son from following me, that aving no necessity, but hath power they may serve other gods: so will ver his own will, and hath lo de



IV. Marriage ought not to be within the Degree of Consanguinity or Affinity forbidden in the Word nor can fuchincestuous Marriages ever be made law ful by any Law of Man, or Consent of Parties, as those Persons may live together as Man and Wife The Man may not marry any of his Wife's Kind red nearer in Blood than he may of his own, ng

your selves.

the anger of the Lord be kindled a- of hofts.

2. Cor. 6. 14. Be ye gainst you, and destroy thee sudden- unequally yoaked together with ly.. 1 Kings 1-t. 4. For it came to believers : for what fellowship ha pass when Solomon was old, that his righteousness with unrighteousnel wives turned away his heart after and what communion hath ligt other gods: and his heart was not with darkness? perfect with the Lord his God, as IV. h [Lev. 18. chapter. ] 16 was the heart of David his father. s. i. It is reported commonly Neh. 13.25i And I contended with there is fornication among you, them, and cursed them, and smote such fornication as is not so mu certain of them, and pluckt off their as named amongst the Gentile hair, and made them swear by God, that one should have his father Saying, Ye shall not give your daugh- wife. Amos 2. 7. That pans afte ters unto their sons, nortake their the dust of the earth on the heado daughters unto your sons, or for the poor, and turn afide the

v. 26. Did not Solo. of the meek: and a man, and if mon king of Ifracl fin by these father will go in unto the same mai things yet among many nations to profane my holy name. was there no king like him, who i Mark 6. 18. For John had fa was beloved of bis God, and God unto Herod, It is not lawful fe made him king over all Israel: ne thee to have thy brothers wife. La vertheless, even him did outlandish 18. 24. Defile not your selvesi women cause to fin. v. 27. Shall any of these things: for in all the we then hearken unto you to do all the nations are defiled which Ica this great eyil, to transgress againft out before you, v. 25. And the lan our God, in marrying strange wives, is defiled therefore I do visit Mal.z.11. Judah hath dealt treache, iniquity thereof upon it, and a rously, and an abomination is como land it self vomitech out her inh mitted in Israel, and in Jerusalem : bitants. ..0.26. Ye fhall therefor for Judah hath profaned the holi- keep my Aatutes, and my jude ness of the Lord which he loved, ments, and shall not commit and hath married the daughter of a of these abominations; neither as ftrange god. v. 12. The Lord wilt of your own nation, nor any ftrange cut off the man that doth this: the that sojourneth among you: w: master and the scholar out of the ( For all these abominations, hat tabernacles of Jacob, and him that the men of the land done, which offereth an offering unto the Lord were before you, and the land


before you.

the Woman of her Husband's Kindred nearer in Blood than of her own k.

V. Adultery or Fornication committed after a Contrad, being detected before Marriage, giveth juft Occasion to the innocent Party to dissolve that Contraét!. In the Case of Adultery after Marriage, it is lawful for the innocent Party to fue out a Divorce m, and after the Divorce to marry another, as if the offending Party were dead ".

VI. Although the Corruption of Man be such as is apt to study Arguments, unduly to put asunder

those defiled.) v.28. That the land [pue not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: not you out also, when ye defile it, for that which is conceived in her is as it fpued out the nations that were of the holy Ghost.

tri Mat. 5.'31. It hath been said, k Lev. 20. 19. And thou shalt Whosoever shall put away his wife, not uncover the nakedness of thy let him give her a writing of dimothers fifter, nor of thy fathers vorcement. v. 32. But I say unto fifter : for he uncovereth his near you, that whosoever shall put away kin: they shall bear their iniquity. his wife; saving for the cause of for1. 20. And if a man shall lie with nication, cauleth her to commit his uncles wife, he hath uncovered adultery: and whosoever shall marhis uncles nakedness: they shall ry her that is divorced, committech bear their sin, they shall die child- adultery. less. v. 21. And if a man ihall take • Mat. 193 93 And I say unto you, his brothers wife, it is an unclean Whosoever shall put away his wife, thing: he hath uncovered his bro- except it be fori fornication, and thers nakedness, they shall be child- shall marry another, committeth less.

adultery : and whosoever marrieth V. ! Mat. 1. 18. Now the birth her which is put away, doth commit of Jesus Christ was on this wise: adultery. Rom.7. 2. Forthe woman When as his mother Mary was which hath an husband, is bound "efpoufed to Josephi, before they by the law to her husband so long as came together, the was found with he liveth : but if the husband be thild of the holy Ghost. v:19. Then dead, she is loosed from the law of Joseph her husband being a just her husband, v. 3. So then if while man, and not willing to make her her husband liveth, she be married a publick example, was minded to to another man, the shall be called put her away privily. v. 20. But an adulteress : 'but if her husband while he thought on these things, be dead, she is free from that law; behold, the angel of the Lord ap- so that she is no adulteress, though peared unto him in a dream, faying, the be married to another man. Jofeph, thou son of David, fear

VI. • Mas,


those whom God hath joined together in Marriage; yet nothing but Adultery, or such wilful Desertion as can no way be remedied by the Church or Civil Magistrate, is Cause sufficient of diffolving the Bond of Marriage o: wherein a publick and orderly Course of proceeding is to be observed; and the Persons concerned in it, not left to their own Wills and Discretion in their own Case P.



Of the Church.
HE Catholick or Universal Church which

is invisible, consists of the whole Number of the Elect, that have been, are, or shall be gathered into one, under Christ the Head thereof; and is the Spouse, the Body, the Fulness of him that filleth all in all a.

II. The VI. • Mat. 19. 8. He faith unto And when she is departed out of his them, Moses, because of the hard- house, she may go, and be another ness of your hearts, suffered you to mans wife. v. 3. And if the latter put away your wives: but from the husband hate her, and write her a beginning it was not so. v. 9. [Sec bill of divorcement, and giveth letter . ) 1 Cor. 7. 15. But if the un- in her hand, and sendeth her out of believing depart, let him depart. his house; or if the latter husband A brother or a fifter is not under die, which took her to be his wife; bondage in such cases: but God hath v. 4. Her former husband which called us to peace. Matth. 19. 6. sent her away may not take her aWherefore they are no more twain, gain to be his wife, after that the is but one flesh. What therefore God defiled: for that is abomination be hath joined together, let no man fore the Lord, and thou shalt not put asunder.

cause the land to fin,which the Lord ? Deut. 24. 1. When a man hath thy God giveth thce for an inheriraken a wife and married her, and tance. it come to pass that she find no fa. 1. • Eph. 1. 10. That in the disvour in his eyes, because he hath pensation of the fulness of times, he found some uncleanness in her : might gather together in one all then let him write her a bill of di- things in Christ, both which are in vorcement, and give it in her hand, heaven, and which are on earth, and send her out of his house. v. 2.

Seffion. Rev. 7. 9. After this I be.

II. The Visible Church, which is also Catholick or'Universal under the Gospel, (not confined to one Nation, as before under the Law ) consists of all those throughout the World, that profess the true Religion, together with their Children ; and

is rum in him. v. 22. And hath put held, and lo,a great multitude,which all things under his feet, and gave no man could number, of all nahim to be the head over all things to tions, and kindreds, and people, and the church, % 23. Which is his bo- tongues, stood before the thronç, dy, the fulness of him that filleth all and

before the Lamb, clothed with in all. Eph. s. 23. For the hus- white robes, and palms in their band is the head of the wife, even as hands. Rom. 15. 9. And that the Christ is the head of the church: and Gentiles might glorify God for his he is the Saviour of the body. v. 27. mercy, as it is written, Forthis cause That he might present it to himself I will confess to thee among the a glorious church, not having spot Gentiles, and sing unto thy name. or wrinkle, or any such thing; but v. 1o. And again he faith, Rejoice that it lhould be holy, and without ye Gentiles with his people. v. 11. blem ilh. V.32. This is a great my- And again, Praise the Lord all ye tery; but I speak concerning Christ Gentiles, and laud him all ye peoand the church. Col. 1. 18. And he ple. v. 12. And again, Efaias saith, ische head of the body, the church: There shall be a root of Jessc, and who is the beginning, the first-born he that shall rise to reign over the from the dead; that in all things he Gentiles ; in him Thall the Gentiles might have the preeminence.

i trust. II

. bi Cor.1.2. Unto the church ci Cor. 7. 14. For the unbeof God which is at Corinth, to them lieving liusband is fan&ified by the that are fan&ified in Christ Jesus, wife, and the unbelieving wife is called to be faints, with all that in fanctified by the husband: else were every place call upon the name of your children unclean ; but now are Jelis Christ our Lord, both theirs they holy. Afts 2. 39. For the proand ours.' 1 Cor. 12. 12. For as the mise is unto you, and to your chilbody is one, and hath many mem- dren, and to all that are afar off, bers

, and all the members of that even as many as the Lord our God onc body, being many, are one bo- fhall call. Ezek, 16. 20. Moredy: 'So also is Christ.' v. 13. For over, thou haft taken thy sons and by oneSpirit, are we all baptized into thy daughters

, whom thou hast born one body, whether we be Jews or unto me, and these haft thou sacriGentiles,whether webe bond or frec; ficed unto them to be devoured : is and have been all made to drink in- this of thy whoredoms a small matto one Spirit. Psalm 2. 8. Ask of ter, v. 21. That thou haft Ilaiu my me, and I shall give thee the heathen children, and delivered them to forthine inheritance, and the utter- cause them to pass through the fire parts of the earth for thy pof- for them: Rom. 11. 16. For if the



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