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tended religious Use, are all contrary to the Nature of this Sacrament, and to the Institution of Christ i

V. The outward Elements in this Sacrament, duly fet apart to the Uses ordained by Christ, have fuch Relation to him crucified, as that truly, yet facramentally only, they are sometimes called by the Name of the Things they'represent, to wit the Body and Blood of Christ *; albeit in Substance and Nature, they still remain truly and only Bread and Wine as they were before!

VI. That Doctrine which maintains a Change of the Substance of Bread and Wine, into the Substance of Christ's Body and Blood, ( commonly called Transubstantiation) by Confecration of a Priest or by any other way, is repugnant, not to Scripture alone, but even to common Sense and Reason; overthroweth the Nature of the Sacrament; and hath been and is the Cause of manifold Superstitions, yea of gross Idolatries m,

VII. Wor

i Mat. 15. 9. But in vain they do the Lord. v. 28. ' But let a man worship me, teaching for do&trines the examine himself, and so let him commandments of men.

eat of that bread, and drink of that V. k Mat. 26. 26. And as they cup. Mat. 26. 29. But I say unto were cating; Jesus took bread, and you, I will not drink henceforth of blessed it, and brake it, and gave this fruit of the vine, until that day it to the disciples, and said, Take, when I drink it new with you in my eat; this is my body. V. 27. And Fathers kingdom. he took the cup, and gave thanks, VI. m Atts 3.21. Whom the heaand gave it to them, saying, Drink ye ven must receive, until the times of all of it: v. 28. For this is my blood restitution of all things, which God of the new testament which is shed hath fpoken by the mouth of all for many for the remission of sins. his holy prophets, since the world

's Cor. 11. 26. For as often as ye began. With i Cor. 11. 24. And cat this bread, and drink this cup, when he had given thanks, he brake ye do fhew the Lords death till he it, and faid, Take, eat; this is my come. v. 27. Wherefore, whoso- body, which is broken for you: this cver shall eat this bread, and drink do in remembrance of me.v.25. Afthis cup of the Lord uirworthily, shall ter the same manner also he took the be guilty of the body and blood of



VII. Worthy Receivers outwardly partaking of the visible Elements in this Sacrament”, do then also inwardly by Faith, really and indeed, yet not carnally, and corporally, but spiritually receive and feed upon Christ crucified, and all Benefits of his Death: The Body and Blood of Christ being then, not cor, porally or carnally, in, with, or under the Bread and Wine; yet as really, but spiritually, present to the Faith of Believers in that Ordinance, as the Elements themselves are to their outward Senses

VIII. Although ignorant and wicked Men receive the outward Elements in this Sacrament,yet they res ceive notthe Thing fignified thereby; but by their unworthy coming thereunto,arę guilty of the Body and Blood of the Lord, to their own Damnation. Wherefore all ignorant and ungodly Persons as they areun, fit to enjoy Communion with him, so are they unwor thy of the Lord's Table; and cannot without great Sin against Christ, while they remain such, partake of these holy Mysteries P, or be admitted thereuntos

CHAP cup, when he had fupped, faying, and drinketk unworthilyseateth and This cup is the new testament in my drinketh damnation to himself, not blood: this do ye, as oft as ye drink difcerning the Lords body. 2 Cor.6. it, in remembrance of me. v, 26. 14. Be ye not unequally yoaked co[ See letter !..] Luke 24. 6. Heis not gether with unbelievers : for what here, but is risen : remember how fellowship hath righteousness with he spake unto you when he was yet in unrighteousness? and whar comme Galilee. W:39. Behold my hands and nion hath light with darkness?v.15. my feet, that it is I my self; handle And what concord hath Christ wich me, and see, for a spirit hath not Pelial ? or what part hath he that flesh and bones, as ye see me have. believeth, with an infidel? 7.16. And

VII." I Cor. 11, 28. [ See in letter!. ) what agreement hath the temple of

o I Cor. 10,16. The cup of blessing God with idols?for ye are the temple which we bless, is it not the commu- of the living God; as God hath said, nion of the blood of Christ : the I will dwell in them, and walk in bread which we break, is it not the them; and I will be their God, and communion of the body of Chrift? they shall be my people.

VIII. p I Cor. 11. 27,28. [See in 9 ! Cor. 5. 6. Your glorying is not Better !.] v. 29. For he that catech



Of Church Cenfures. T Church, haththercin appointed a Govern

as ment in the Hand of Church Officers, distinct from the Civil Magistrate

II. To good : Know ye not that a little lea: kingdom, to order it, and to estaven leavcncth the whole lump?v.7. blith it with judgment and with juPurge out therefore the old leaven, ftice, from henceforth even for ever: that ye may

be a new lump, as ye are the zeal of the Lord of hosts will unleavened. For even Christ our perform this. I Tim. s. 17. Let pallover is facrificed for us. v. 13. the elders that rule well, be counted Bue them that are without, God worthy of double honour, especialjudgeth. Therefore put away from ly they who labour in the word and among your felves that wickad per do&rine, 1 Thef. s. 12. And we lon. 2 Thes. 3. 6. Now we com- beseech you brethren,to know them mand you, brethren; in the name which labour among you, and are of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye over you in the Lord, and admonish withdraw yout_selves, from every you. Acts 20, 17. And from Milebrother that walketh disorderly,and tus he sent to Ephesus, and called not after the tradition which he res the elders of the church. v. 18. And ceived of us.' v. 14. And if any when they were come to him, he man obey not our word by this said unto them, Ye know from the epifle, note that man, and have first day that I came into Afia, after

company with him, that he may what manner I have been with you be ashamed. v. 15. Yet count him at all seasons. Heb. 13.7. Rememnot as an enemy, but admonish bim ber them which have the rule over as a brother. Mat. 7. 6. Give not you, who have spoken unto you the that which is holy unto the dogs, word of God; whose faith follow, neither cast ye your pearls before considering the end of their conver. {wine, left they tramplethem under fation, 0.17, Qbey them that have their feet, and turn again and rent the rule over you, and submit your you.

felves: for they watch for your souls, 1. . Ifai, 9.6. For unto us a child as they that must give account, thao is born, unto us a son is given, and they may do it with joy, and not the government shall be upon his with grief: for that is unprofitable shoulder ; and his name shalī be cal- for you, v. 24. Salute all them that led Wonderful, Counseller, The have the rule over you, and all the mighty God, The everlasting Fa- faints.- They of Italy falute you, ther, The Prince of peace. v.7. Of 1 Cor. 12. 28. And God hath fet the increase of his government and fome in the church, first apostles,fepeace, there, fhall be no end, upon condarily prophets,thirdly teachers, the throne of David and upon his


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II. To these Officers the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven are committed, by Virtue whereof they have Power refpe&ively to retain and remit Sins; to shut that Kingdom against the Impenitent, both by the Word and Censures; and to open it unto penitent Sinners by the Ministry of the Gospel, and by Absolution from Cenfures, as Occasion shall require

III. Church Censures are necessary for the reclaiming and gaining of offending Brethren, for deterring of others from the like Offences, for purging out of that Leavenwhich might infect the whole Lump, for vindicating the Honour of Christ and the holy Profeffion of the Gospel, and for preventing the Wrath of God which might justly fall upon the Church, if they should suffer his Covenant and the


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after that miracles, then gifts of an heathen man and a publican, hcalings, helps,governments,diver- u. 18. Verily I say unto you, whatSities of tongues. Mat. 28. 18. And soever ye shall bind on earth, hall Jesus came, and spake unto them, be bound in heaven: and whatsosaying, All power is given unto me ever ye shall laose on earth, ahallbe in heaven and in earth. v. 19. Go loosed in heaven, John 20.21. Then ye therefore and teach all nations, said Jesus to them again, Peace be baptizing them in the name of the unto you; as my Father hath fent Father, and of the Son, and of the me, even so send I you. v. 2 2. And holy Ghoft: v. 20. Teaching them when he had said this, hebreathed to observe all things whatsoever I on them, and faith unto them, Rehave commanded you : and lo, I ceive ye the holy Ghost. am with you alway, even unto the Whofe soever sins ye remit, they are end of the world. Amen.

remitted unto them; and whose foII. b Mat. 16. 19. And I will give ever fins ye retain, they are retainunto thee the keys of the kingdom ed., 2 Cor. 2. 6. Sufficient to fuch of heaven: and whatsoever thou a man is this punishment, which was thalt bind on earth, shall be bound inflicted of many., V.7. So that conin heaven: and whatsaever thou shalt trariwise, ye ought rather to forgive loose on earth, shall beloosed in hea- him, and comfort him, left perhaps

Mat. 18. 17. And if he shall such a one should be swallowed up reglect to hear them, tell it unto with overmuch forrow. v.8. Wherethe church : but if he neglect to hear fore I bescech you, that you would the church, let him be unto the ha confirm your love towards him.

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Seals thereof, to be profaned by notorious and obftinate Offenders !

IV. For the beter attaining of these Ends, the Officers of the Church are to proceed by Admonition, Suspension from the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper for a Seafon, and by Excommunication from the Church, according to the Nature of the Crime and Demerit of the Perfond..

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Of Synods and Councils,
OR the better Government and farther Edifi-

cation of the Church, there ought to be such Arlemblies as are commonly calledSynods or Councilsa,

II. As III. [ I Cor. s. chapter throughout.] our word by this epiftle, note that I Tim. s. 20. Them that fin rebuke man, and have no company with before all, that others also may fear. him, that he may be ashamed. v.15. Mat. 7. 6. Give not that which is Yet count him not as an enemy, but holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye admonish him as a brother. I Cor. your pearls before swine, left they s. 4. In the name of our Lord Jesus trample them under their feet, and Chrift, when ye are gathered togey turn again and rent you. 1 Tim. ther, and my spirit, with the power 1. 20, of whom is Hymeneus and of our Lord Jesus Chrift, ' v.5. TQ Alexander, whom I have delivered deliver such an one unto Satan for unto Satan, that they may learn not the destruction of the flesh, that the to blafpheme. [1 Cor.11.27. to the end.] fpirit may be saved in the day of the With fude 23. And others save with Lord Jesus.' v. 13. But them that are fear, pulling them out of the fire ; without God judgeth. Therefore put hating even the garments spotted by away from among your selves that the flesh.

wicked person. Mat.18.17. And if he IV. d 1 Thess. s. 12. And we be- shall neglect to hearthem, tell it unfeech you, brethren, to know them to the church : but if he neglec to which labour among you, and are hear the church,let him be unto thee over you in the Lord, and admonish as an heathen man and a publican. you. 2 Theff. 3. 6. Now we com- Tit. 3. 10. A man that is an heretick, mand you brethren, in the name of after the first and second adınoniour Lord Jesus Christ, that ye with- tion, reject. draw yourselves from every brother I. . Acts Is. 2. When therefore that walkech disorderly, and not af- Paul and Barnabas had no small difterthe tradition which he received of sension and disputation with them, WS. v. 14. And if any man obey not


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