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rets *; all Profanencfs y, Hatred of God ?; Selfsve ", Self-feeking b, and all other inordinate and nmoderate Setting of our Mind, Will, or Affetions upon other Things, and taking them off from im in Whole or in Part; vain Credulity“, Un-. elief, Heresy , Misbelief , Distrust", Despair '; acorrigibleness and Insenfibleness under Judg

ments, Deut. 29. 29. The secret things your felves fat with the chiefeft of long unto the Lord our God: but all the offerings of Israel my peolose things which are revealed be- ple: Col. 3. 2. Set your affection on ngunto us, and to our children for things above, not on things on the ler, that we may do all the words earth. vis. Mortify therefore your this law.

members which are upon the earth; Tit. 1. 16. They profess that fornication, uncleanness,inordinate jey know God; but in works they affe&tion, evil concupiscence, and any him, being abominable, and covetousness, which is idolatry. robedient, and unto every good di John 4. 1. Beloved, believe

ork reprobate.' Heb. 12. 16. Left not every spirit, but try the spirits tere be any fornicator, or profane whether they are of God: because erson, as Efau, who for one mor- many false prophets are gone out 1 of meat fold his birth-right. into the world,

Rom. 1. 30. Backbiters, ha Heb. 3. 12. Take heed, brests of God, despightful, proud, thren, left there be in any


you oasters --

an evil heart of unbelief, in depart2 Tim. 3. 2. For men shall be ing from the living God. overs of their own selves, covetous, * Gal. 5. 20. Idolatry, witchcraft, foafters. proud, blafphemers, dis- hatred, variance, emulations,wrath, bedient to parents, unthankful, ftrife, feditions, heresies. Titus 3.10. nholy.

A man that is an heretick, after the Phil. 2. 21. For all seek their first and second admonition, reje&. jwn, not the things which are Je & Acts 26. 9. I verily thought us Christs.

with my felf, that 1.ought to do 1 1 John 2.15. Love not the world, many things contrary to the name jeither the things that are in the of Jesus of Nazareth. world. If any man lovetheworld, Psalm 78. 22. Because they behe love of the Father is not in lieved not in God, and trusted not him. v. 16. For all that is in the in his salvation. world, the luft of the Ach, and the i Gen. 4. 13. And Cain said unto luft of the eyes, and the pride of the Lord, My punishment is greater life, is not of the Father, but is of than I can bear, the world. I Sam. 2. 29. Where k Jer.5.3. O Lord, are not thine foro kick ye at my facrifice, and at eyes upon the truth? thou haft mide offering 'which I have com- tricken them, but they have not manded in my habitation, and ho- grieved; thou hast consumed them, nourest thy fons above me, to make



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ments', Hardness of Heart , Pride, Presump muzi tion o, carnal Security ?, tempting of Gods, using cous unlawful Means", and trusting in lawful Mcanseires carnal Delights and Joys', corrupt, blind, and in 2 discreet Zeal', Lukewarmness w, and Deadnessig the Things of God", estranging our selves, and

apo but they have refused to receive cor- evil, that good may come ! whom he of sc&ion; they have made their faces damnation is just. harder than a rock, they have re Jer. 17. 5. Thus faith the Lord chic fused to return.

Cursed be the man that trusteth it is in Isa. 42. 25. Therefore he hath man, and maketh Alesh his 20 th in poured upon him the fury of his and whose heart departeth from dildo anger, and the strength of battle; the Lord. and it hath set him on fire round ! 2 Tim. 3. 4. Traitors, beads, zvoke about, yet he knew not ; and it high-minded, lovers of pleafareing burned him, yet he laid it not to more than lovers of God. heart.

Gal. 4: 17. They zealowly af * Rom. 2. 5. But after thy hard- fc&t you, but not well ; yea, then ness and impenitent heart, creasu- would exclude you, that ye might and seft up unto thy self wrath against affe& them. John 16. 2. They hall the day of wrath, and revelation put you out of the synagogues: ya la of the righteous judgment of God. the time cometh, that whosoever

Jer. 13. IS. Hear ye, and give killeth you, will think that he dock car, be not proud : for the Lord God service. Rom. 10. 2. For I beas hath spoken.

them record, that they have a zeal Psalm 19. 13. Keep back thy of God, but not according to know servant also from presumptuous fins, ledge. Luke 9. 54. And when his let them not have dominion over disciples James and Joho saw this

, me: then thall I be upright, and they said, Lord, wilt thou that ve shall be innocent from the great command fire to come down from transgression.

heaven, and consume them, eren P Zephan. 1. 12. And it shall come as Elias did: But he turned, to pass at that time, that I will search and rebuked them, and said, te Jerusalem with candles, and punish know not what manner of spiriese the men that are settled on their lees, are of. that say in their heart, The Lord w Røv. 3. 16. So then, because will not do good, neither will he thou art lukewarm, and açither cold do evil.

nor hot, I will spue thee out of my 1 Mat. 4. 7. Jesus said unto him, mouth. It is written again, Thou shalt not * Rev. 3. 1. And unto the angel tempt the Lord thy God.

in the church in Sardis, write, Thele • Rom. 3. 8. And not rather, as we things faith he that hath the serca be Nanderously reported, and as spirits of God, and the seven faisi Come affirm that we say, Let us do i know thy works, that thou hafa

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postatizing from God', Praying, or Giving any Leligious Worship to Saints, Angels, or any other Creatures, all Compacts, and consulting with the Devil, and hearkning to his Suggestions, making

Men me that thou liveft, and art faith Jesus unto him, Get_thee ad.

hence, Satan : for it is written, Thou 1 Eusk. 14. s. That I may take shalt worship the Lord thy God, and c house of Israel in their own him only shalt thou serve. Col. 2. cart, because they are all estranged 18. Let no man beguile you of your om me through their idols. Ifa. reward, in a voluntary humility, 4. Ah linful nation, a people and worhipping of angels, intruden with iniquity, a secd of evil- ding into those things which he Jers, children that are corrupters, hath not seen, vainly puft up by ey have forsaken the Lord, they his fleshly mind. Rom. 1. 25. Who ive provoked the holy One of Il- changed the truth of God into a ed unto anger, they are gone away lie, and worshipped, and served the ickward. s. Why should ye be creature more than the Creator,who ricken any more? ye will revolt is blessed for ever. Amen. lore and more : the whole head • Lov, 20. 6. And the soul that lick, and the whole heart faint, turneth after such as have familiar

Rom. 10. 13. For whosoever spirits, and after wizards, to go a all call upon the name of the whoring after them, I will even fet ord, shall be saved. v. 14. How my face against that soul, and will hen shall they call on him in whom cut him off from among his people. hey have not believed and how I Sam. 28. 7. Then said Saul unto hall they believe in him of whom his servants, Seek me a woman that hey have not heard? and how shall hath a familiar spirit, that I may hey hear without a preacher? Hof. go to her, and enquire of her. And 12. My people ask counsel at their his servants said to him, Behold, tocks, and their ftaff declareth unto there is a woman that hath a famihem: for the spirit of whoredoms liar spirit at Endor. v. II. Then lach caused them to err, and they said the woman, whom shall I bring dave gone a whoring from under up unto thee? and he said, Bring me their God. Ads 10. 25. And as Pe- up Samuel. Compared with i Chron. er was coming in, Cornelius met 10.13. So Saul died for his tranf. him, and fell down at his feet, and gression which he committed aworshipped him. V. 26. But Peter gainst the Lord, even against the took him up, saying, Stand up; word of the Lord which he kept I my self also am a man. Rev. 19. not, and also for asking counsel of 10. And I fell at his feet to worship one that had a familiar spirit, to him: and he said unto me, Sec thou enquire of it ; v.14. And enquired do it not: I am thy fellow-fervant, not of the Lord: therefore he lew and of thy brethren that have the him, and turned the kingdom anto teftimony of Jesus ; worship God: David the son of Jeffe. for the testimony of Jesus is the Alts. 3. But Peter said, Anafpicis of prophecy. Mat. 4. 10. Then


Men the Lords of our Faith and Consciences slighting and despising God, and his Commands relisting and grieving of his Spirit, Discon tent and Impatience at his Dispensations, charge ing him foolishly for the Evils he inflias on us and ascribing the Praise of any Good wedi ther are, have, or can do, to Fortune 8, 1



v. 14. For all the


v. 22. So

nias, why hath Satan filled thine Psalm 73.2. But as for me, my Dr heart to lie to the holy Ghost, feet were almost ġone : my heps and to keep back part of the price had well-nigh flipt. v. 3. Foll of the land?

was envious at the foolish; wan! c. 2 Cor. 1. 24. Not for that we saw the prosperity of the wicked. have dominion over your faith, but v. 13. Verily I have cleansed my are helpers of your 'joy : for by heart in vain, and washed my hands faith ye stand. Mat: 23. 9. And in innocency. call no man your father upon earth: day long have I been plagued, and for one is your Father which is in chaftned every morning. v. 15. If heaven.

I say, I will speak thus : behold, Deut. 32.15. But Jeshurun waxed I should offend against the generafat, and kicked : thou art waxen tion of thy children. fat, thou' art grown thick, thou foolish was I, and ignorant ; I was art covered with fatness ; then he as a beaft before thee. Job I. 23. forsook God which made him, and in all this Job sinned not, por lightly esteemed the rock of his charged God foolishly. falvation. 2 Sam. 12. 2. Where & I Sam. 6. 7. Now therefore fore haft thou despised the com- make a new cart, and take two mandment of the Lord, to do evil milch-kine, on which there hated in his fight? thou haft killed Uriah come no yoke, and tie the kineto the Hittite with the sword, and the cart, and bring their calves haft taken his wife to be thy wife, home from them: and haft slain him with the sword the ark of the Lord, and lay it up. of the children of Ammon. Prov. on the cart, and put the jewels of 13.13. Whoso despiseth the word, gold which ye return him for å fall be destroyed: but he that trespafs-offering, in a coffer by feareth the commandment, shall be the side thereof, and send it * rewarded.

way, that it may go. v. 9. And • Ats 7. $1. Ye stiff-necked, and see, if it goeth up by the way uncircumcifed in heart and ears, ye his own coast to Beth-shemeh, do always resist the holy Ghoft: then he hath done us this great as your fathers did, fo do ye. Eph. evil: but if not, then we fhall know 4.-30. And grieve not the holy Spirit that it is not his hand that smore of God, whereby'ye are fealed un- us; it was a chance that happened to the day of redemption.

V. 8. And take


to us,

dols", our selves i, or any other Creature k.

106. Quest. What are we especially taught by these Words Before me in the First Commandment ?

Answ. Thele Words, Before me, or before my Face, in the First Commandment teach us, that God who seeth all Things, takes special Notice of and is much displeased with the Sin of having any other God: that so it may be an Argument to disswade from it, and to aggravate it as a most impudent Provocation'; as allo to perswade us to do as in his Sight, whatever we do in his Service m.

107. Quest. Dan. s. 23. But hast lifted up north : so I lift up mine eyes the shy self against the Lord of heaven, way towards the north, and beInd they have brought the vessels hold, north-ward, at the gate of of his house before thee, and thou the altar, this image of jealousy in and thy lords, thy wives and thy the entry. v. 6. He said furtherconcubines have drunk wine in more unto me, Son of man, seest them, and thou hast praised the thou what they do ? cven the great gods of filver and gold, of brass, abominations that the house of iliron, wood, and stone, which see rael committeth here, that I should aot, nor hear nor know : and the go far oft from my fan&uary?, but God in whose hand thy breath is

, turn thee yet agaia, and thou shalt and whose are all thy ways, haft see greater abominations, &c. (to glorified.

the end of the chapter. ] Psalm 44. 20. Deut. 8. 17. And thon fay in If we have forgotten the name of thine heart, My power and the pur God, or stretched out our might of my hand hath gotten me hands to a strange God: v. 21, this wealth. Dan. 4. 30. The king shall not God fearch this out pake, and said, is not this great for he knoweth the secrets of the Babylon that I have built for the heart. house of the kingdom, by the might

m i Chron. 28.9. And thou, Soloof my power, and for the honour mon my son, know thou the God

of thy father, and serve him with Hab. 1076. Therefore they fa- a perfe& heart, and with a wilezifice unto their net, and burn in- ling mind : for the Lord searchcense unto their drag ; because by eth® all hearts, and understandthem their portion i fat, and their eth all the imaginations of the

thoughts : if thou seek him, he 106. 1 Ezek. 8. s. Then said he will be found of thee '; but if unto me, Son of man, lift up thine thou forsake him, he will caft thee eyes now the way towards the off for ever,

chou not

of my majesty ?

mear plenteous.

107. * Exod.

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