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eigned Deities k, and all Worship of them, or Ser: rice belonging to them '; all Superstitious Deviles ", corrupting the Worship of God ", adding to :, or taking from it °; whether invented and taken p of our selves P; or received by Tradition from thers ?, though under the Title of Antiquity

Cultom? Exod, 32. 8. They have turn- gle&ting of the body, not in any alide quickly out of the way honourto the satisfying of the Aeth. ich I commanded them : they * Mal. 1. 7. Ye offer polluted ve made them a molten calf, bread upon mine altar; and ye say, d have worshipped it, and have Wherein have we polluted

thee? In crificed thereunto,and said, These that ye say, The table of the Lord thy gods, O Israel, which have is contemptible. V.8. And if ye ought thee up out of the land offer the blind for sacrifice, is is Egypt,

not evil; and if ye offer the lamo Kings 18. 26. And they took and fiçk, is it noi evil: offer it now bullock which was given them unto thy governor, will he be plead they dressed it, and called on sed with thee, or accept thy per

name of Baal from morning son? faith the Lord of hosts. v. 14. en until noon, saying, O Baal, But cursed be the deceiver, which ar us. But there was no voice, hath in his fock a male, and vowI any that answered. And they eth and sacrificeth unto the Lord a ipt upon the altar which was corrupt thing: for I am a great ide

. v. 28. And they cried aloud, king, faith the Lord of hosts, and dcut themselves after their man- my name is dreadful among the i with knives and lancets, till heathen. e blood gulhed out upon them. Dent, 4, 2. Ye shall not add un465. !But ye are they that to the word which I command you, dake the Lord,' that forget my neither shall ye diminish ought from ly mountain, that prepare a table it, that ye may keep the commandthat troop, and that furnish ments of the Lord your God which unto that pumn- I command you.

P Psalm 106. 39. Thus were they Ats 17. 22. Then Paul ftood defiled with their own works, and the midst of Mars-hill, and said, went a whoring with their own inmen of Athens, I perceive that ventions. all things ye are too fuperftitious. 9 Mat. 15. 9. But in vain they do 12: 21. (Touch nor, taste not, worship me, teaching for do&trines indle not : % 22, which all are the commandments of men. perish with the using) after the 'I Pet.1.18, Forasmuch as ye know mmandments, and do&rines of that ye wer

not redeemed with coren. v. 23. Which things have ruptible things, as silver and gold, deed a fhew of wisdom in will- from your vain conversation received orship and humility, and ne- by tradition from your fathers





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* Mat. 23.33. But wo unto you 262 The Second Commandment, . Custom , Devotion', good Intent, or any other Pretence whatsoever v ; Simony w: Sacrilege": all

170 Neglea y, Contempt?, hindering ·, and opposing

Fer. 44. 17. But we will certain- I forced my self therefore, and of ly do whatsoever thing goeth forth fered a burnt-offering. I Sam, Iseum out of our own mouth, to burn in- 21. But the people ( Faid San! ) took çenfe unto the queen of heaven, ofthe spoil,sheep and oxen,the chief and to pour out drink-offerings un- of the things which should bar tou. to her, as we have done, we and been utterly destroyed, to facrifice our fathers, our kings and our prin- unto the Lord thy God in Gilgal ces, in the cities of Judah, and in w Acts 8. 18. And when Simon! the streets of Jerusalem ; for then saw that through the laying on of it had we plenty of vi&uals, and were the apostles hands, the holy Ghok well, and saw no evil.

was given, he offered them money.

lo i ifa. 65.3. A people that provo * Rom. 2. 22. Thou that abhor keth me to anger continually to reft idols, dost thou commit la my face, that sacrificeth in gardens, crilege? Mal. 3.8. Will a man con and burneth incense upon altars of God? yet ye have robbed me: bar brick: v.4. Which remain among ye say, wherein have we robbed the graves, and lodge in the monu- thee in tithes and offerings. ments, which ear swines feth, and y Exod. 4. 24. And it came to broth of abominable things is in their pass by the way, in the inn, the vessels: v.s. Which say, Stand by the Lord met him, and fought to thy self, come not near to me, for kill him. v. 25. Then Zipporah I am hólier than thou : these are took a sharp stone, and cut of the a smoke in my nose, a fire that foreskin of her son, and cast ir athis burneth all the day. Gal. 1. 13. feet, and faid, Surely a bloody has For ye have heard of my conversa- band art thou to me. tion in time paft, in the Jews relï- he let him go, then she said

, A gion, how that beyond measure I bloody husband thou art, perfecuted the church of God, and the circumcision. wasted it: v. 14. And profited in

? Mat. 22. 5. But they made light the Jews religion above many my of it, and went their ways, one to his equals in mine own nation, being farm, another to his merchandise more exceedingły zealous of the Mal. 1. 7. Ye offer polluted bread traditions of my fathers.

upon mine altar;and ye fay,Wherein v I Sam. 13. 11. And Samuel faid, have we polluted thee: In that What hast thou done ? And Saul say, The table of the Lord is con faid, Because I saw that the people temptible. v. 13. Ye said also, be were scattered from me, and that hold, what a weariness is it, and se thou camest not within the days ap- have snuffed at it, faith the Lord of pointed, and that the Philistines ga- hofts ; and ye brought that which can thered themselves together to Mich- torn, and the lame, and the fick:ehakt malh : v. 12. Therefore said I, The ye brought an offering: should tas Philistines will come down now up- cept thisofyour hands: faiththeLorel on me to Gilgal, and I have not madę fupplication unto the Lord:

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because of

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di&ting and blaspheming. 1 Thef.

the Worship and Ordinances which God hath ap

110. Quest. What are the Reasons annexed to the Second Commandment, the more to enforce it ?

Answ. The Reasons annexed to the Second Com. mandment, the more to enforce it, contained in these Words, Foz 3 the Lold thy God am a jealous God, viüting the uniquity of the Fathers upon the Childzen

unto the Third and Fourth Generation of them that hate me: and thewing Dercy unto Thousands of them that love me, and keep my Commandments are, beside God's Sovereignty over us and Property in us , his fervent Zeal for his own Worship, and his revengeful Indignation against all false Worship, as being a Spiritual Whoredom '; accounting the

Breakfcribes and Pharifees, hypocrites; thy Lord, and worship thou him, for ye shut up the kingdom of hea- Rev. 15.3. And they sing the song of en against men: for ye neither go Mofes the servant of God, and the your selves,' neither suffer ye song of the Lamb, saying, Great them that are entring to go in.

and marvellous are thy works, Lord Ads 13. 44. And the next sab- God almighty; juft and true are thy came almoft the whole ways, thou King of saints.

to hear the word of Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, and God. v.45. But when the Jews faw glorify thy name: for thou only art the multitudes, they were filled with holy; for all nations shall come and envy, and spake againf those things worship before thee; for thy judgwhich were spoken by Paul contra- ments are made manifeft.

Exod. 34. 13. But ye shall der . Who both killed the Lord Atroy their altars, break their imaJelus, and their own prophets, and ges, and cut down their groves.

v. have

persecured us ; and they please 14. For thou shalt worship no other not God, and are contrary to all god for the Lord, whose names meo: v.16. Forbidding us to speak Jealous, i a jealous God. faved, to fill up their fins alway, for the things which the Gentiles facrithe weath is come upon them to the fice, they facrifice to devils and not

to God: and I would not that yc

fhould have fellowfhip with devils. Pfalm 45. 11. So halithe king v. 21, Ye canpop drink che cup of Breatly dolise thy beauty: for he is.




city together


uttermoft. 110,

c Exod. 20. 5, 6.

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Breakers of this Commandment such as hate him, and threatning to punish them unto divers Generale tions ; and esteeming the Observers of it such as

12 love him and keep his Commandments, and promising Mercy to them unto many Generations h.

111. Quest. Which is the Third Commandment ?

Answ. The Third Commandmentis, Thou fhale not take the flame of the Lold thy God in

vain : the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye minations provoked they him to cannot be partakers of the Lords ta- anger. 1.17. They facrificed unto ble, and of the table of devils, v. devils, pot to God; to gods whom 22. Do we provoke the Lord to jea- they knew not, to new gods that came lousy: are we stronger than he? newly up, whom your fathers feared Jer.7.18.The children gather wood, not. v. 18. Ofthe Rock that bega and the fathers kindle the fire, and thee thou art unmindful, and halt the women knead their dough to forgotten God that formed thee. make cakes to the queen of heaven, v. 19. And when the Lord saw it, he and to pour out drink-offerings to abhorred them, because of the proroother gods, that they may provoke king of his sons, and of his daughmeto anger.

v. 19. Do they proters. v. 20. And he said, I will hide voke me to anger? saith the Lord: my face from them, I will see what do they not provoke themselves to the their end shall be: for they are a very confusion of their own faces? v. 20. froward generation, children ir Therefore thus faith the Lord God, whom is no faith, Behold, mine anger, and fury shall & Hof. 2. 2. Plead with your mobe poured out upon this place, upon ther, plead: for the is not my wife, man and upon beast, and upon the neither am I her husband: let her trees of the field, and upon the fruit therefore put away her whoredoms of the ground; and it shall burn, and out of her light, and her adulteries Thall not bequenched. Ezek. 16.26. from between her breasts ; v.3. Let Thou hast also committed fornica- i strip her naked, and set her as in tion with the Egyptians thy neigh- the day that she was born, and make bours, great of Ach, and hast in- her as a wilderness, and set her like creased thy whoredoms, to provoke a dry land, and flay her with thick

. me to anger.

V, 27. Behold there. v. 4. And I will not have mercy upon fore, I have stretched out my hand her children ; for they be the children over thee,and have diminished thinę of whoredoms. ordinary food, and delivered thee k Deut. s. 29. Q that there were unto the will of them that hate thee, such a heart in them, that they would the daughters of the Philistines, fear me, and keep all my command, which are ashamed of thy lewd way. ments always, that it might be well Dezet. 32. 16. They provoked him to with them, and with their children

infy with strangegods, with abo. for ever.

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iy name.

bain : For the Lojd will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain :912. Quest. What is required in the Third Comhandment?

Answ. The Third Commandment requires, That the Name of God, his Titles, Attributes; Ordinances', he Word m, Sacraments”, Prayero, Oaths P, Vows";

Lots"; i Exod. 20. 7.

is broken for you: this do in remem, 112. k Mat. 6.9. After this man- brance of me. V.25. After the same er therefore pray ye : Our Father manner also he took the cup, when he hich art in heaven, hallowed be had fupped, saying, This cup is the

Deut. 28. 58. If thou new testament in my blood; this do ilt not observe to do all the words ye, as oft as ye drink it, in rememIthis law that are written in this brance of me. v.28. But let a man ook, that thou mayest fear this examine himself, and so let him eat lorious and fearful name, The of that bread, and drink of that cup. ORDTHY GOD. Psalm 29. 2. v. 29. For he that eateth and drinkive unto the Lord the glory due eth unworthily, eateth and drinketh ato his name ; worship the Lord in damnation to himself, not discernle beauty of holiness. Psalm 68. ing the Lords body. Sing unto God, sing praises to his I Tim. 2. 8. I will therefore ame: extol him that rideth upon that men pray every where, lifting te heavens by his name J AR, and up holy hands, without wrath and joice before him. Rev. 15: 3,4. doubting.

P fer. 4. 2. And thou shalt fwear, Mal. 1. 14. But cursed be the de- The Lord liveth, in truth, in judgciver

, which hath in his flock a ment, and in righteousness; and nale, and voweth and sacrificeth the nations thall bless themselves in ntothe Lord a corrupt thing: for I him, and in him shall they glory. * a great king, faith the Lord of 9 Eccl. s. 2. Be not ralh with thy ofts, and my name is dreadful a- mouth, and let not thine heart be long the heathen. Eccl. 5.1. Keep hafty to utter any thing before God: y foot when thou goest to the for God is in heaven and thou upon buse of God, and be more ready to earth: therefore let thy words be ear, than to give the sacrifice of few. v.4. When thou vowest a vow jols: for they consider not that unto God, defer not to pay it : for hey do evil.

he hath no pleasure in fools ; pay that * Psalm 138. 2. I will worship to- which thou hast vowed. v. s. Betards thy holy temple, and praise ter is it that thou shouldst not vow, y name, forthy loving kindness, than that thou shouldīt vow, and not ndforthy truth : forthou hast mag- pay. v.6. Suffer not thy mouth to ified thy word above all thy name. cause thy flesh to fin, neither say

1 Cor. 11. 24. And when he had thou before the angel, that it was iven thanks, he brake it, and said, an error: wherefore thould God be Take meat, this is my body, which


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See above in d.]

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