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Seed of God within them d; and the Nature of the

Covegood work to do his will, working things present, northings to come, in you that which is well-pleasing v. 39. Nor height, nor depth, nor in his fight, through Jesus Christ ; any other creature, fhall be able to whom be glory for ever and ever. to separate us from the love of God Amen. Heb. 9. 12. Neither by the which is in Christ Jefus our Lord. blood of goats and calves, but by John 17.11. And now I am no more his own blood he entred in once into in the world, but there are in the the holy place, having obtained world, and I come to thee. Holy eternal redemption for us, v. 13. Father, keep through thine own For if the blood of bulls, and of name, those whom thou hast given goats, and the ashes of an heifer me, that they may be one, as we sprinkling the unclean, fanctifieth, are: v. 24. Father, I will, that they to the purifying of the flesh; v. 14. also whom thou hast given me, be How much more shall the blood of with me where i am; that they may Christ, who through the eternal behold my glory which thou haft Spirit, offered himself without spot given me: for thou lovedft me beto God,purge your conscience from fore the foundation of the world. dead works to serve the living God; Luke 22. 32. But I have prayed for v. 15. And for this cause he is the thee, that thy faith fail not; and mediator of the new testament, that when thou art converted, strengthen by means of death, for the redemp- thy brethren. Heb. 7. 25. Wheretion of the transgressions that were fore he is able also to save them to under the first testament, they which the uttermost, that come unto God are called, might receive the pro- by him, seeing he ever liveth to mise of eternal inheritance. Rom. make intercesion for them. 8. 33. Who shall lay any thing to d. John 14. 16. And I will pray the charge of Godselect: It is God the Father, and he shall give you that justifieth : 9. 34. Who is he another Comforter, that he may that condemneth: It is Christ that abide with you for ever ; v. 17. died, yea rather that is risen again, the Spirit of truth, whom the world who is even at the right hand of cannot receive, because it seeth him God, who also maketh interceflion not, neither knoweth him: but yo

V. 35. Who shall separate know him, for he dwelleth with you, us from the love of Christ? mall and shall bein you. '1 John 2.27. tribulation, or distress, or persecu- But the anointing which ye have retion, or famine, or nakedness, or ceived of him, abideth in you: and peril, or sword: v. 36. (As it is ye need not that any manteach you: written, For thy sake we are killed But, as the same anointing teachall the daylong; we are counted as eth you of all things, and is truth, sheep for the slaughter.) v. 37. Nay and is no lie: and even as it hath in all these things we are more than taught you, ye shall abide in him. conquerors, through him that loved 1 John 3. 9. Whosoever is born of us. v.38. For I am perswaded, that God, doth not commit fin; for his neither death, nor life, nor angels, seed remaineth in him: and hecannor principalities, nor powers, nor not sin, because he is born of God.

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for us.


chief musician, A psalm of David, which thou hast broken may rejoice. blood-guiltiness, O God, thou God. Covenant of Grace o: From all which ariseth also the Certainty and Infallibility thereoff.

III. Nevertheless they may, through the Temptations of Satan and of the World, the Prevalency of Corruption remaining in them, and the Neglect of the Means of their Preservation, fall into grievous Sins 5 and for a Time continue therein h: whereby they incur God's Displeasure, and grieve his Holy Spirit; come to be deprived of some Measure of their Graces and Comforts', have their

:: Hearts 'Jer. 32. 40. And I will make of my falvation: and my tongue an everlasting coveriant with them, shall sing aloud of thy righteoulThat I will not turn away from them ness. todothem good; but I will put my

i Ifa. 64. S. Thou meétest him fear in their hearts, that they shall that rejoiceth, and worketh rightenot depart from me.

ousness, those that remember thee in * John 10. 28. And I give unto thy ways: behold, thou art wroth, them eternal life, and they shall nie- for we have linned: in those is conver perish, 'neither shall any pluck tinuance,and we shall be saved. v.7. them out of my hand. 2 Theff.3. 3. And there is none that calleth upon But the Lord is faithful, who shall thy name, that stirreth up himself

you, and keep you from e- 'to take hold of thee: for thou haft vil 1 John 2. 19. They went oùt hid thy face from us, and haft confrom us, but they were not of us: sumed us, because of our iniquities. forifthey had been of us they would v.9. Be not wroth very fore, O Lord, no doubt have continued with us : neither remember iniquity for ever: but they went out, that they might

be behold, see we beseech thee, we are made manifeft, that they were not all thy people. 2 Sam. 11. 27. And

when the mourning was past, David III

. 6 Matth. 26. 70. But he de- fent, and fet her to his house, and nied before them all, saying, I know she became his

wife, and bare him a v. 72. And son: but the thing that David had again he denied with an oath, I do done, displeased the Lord. v. 74. Then

k Eph. 4. 30. And grieve not the began he to curse and to fwear, Say- holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are ing, I know not the man. And im- fealed unto the day of redemption.

Psalm si. 8. Make me to hear Psalm 51. The Title: To the joy and gladness: that the bones to him, after he had gone in to Bath- o God; and renew a right fpiric 7. 14. Deliver me from within me. W.12. Restore unto me

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all of us.

not what thou sayeft.

not know the man.

mediately the cock crew.

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Hearts hardned m, and their Consciences, wounded; hurt and scandalize others, and bring temporal Judgments upon themselves Pas!

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CHA P. X VIII: of Asurance of Grace and Salvation.

LTHOUGH Hypocrites and other un

regenerate Men may vainly deceive themselves, with falfe Hopes

and carnal Presumptions, of bringin the Favour of God and Estate of Salvation o;

which the joy of thy falvation; and up- as they sat at meat, and upbraided hold me with thy free Spirit. Rev.2. them with their unbelief and hard4. Nevertheless, I have somewhat a- ness of heart, because they believed gainst thee, because thou haft left not thein which had seen him after thy first love. Cant, 5, 2, I Neep, but he was risen. my heart waketh; it is the voice of ? Pfalm B 2. 3. When I kept fimy beloved that knocketh, saying, lence,my boneswaxed olds through Open to me, my filter,, my my roaring all the day long. 24 dove, my undefiled : for my head For day and night thy hand was beais filled with dew, and my locks with vy upon me: my moisture istumed the drops of the night. 12,3,I have into the drought of summer. Pfal. put off my coat, how shall I put it s1. 8, Make me to hear joy and pa I have washed

d my feet,how shall gladness; that the boxes which thôn I defilethem: No 4. My beloved haft broken may rejoice. put in his hand by the hole of the 2 Sam, 12, 14. Howbeit, bedoox, and my bowels were moved cause by this deed thou haft given for him.

; 6. I opened to my be- great occahonto the enemics of the loved, but my beloved had with- Lord to blafpheme, the child alfo drawn himself, and was gone : that is born unto thee, shall surely die. my soul failed when he (pake: I P Psalm 89.31. If they breaknty sought him, but I could not find Itatutes, and keep not my comhim; I called him, but he gave me mandments : 0.32. Then will I visit 29 answer.

their transgression with the rod, and Ifa. 63.17. O Lord, why haft their iniquity with stripes, 1 Cor. II. thou made us to crr from thy ways: 32. But when we are judged we are and hardned our heart from thy chaftned of the Lord, that we should fear: Return for thy servants fake, not be condemned with the world, the tribes of thine inheritance. Mark 1. * Job 8. 13. So are the paths 6. 52. For they considered not the of all that forget God, and the hy miracle of the loaves, for their heart pocrites hope fhall perith : v. 14. was hardned. Mørk 16,14. After whose hope thall be cut off, and word he appeared unto the eleven,


which Hope of theirs fall perish 6: Yet such as truly believe in the Lord Jesus, and love him in Sincerity, endeavouring to walk in all good Conscience before him, may in this Life be certainly assured that they are in the State of Grace, and may rejoice in the Hope of the Glory of God, which Hope shall never make them afhamed d.

U. This Certainty is not a bare conje&ural and probable Perswalion, grounded upon a fallible Hope ; but an infallible Assurance of Faith, foun

ded whose crust Mall be a spiders web. his brother, abideth in death. v. 18. Mic. 3.11. The heads thereof judge My little children, let us not love for reward, and the priests thereof in word, neither in tonguc, but in teach for hire, and the prophets deed and in truth.

v. 19. And thereof divine for money: yet will hereby we know that we are of the they lean upon the Lord, and say, truth, and shall assure our hearts is not the Lord among us? nonc e- before him. v. 21. Beloved, if our vil can come upon us. Deut. 29.19. heart condemn us not, then have And it come to pass when he hear- we confidence towards God. v. 24. eth the words of this curse, that he And he that keepeth his commandbless himself in his heart, saying, ments, dwelleth in him, and he is I shall have peace, though I walk in him: and hereby we know that he the imagination of my heart, to add abideth in us, by the Spirit that he drunkenness to thirst. John 8. 41. hath given us. i John 5.13. There Yc do the deeds of your father. things have I written unto you Then said they to him, we be not that believe on the name of the born of fornication, we have one Son of God; that ye may know father, even God.

that ye have eternal life, and that • Matth. 7. 22. Many shall say yc may believe on the name ofthc to-me in that day, Lord, Lord, have Son of God. pre not prophesied in thy name: Rom. s. 2. By whom also we and in thy name have cast out dc- have access by faith into this grace vils? and in thy name done many wherein we stand, and rejoice in wonderful works? 3. And then hope of the glory of God. v.s. And will I profess unto them, í never hope makech not ashamed, because knew you; depart from me ye that the love of God is shed abroad in work iniquity.

our hearts, by the holy Ghost which 1 John 2. 3. And hereby we do is given unto us. know that we know him, if we keep II. Heb. 6. II. And we desire his commandments.. 1 John 3. 14. that every one of you do thew the We know that we have passed from same diligence, to the full assurance death unto life, because we love of hope unto the end. v.19. Which the brethsen : he that loveth not


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ded upon the Divine Truth of the Promises of Salvations, the inward Evidence of those Graces unto which these Promises are made 8, the Testimony of the Spirit of Adoption witnefling with our Spirits that we are the Children of God h: Which Spirit is the Earnest of our Inheritance, whereby we are sealed to the Day of Redemption i.

III. This Infallible Assurance doth not so belong to the Essence of Faith, but that a true Believer may wait long, and conflict with many Difficulties


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hope we have as an anchor of the him, if we keep his commandments. soul, both sure and stedfast, and 1 John 3. 14. We know that we have which entreth into that within the passed from death unto life, because vail.

we love the brethren: hethat loveth f Heb. 6. 17. Wherein God willing not his brother, abideth in death. more abundantly to shew unto the 2 Cor. 1. 12. For our rejoicing is this, heirs of promise the immutability The testimony of our conscience, of his counsel, confirmed it by an that in simplicity, and godly finoath : v. 18. That by two immutable cerity, not with Aeshly wisdom, but things, in which it was impossible by the grace of God we have had for God to lie, we might have a out conversation in the world, and strong consolation, who have fled more abundantly to you-wards. for refugeto lay hold upon the hope h Rom. 8.15. For ye have not reset before us.

ceived the spirit of bondage again to 2 Pet. 1. 4. Whereby are given fear ; but ye have received the Spirit unto us exceeding great and pre- of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, cious promises ; that by these you Father. v. 16. The Spirit it self might be partakers of the divine na- beareth witness with our Ipirit, that ture, having escaped the corruption we are the children of God. that is in the world through luft. Eph. 1. 13. Wirerefore I delire v.s. And besides this, giving dili- that ye faint notat my tribulations gence, add to your faith, virtue ; for you, which is your głowy. v. 14. and to virtue, knowledge. v. 10. For this cance I bow my kneas unto Wherefore the rather,brethren, give the Father of dwe kord Jesus Christ

. diligence to make your calling and Eph. 4. 30. And grieve not the holy ele&tion fure : for if yc do these Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed things, ye shall never fall : v.11. unto the day of redemption. 2 Cor. For lo an entrance shall be ministred 1.21. Now he which Itablisheth us unto you abundantly, into thc ever- with you, in Chrift,and hath anointJafting kingdom of our Lord and ed us, is God: v. 22. Who hath alSaviour Jesus Chrift. 1 John 2.3. And so sealed us, and given the earnest hereby we do know that we know of the Spirit in our hearts.

III. * John

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